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Geoffrey Dickens gave part of the missing 'Dossier' - Justice Denied

Reportedly, UK member of parliament Geoffrey Dickens gave part of his UK child abuse 'Dossier' to child abuse investigator Andrea Davison.

Andrea Davison's section of the dossier "was seized by the North Wales and Derby Police in January 2010".

Geoffrey Dickens gave part of the missing 'Dossier' - Justice Denied

Andrea Davison said off Geoffrey Dickens:

 "We had a common interest in exposing corruption, particularly police corruption, and child abuse. 

"Many of my documents and evidence was stolen by the Police. 

"I am reliably informed that the Government were worried in 2009 that because of Jimmy Savile the VIP Paedophile Ring would be exposed and they made an effort to,  as DC Winnard of the Derby police put it. 'tie up loose ends'... 

Geoffrey Dickens gave part of the missing 'Dossier' - Justice Denied

"When he gave Leon Brittan the 'Dossier' Brittan's involvement was not so clear...."

Continued here: Geoffrey Dickens gave part of the missing 'Dossier' - Justice Denied


What links judge Niclas Parry and Andrea Davison?


Anonymous said...

when Homosexual MP Cyril Smith
was compromised he went apparently frst to his lodge captain who sent him to talk to MI5 about his situation, for confessing he was allowed to stay in place, the alternative would be that he says he needs to spend time with his family and steps down.
At that time MI5 said they knew of several other boy abusers and were compiling data on them
so mabe they already knew it all ?
Brain Barrough

Anonymous said...

The london brothel madam Lindie St Clair, who had some of the most beautiful women on the planet on her books said that more MPs were poofs because the hours of the job were unsuitable for family men,
she helped british intel on the proviso she could stay in business, they went back on her word and prosecuted her.
The ex intel operative T Stokes
asked Janie Jones to help syephen ward to compromise several soviet GRU officers in 1973

Anonymous said...

Paul Leslie Condon was the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 1993 to 2000. He later became head of the International Cricket Council's anti-corruption unit, investigating the game's betting controversies. Condon was also named to assist Jamaican Police in their inquiry into the strangulation murder of Pakistan's World Cup cricket coach, Bob Woolmer. In March 2007, fifty-eight-year-old Woolmer, a former England Test player and South African cricket coach, was found unconscious in his Kingston hotel room, hours after Pakistan's upset defeat to Ireland. This loss eliminated the Pakistan side, ranked fourth in the world, from the World Cup competition. Condon is deputy chairman of the board of G4S, a company who are trying to take over many functions of the police in the UK.
John Arthur Stevens was Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis from 2000 until 2005. He is a non-executive director of Travelex and also sits on the board of LGC, the UK’s leading analytical laboratory providing chemical, biochemical and DNA-based analysis. The major blunder that sent detectives on the Gareth Williams inquiry down a blind alley for more than a year is the second embarrassment admitted this month by Britain's biggest private forensic science laboratory LGC.
Ian Warwick Blair held the position of commissioner of police of the metropolis from 2005 to 2008. The Metropolitan Police Authority requested on 28 July 2008 that Blair face an inquiry over a series of IT contracts with the Metropolitan Police worth £3 million won by Impact Plus, a consultancy owned by Andy Miller, who is a long-time friend of Blair.
Sir Paul Robert Stephenson was the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, 2009-2011. In July 2011, Stephenson's judgment was questioned after it emerged that Neil Wallis, a former executive editor of the News of the World had acted as a media consultant to the MPS in 2009 and 2010,[11] and also that in early 2011 Stephenson received £12,000 of free hospitality from a Champneys health spa, where Wallis was working at the time whilst Stephenson was recovering from surgery for the removal of a non-malignant tumor in his femur.[12] On 14 July 2011, Wallis was arrested by the Metropolitan Police investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

Anonymous said...

AD - Intelligence asset?
& preceding pps

or disinformation??

David Kelly? BNP? Seems like fingers in too many pies.

False flag by Derby police??

Anonymous said...

and now for the truth see

Anonymous said...

Watch an interview with Andrea Davison by Sonia Poulton on the Peoples Voice TV

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