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Martin Heidegger

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger supported the Nazis.

According to heidegger: "the Führer himself and alone is the German reality, present and future, and its law."

Denis Dutton on Walter Kaufmann and Martin Heidegger...

Someone asked Heidegger how he could allow a man as ''uncultivated'' as Hitler to rule Germany. 

Heidegger merely replied: ''Culture doesn't matter. Just look at his marvelous hands.''

When Smart People Get Dumb Ideas...

Heidegger had a number of Jewish philosophers among his fans.

Heidegger's work strongly influenced  Leo Strauss, who was Jewish.

Strauss believed that "those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right – the right of the superior to rule over the inferior."

Rulers need to go in for "perpetual deception."

Meßkirch where Heidegger grew up.

Raised a Roman Catholic, Heidegger entered a Jesuit seminary, but had to leave due to a psychosomatic heart condition.[19] 

Heidegger's stone-and-tile chalet clustered among others at Todtnauberg.

Heidegger married Elfride Petri. 

According to published correspondence between the spouses,[30] Martin Heidegger's son Hermann (born 1920) is not actually Martin Heidegger's son, but, is instead the son of Elfride and Friedel Caesar.

Martin Heidegger had extramarital affairs with Hannah Arendt and Elisabeth Blochmann, both students of his. 

Arendt was Jewish, and Blochmann had one Jewish parent.

Heidegger's grave in Meßkirch

Heidegger's philosophy involves asking the question: What is Being?

He uses words such as 'authenticity' and 'resoluteness'.

"For Heidegger achieving 'authenticity' means precisely the opposite of exercising freedom. 

"Rather it means that one answers a 'call' to live life according to one's fate...

"We have identified two strands in Heidegger's thinking that form part of a common substance with German fascism: philosophical irrationalism and the appropriation of Volkisch mythology.

The Case of Martin Heidegger, Philosopher and Nazi - World ......

"The prophetic anti-rationalism which he cultivated fitted the times perfectly."

Denis Dutton on Walter Kaufmann and Martin Heidegger...

View from Heidegger's vacation chalet in Todtnauberg. 

"There is a commonality between the now largely forgotten Maoism and Heideggerianism: a belief and longing for a ‘spirit of the people’ that erupts through the crust of everyday life."

Principia Dialectica | Explanations for the crisis today: Heidegger ......

Heidegger believed that the Western world is headed for total war[45].

Heidegger believed that the western World is on the brink of the rejection of all religious and moral principles.[47] 

This would be the purest and highest revelation of Being itself. [48] 

This could lead to salvation.

It could lead to a wasteland populated by tool-using brutes, characterized by an unprecedented ignorance and barbarism[50] in which everything is permitted.[51]

Heidegger saw Americanism, Marxism or Nazism [53] as identical.

He envisaged an abyss which would be the greatest event in the West's history; because it enables Humanity to comprehend Being more profoundly...[56]

Heidegger (marked with an X)

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Anonymous said...

'If I take death into my life, acknowledge it, and face it squarely, I will free myself from the anxiety of death and the pettiness of life - and only then will I be free to become myself.'

These are the words of Martin Heidegger - he sees death as that which gives his life a meaning, and he thinks that it is every man's responsibility to face it. So what did he do in World War 1? Front line? Dangerous 'behind enemy lines' missions? forecasting in Berlin. Very dangerous, I am sure.

Wittgenstein, on the other hand, has this to say

'Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.'

And Wittgenstein signed up and volunteered to go straight to the front line, where he won medals for "His exceptionally courageous behaviour, calmness, sang-froid, and heroism", which "won the total admiration of the troops." And all this in spite of the fact that he inherited a fortune, and so was one of the richest men in Europe at the time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.51

Says it all really, and has been that way since the beginning of time.

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, what are the odds of such a coincidence ?
Hitting exactly these two places ?
Factory destroyed, nobody killed.
Somebody should ask questions.

Day after Obama state of the union speech,
as Asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby is expected,
'Meteorite shower' destroying Zinc factory
in Russian town Chelyabinsk and hitting Chebarkul lake.

Chelyabinsk-40, later Chelyabinsk-65, founded on the shore of the Irtyash Lake in 1945/48, 1994 renamed Ozyorsk, was and remains a closed town because of its proximity to the Mayak plant, one of the sources of Soviet plutonium during the Cold War, and now a Russian facility for processing nuclear waste and recycling nuclear material from decommissioned nuclear weapons.
Chelyabinsk - The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet

Russia orders long-range bomber patrols
Updated 8/17/2007
Chebarkul Testing Range, Russia (AP) — President Vladimir Putin placed strategic bombers back on long-range patrol for the first time since the Soviet breakup, sending a tough message to the United States on Friday hours after a major Russian military exercise with China.

Anonymous said...

Your article tickles me greatly. I have read Douglas Reed books that touch the weird issue of the contacts between opposite factions.
This issue needs a real, specific research and I haven't found a book the satisfies all the doubts about it. Really intriguing article, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the 'meteorite', the Telegraph speaks about
"Shock and Awe" (remember?), and: it's
"something that happens every decade or so."
The LAtimes cites Russian scientists saying
the USA at least saw the objects coming.

dailymail is now showing a map with the trajectory
of the objects hitting Russia, coming from the Atlantic.

