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Graham Chapman (right)

Graham Chapman, of Monty Python, claimed that he slept with the UK prime minister, Edward Heath.

While filming Monty Python And The Holy Grail in Scotland, Chapman announced to the clientele of a pub that the former prime minister Edward Heath was homosexual, and that Chapman had slept with him.


Graham Chapman had a relationship with a 13-year-old runaway boy called John Tomiczek

Daily Express

The boy, John Tomiczek, appeared in a Python sketch, as an autograph hunter.

John Tomiczek

John Tomiczek was a teenage runaway from Liverpool.

In 1971, Chapman met John, then aged 13, in a gay nightclub in Kensington.

John was working as a DJ at the nightclub.

Chapman adopted 13-year-old John.

John was, some friends believe, Chapman's sexual partner.

John lived with Chapman and Chapman's partner David Sherlock.

The police got to know about John.

Reportedly they dropped their inquiries after Chapman explained that he was a medical doctor and that John had glandular fever and a congenital heart defect.

John's father, a Polish ex-serviceman, agreed to John's request that he, John, should live with Chapman.

John, like Chapman, developed an alcohol problem.

John remained with Chapman for the rest of his life.

Chapman died in 1989 from cancer.

John died in 1990 from heart failure.

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Anonymous said...

the NSPCC hada list of young boys living with older men pretending to be their fathers, the usual scam involved going toa poor country and buyinga young boy
this is lsited in NAMBLA as a way to get round problems.
this has been done recently with politicians a couple of spiritulist mediums and a boss of industry

Anonymous said...

They are made to drink/drugged/alcoholic to facilitate the sexual exploitation, rape and abuse.
His father was a policeman.
What did they do with him when he was a child ?

P2P said...

the knights who say... no... pirates

Anonymous said...

Btw John was born in 1956 he could not have been 13 in 1971....He was 16 and working as a DJ ....and he was a troubled runaway who for the most part had a far better life than if hed been left in the streets.

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