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Anonymous left this comment on the post "COVER UP OF JEWISH CHILD ABUSE; OPERATION TEMPSFOR...":

Back in the late 70's I worked with with an Austrian man who was fast coming up to retirement, and despite the generation gap got to know him reasonably well-he had been a pow and stayed here as his family had been killed during the raids on German town's (I think he came from the Hamburg region).

He was reluctant to talk about the war, but as my own father had been a veteran in some of the campaigns he had fought in (albeit on the winning side), we built up some trust and eventually he told me his version of events as a former political soldier and his own justification for fighting, that being pre war German inflation and poverty which he put at the door of the Jews as a nation (wrongly as he came to realise)

One story resonates with me still, and with the recent documentary and revelations of Savile's links, and the connections with ritualistic murder and abuse of minors, has real similarities to what is going on today.

He told me (shamefacedly) that prior to the war he had accompanied other more senior men on purges of his localities wealthy businessmen who had even in those days locked gated mansions and were above the local law.

On one such occasion they has forced their way past the guarded gatehouse and up the drive of a large residence where a very opulent party was in full swing (while the masses were fighting over stale loaves of bread, in his words).

On smashing the door down they entered a hallway which was full of semi naked people wearing bestial masks, and lots of underfed looking children partly bound and being sexually used by some of the adults. 

I always recall his description of the hall itself, that of a grand double door opening onto a large room with a black and white checked marble floor, with a star in the centre and some sort of altar above it.

What happened next was mayhem, the leader of his group started to open fire on the adult party goers, and then amid the chaos they went from room to room where adults and children were in various compromised positions, the adults being shot immediately.

He said that this was his crystalising moment where revolted and shocked by what he saw, he realised that a job had to be done, which stayed with him through the war until he was captured.

He conceded that the actions his comrades did against innocent prisoners and civilians later in the war went against his morals, and ironically my own father had been in Dunkirk where he too had served and the SS had massacred a large amount of pow's at La Pardis-my dad never did meet my new "friend" as I'm sure bloodshed would have ensued!.

Interestingly old Gunther realised that there were rich Jews with power and those who were poor and downtrodden, the ones that ended up in the camps, and likened the rich ones to our then current Conservative party!, one Leon Britten in particular. He said he had come to realise that anti semitism was wrong because the wealthy ones weren't in fact Jews, and that a whole war had been fought on a lie for who he termed the "yellow men". Way above my head at that time.

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Anonymous said...

Living re-enactment of EYES WIDE SHUT. The death of the greatest film maker ever - Stanley Kubrick. IT is said he witnessed these things with children just as described and for his film that depicts this gross behavior, he was killed. Maybe the humans of the world will wake up long enough to stop this before it completely infiltrates our society. I have seen it first hand and it is very frightening. Evil workers act as if they are zombies and do what they are told. God help us all!

Anonymous said...

we are seeinga lot of this now, an interesting story witha few fact and a couple of blatent "mistakes "
W W 2 was not won by the British as claimed, we lost our empire and were proclaimed bankrupt, the jewish banks that funded the war are quite open now about the fact they were the winners and the war was fought to give germany back to them.
PS the allies killed many surrendering GErman prisoners, its is documented that the canadians were the worst offenders for this

Anonymous said...

"I always recall his description of the hall itself, that of a grand double door opening onto a large room with a black and white checked marble floor, with a star in the centre and some sort of altar above it."

Black and white floor? That sounds very MASONIC to me! Read "trapped in a masonic world"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I'd cut them some slack if only the talmud didn't exist. Or more to the point - if only they'd disown it. And were they to do so they could be forgiven everything. But they won't. They never have and they never will. Even the most gloriously apostatic of them, like Gilad Atzmon, won't go there.

The problem with Jews is their projection, ie. they think goyim are as hateful as they are. Thus when the talmud says, 'Any goyim who reads the talmud, and any Jew who helps him, deserves death... for if they goyim knew of what we wrote about our relations with them they would kill us openly in the street', this is not just an admittance of guilt, it's also a failure of imagination, a failure to appreciate the ability of others to forgive.

Jews have no forgiveness, indeed they might just be the most revenge driven people who ever existed. They know full well that their mindset of hate cannot be forgiven but fail to understand that it doesn't matter. They would be forgiven regardless. For them this is an impossible thought. They would never forgive someone who'd viewed them as they'd viewed the goyim, so why should the goyim?

Sadly impressed with their own superiority they will choose their own ideas regarding their culpability and how it will be dealt with over those belonging to the people who might otherwise have forgiven them and... fight to the death. They would rather destroy the world than find out if their hatefulness might have been forgiven.

That's the Jews for you. A people who only understand fear and power and for whom fellow-feeling is an absurd notion, a weakness, a thing to be taken advantage of.

2800 slaves says the talmud.

Me, I will only ever shun Jews. The only good Jew is a penitant who explicates the wickedness of the talmud to the point where disowning it becomes superfluous. And when I meet that chimera I will embrace him, ha ha ha.

Oh, and as ugly as that the only good Jew phrase sounds, God knows that no Jew would ever offer such magnanimity to a goyim.

Anonymous said...

we must not forget the difference between zionism or orthodox judaism and jews.

we must not forget the difference between a massonic lodge dedicated to zionism and a massonic lodge dedicated to the Great Work.

we must nor forget that individuals, like the followers of Christ, who embrace the jewish group mind are considered "tribes of Israel".

we must not forget that semites are not jews but arabs, arameans, babylonians, carthaginians, ethiopians, hebrews, and phoenicians.

we must not forget that WWI and WWII are part of a strategy formulated and materialized by the international zionism.

Anonymous said...

Some very good and wise comments here, i listen to Moshe Soomons on radio and giolad Atzmon is alsoa good jew, both have whistleblown.
Incidentally last months moshe speaks radio show had some guests on there who spoke about Jimmy saville beinga secret Jew, i never knew that ?
I wanted to say a relative works
as a casualty sister and she had some strange injuries coming in with undera age boys, and in questioning them she rang the police, the police just fobbed her off saying "pink ballets lady that all ha ha " she said look these boys are being sexually hurt, and they did not want to know, the same as esther rantzen

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