Thursday, February 14, 2013


Dark haired Bear and father

"The parents of a survivor, Michael (Bear) Nikitchyuk, told of his miraculous escape when he almost walked into the hail of gunfire unleased by Lanza's semi-automatic rifle after he shot his way through the school's locked entrance."

Connecticut school ... - Telegraph

Broken glass?

We have seen no evidence that the school's entrance was shot at.

The man at the back seems very relaxed?

We have seen no evidence that any Lanza was present at the Sandy Hook event.

"On the morning of Dec 14, Michael - known to everyone by his nickname Bear - had been heading towards the office of Dawn Hochsprung, the headmistress, to deliver the class attendance report when he heard a violent crackle ripping through the corridor."

Connecticut school ... - Telegraph

Hochsprung: when did she have time to call the local newspaper? aangirfan...

"His first thought was that the commotion sounded like an Incredible Hulkfilm, he later told his mother.

"In fact, Lanza was unloading his Bushmaster .223 rifle on Mrs Hochsprung and Ms Sherlach as they dashed out of an office to tackle him."

Abby Clements

"Both were shot dead.

"And Bear's parents have no doubt that he would have been mown down then too if Abby Clements, a teacher, had not risked her life by stepping into the firing line to pull him into her classroom."

Bear at Sandy Hook

"'I saw smoke and I smelled smoke,' Bear said. 'Then bullets whizzed by. When everyone heard the bullets they went into a total panic.'"

Light haired Bear and father

"Andrei and Erin Nikitchyuk, his parents, have now emerged as passionate campaigners for tighter gun laws."


"Mr Nikitchyuk was born in Ukraine when it was part of the former Soviet Union but is a naturalised US citizen who has lived in there for 22 years since meeting his American wife...

"Mr Nikitchyuk once worked at the command centre for the Mir Space Station. 

"He served in the military..."

Connecticut school ... - Telegraph

He may have links to the CIA.

Gene Rosen is the son of Orthodox Jews from Ukraine.

A message from beyond: Peace in Newtown | FOX.

Denys Chuprenya, left, who was on vacation from Portugal, joined his cousins Tallie, Bear, and Ellie Nikitchyuk for the August 6 2011 fundraiser.


Anonymous said...

2-nd/3-rd pic are so fake, so photoshopped that makes u sick and I dont mean the relaxed guy....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook could be an operation designed to be transparent as fake and staged, to rally Americans, supporters of constitutional gun rights into the hands of the controlled gun lobby.

A dragnet to collect information about people they will target in the course of the artificial financial turmoil and riots they will start possibly in autumn/winter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Paedophile choirmaster 'was allowed to continue working with young people despite police investigation over sex attacks'"

Anonymous said...

wiggins said...

It was initially reported that the Headmistress was off sick on the day of the shooting ( a rare occurrence for this lady). She was quoted in the press as saying: "Today of all days I should not be at the school".
So you can make what you like of that.

Newspaceman said...

You think there could be a slender connection with Christopher Dorner, the 33 year old alleged ex policeman murderer. Eventually killed @ Big Bear Lake.

Glasgow Rangers are nicknamed the Bears too, today is the Valentine's Day anniversary of their descent into administration.

It may well be coincidence though.


Anonymous said...

The gent who eyeballed Dorner was checking on his scout camps. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

As he wasn't fat his nickname Bear could have been made-up for the media.
In the context of his father, who is likely to have worked for the KGB, it would stay for Russia, to anger and incite American patriots.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Rangers the Teddy Bears?

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