The Chelyabinsk region has long been one of the most important military-industrial regions of Russia, where you "can’t drive a mile without passing a defense or a nuclear industry installation," the scientist said.
Lipunov laments the lack of funding and the loss of a broader monitoring system that the Soviet Union possessed.
Many Russian experts agree that such a system should be reinstated and equipped with modern 59-inch telescopes like those in the United Sates, because Russia can’t rely on the U.S. help when such dangers arise.

"Americans can, for example, detect a dangerous object and calculate that it can fall somewhere in the Urals, but that doesn’t concern them," Alexander Bagrov, a senior researcher with the Astronomy Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences told Russia-24, a federal news television network. "They can pass it over in silence."
Bagrov spoke in favor of creating an early warning system of satellites monitoring space for signs of approaching danger.,0,7385922,full.story

Anonymous said...

Astronomers lose access to military data
Satellite information on incoming meteors is blocked.

USA Air Force did issue a 16 March 2008 memo on the military classification of fireball data, but Nature could not confirm its contents.

The Defense Support Program satellite network is part of the Pentagon's early-warning system. Since 1970, 23 infrared satellites in the series have been launched into geosynchronous orbit to monitor the globe for missile launches or atmospheric nuclear blasts.

But the same infrared sensors were perfect for spotting fireballs as they streaked across the atmosphere. The satellites could precisely detect the time, position, altitude and brightness of meteors as they entered Earth's atmosphere.
Some of the data seem to have been provided on an ad-hoc basis to scientists studying meteorites. Often it came in the form of an anonymous, tersely worded e-mail describing the coordinates, altitude and size of a fireball.

Although the reason for ending the arrangement remains unclear, Weeden notes that it coincides with the launch of a new generation of surveillance satellites. The US$10-billion-plus Space-Based Infrared System will provide a more detailed infrared picture of Earth for battlefield surveillance, early-warning alerts and the US missile defence programme.
"may simply lack the expensive software needed to handle classified and declassified data simultaneously".
The expensive software for writing anonymous emails.
They promised they will write again.
Would you trust their future revelations ?

"The globalization of the world economy will also continue, with a widening between 'haves' and 'have-nots'" U.S. Space Command in Vision For 2020.
The Joint Vision 2010
The end result of these enablers and concepts is Full Spectrum Dominance. Information superiority relies heavily upon space capabilities to collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information.
The emerging synergy of space superiority with land, sea, and air superiority, will lead to Full Spectrum Dominance.

"The 1998 Long Range Plan has been US Space Command's #1 priority [...] the development [...] involved [...] about 75 corporations."
General Ashy, Space Command commander-in-chief, Aviation Week, August 5, 1996: "We will engage terrestrial targets someday-ships, airplanes, land targets-from space."

Joint Functional Component Commands primary mission areas: space and global strike; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; network warfare; integrated missile defense; and the recently added mission of combating weapons of mass destruction.
"Our prime mission directive in JFCC Space is to ensure our freedom of action in space, while preventing adversary use of space against us."
"And we have Prompt Global Strike affording us some conventional alternatives on long-range missiles that we didn't have before." USA DefSec Robert Gates, 2010-04-11.

Anonymous said...

Contrast that with's
constant hyping of Iran's military capabilities,
and today's headline by the Jewish Dianna Cahn:
"Navy paints dire picture of weakened U.S. fleet"

Faking weakness and incompetence, as usual,
organising chaos and decay for a hidden agenda,
building up 'enemies' for perpetual war and drugs profits:
"The global security blanket afforded by the world’s best-trained and best-funded military is gone, done in by budget cuts."
"If there’s a humanitarian disaster some place, the Navy may not be there because we are… in higher priority areas,” said Adm. Bill Gortney, head of the service’s Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk.
The Navy will no longer be able to send ships to South and Central America and the Caribbean, where it intercepted hundreds of tons of illegal drugs coming into the United States last year, Greenert, the Chief of Naval Operations, told the House Armed Services Committee last week. It won’t be able to fully support counterterrorism operations in Yemen and Somalia. And despite the Navy’s “pivot to the Pacific”, deployments to Asia will drop by two-thirds."

"We got caught up in 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan [...]. We missed the whole discussion of What is this about? [...] The presidential campaign [...] became an exchange of talking points"
Fleet Forces Commander Adm. John Harvey.

If it was a meteorite, it could have been steered,
setting the orbit years in advance.

Earlier a 'meteorite' hit Cienfuegos province in Cuba.
Cienfuegos (100 fires) UNO city port was a key location
of the 'Cuban missile crisis' in 1962 and again in 1970
during the subsequent 'Subs of Cienfuegos' Russian
submarines nukes scare.

2013-02-12 or 13 "around 20:00 we saw a light in the
heavens and then a big ball of fire, bigger than the sun"

There was also one on 2013-02-14 1:40 above Chiba
province, Tokio bay, the industrial heart of Japan
(oil, power, petrochemical and shipbuilding companies).
The oil refinery there burned for days after Fukushima.

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