Sunday, February 17, 2013


Nicholas lanza.

Nicholas Lanza's mother reported died in tower 2 on 9 11.

"I was 7 years old.

"My aunt came in contact with a guy from HBO and a psychologist, Dr. Gilda. They made a documentary of my life after 9/11. That documentary made a bad situation worse."

Finding Nicholas - The Daily Beast

Nicholas Lanza, 17, now a high-school senior in Virginia, blogs at SiegfriedElric - Webs

On 28 April 1990, Andrea Cordero Lanza became Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem. During this appointment, he secured the agreement in 1993 of the government of Israel to the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel, which paved the way for setting up full diplomatic relations, so that he became the first Nuncio to Israel. 

Jade Lanza.

Allegedly, Barbara Lanza-Coppola is related to Adam lanza.

Nicholas Cage, born Nicholas Coppola, is the nephew of nephew to Francis Ford Coppola.

"Elm Guest House boy brothel boss" Haroon Kasir plans to leave Britain soon for America.

His 40-year-old son already lives in the state of Connecticut, home to Adam Lanza.

Elm Guest House: "Boy brothel boss" Haroon Kasir to leave Britain for America

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Anonymous said...

I've been leaning towards the notion that the 'Sandy' in the 'Hook' is a reference to Sandolphon/Sandalphon. Those familiar with Dr. Hammonds piece will understand the 'green tree' inferences.
Somewhat relatedly, I've also been thinking about how organised pedophilia is symbolically represented in a specific juncture of the Ouroboros.

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