Friday, March 01, 2013


Italy election: Beppe Grillo (above).

Beppe Grillo's wife is Iranian.

Beppe Grillo speaks sympathetically about Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden and Ken Livingstone, all of whom may be assets of western security services.

Grillo e la politica estera, dal Mossad all'Iran - - Translate this page

Beppe Grillo is either a naive fascist or a clever Mossad spook?

In 1981, while driving with friends in the Alps, Beppe Grillo lost control of his car and plunged into a ravine killing three of his passengers.

He was later convicted of “negligent homicide”.

Profile of Beppe Grillo - MoneyWeek

Edward "Danny" Grillo (1934 - 1978) was a member of a Gambino crime family


P2P said...

Anonymous said...

I love Sardinia. Italians hide everything. I was wondering when we see everything from this monumental change in nothing. After the coverage and the results insiders. Italy is the melting spot. Someone to help Vatican more than Iranians. This vote was helped by many Euro countries and the massive Italian oil company. Same Feudal tendencies!

arthur zbygniew said...

behind grillo: bilderberg, aspen institute & amcham

Charles Edward Frith said...

I speak sympathetically on Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden and Ken Livingstone so that must mean I'm a blah blah blah right?

Anonymous said...

Yes Charles, you certainly are.

I do like it when I can agree with a fellow.

MM said...

im italian, i just want to clarify a couple of things you seem to dont percive from outside.

1) There is nothing left here, the political class and its corruption stolen evrything.
2) Grillo is the only one who can lead a civil revolution, and if for "fascist" you mean one who will bring a strong discipline among those thiefs, i agree with you, he's what we need right now, a fascism imposed by the people upon the decadence of the 1%.
3) No Grillo = No Civil Revolution... so who says the revolution cannot become something different from a civli one.

anyway, the other Parties will plan to put Grillo's Movment into the corner and cut it out from the govern of the country.
a little profecy for you.
this will be the beginning of the chaos here.

but it's not our fault, it's not grillo's fault, people is suciding on a daily base, 2 man did it on my little town the last month ( population 4000 ), no work, people living in their cars is a common view now.

it's their fault, they are gonna pay for it no time for your intellectual analysis, Grillo is a lot better than the res, if you would be here you would realize it in a moment.

Anonymous said...

Dear aang. I got to add something: Grillo has a real Guru behind him, he's Gianroberto Casaleggio, owner of Casalemedia - A group well known for his tracking all over the net. Casale has some weird ideas about the future, he explained on a youtube called 'Gaia: the future of Politics' and gives some NWO ideas for the future...

Anonymous said...

Careful not to throw the baby away with the bath water.

Beppe Grillo has been voted into an influential position by people like myself who want:

1. Direct Democracy – representation of the people by the people

2. Unconditional Basic Income instead of ‘Job Creation’

3. Parliamentarians who are answerable to criminal charges removed from office

They do not want:
1. A new Nuclear power programme

2. The continuing privatisation of public assets such as Water

3.the European Super State

Charles Edward Frith said...

With nods to Leni Riefensthal in the new age corporate video? They're incoherent on distributed immigration vis a vis distributed democracy and that means they're puppets. Let's see who is pulling the strings.

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