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Brigadier General Steve Lanza, spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq, 2009.

General Stephen R. Lanza assumed duties as the Chief of Public Affairs on 7 September 2010.

Mario Lanza

Steve Lanza, research associate, Department of Economics, and executive editor of The Connecticut Economy. Photo by Daniel Buttrey...

Senator Andrew Lanza.

Jonathan Lanza. ...

Obituary of Peter Salvatore Lanza, 83, North Andover, MA, December 7, 2010

PLAISTOW, N.H. — Peter S. Lanza, 83, a resident of Newton Road, Plaistow, died Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010 at Methuen Health and Rehabilitation Center in Methuen.

The husband of the late Elodia (Wilkinson) Lanza, he is survived by sons, Michael Lanza and his wife Marsha of Crystal Lake, Ill., Mark S. Lanza and his wife Cindy of Plaistow, and Peter J. Lanza and Shelley Cudiner of Stamford, Conn.; a sister, Rose Lanza of Plaistow and Glen, N.H.; grandchildren, Jeff, Michael, Brian, Daniel, Andrew, Mark, Charles, Stephanie, Ryan and Adam.

Peter S. Lanza, 83 - The Eagle-Tribune

Ryan,Adam Lanza both mentioned in 2010 NH obituary of ex John Hancock agent Peter S. Lanza
Tony Ryals at wolfblitzzer0

Joseph A. "Socks" Lanza (1904 - October 11, 1968) was a New York labor racketeer and a member of the Genovese crime family.

Lanza worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Joseph Lanza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...

Allegedly, "Lanza is a Sicilian/Italian Jewish surname.

"The Palermo Lanzas controlled both the New York and San Francisco ports for the mafia.

"Joseph 'Socks' Lanza was a capo for the Luciano/Genovese crime family who controlled the longshoreman's union and Fulton St. fish market in New York City and cooperated with Naval Intelligence during WWII.

"Adam Lanza's paternal grandfather was a usurer as is his father and brother. His mother was a trader at John Hancock in Boston, his grandfather Peter S. Lanza was also a trader for John Hancock, his father a V.P. in the tax-evasion department of the banking/weapons manufacturing/media conglomerate..."

Chabad Comes To Newtown


Anonymous said...

Great finds, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Not such a great find. Ryan's name could have easily been added by the Spooks--- even back in 2010. The Sandy Hook black op was most likely planned around 2009 when Adam disappeared.

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