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Dalek from the BBC's Dr Who

In 1982, Elm Guest House was raided by the authorities.

One of those arrested was a 17-year-old rent boy.

Reportedly, this boy was a teenage actor who had appeared in the BBC's Doctor Who television series.

Elm Guest House - boy brothel for the elite.

Peter Hatton-Bornshin died in mysterious circumstances, aged 27.

As a young boy, Peter had been in the notorious Grafton Close Children’s Home, run by the notorious Richmond borough council in London.

Eighteen years after his death, the police are being forced to look again again at the Peter Hatton-Bornshin case.

Sir Cyril Smith visited Elm Guest House.

In January 2013, police raided a property in central London and seized a list of names of top people who allegedly visited the Elm Guest House in Barnes, in London.

Either the police are trying to investigate an elite pedophile ring, or, they are trying to cover it up.

Elm Guest House was where under-age rent boys and children from the Grafton Close home were reportedly brought to have sex with members of the elite.


The list includes a top government minister, senior members of parliament, a top policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from the National Front and Sinn Fein, an official of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, two pop stars, Sir Cyril Smith, and Sir Anthony Blunt, who worked for MI5, the Queen and Soviet intelligence,.


The Operation Fernbridge detectives may be trying to find the almost two dozen compromising photographs of members of the elite that were reportedly taken by the guest-house owner.

A children's home in Belfast was used as a boy brothel.

Similar photographs of child abuse by top people in a Welsh children's home reportedly disappeared after being given to the police.

In September 1992, Peter Righton pleaded guilty to charges relating to child porn.

Righton was a founder member of the Paedophile Information Exchange

Righton had been a top person in the field of residential child care.

Righton was a consultant to the charity the National Children’s Bureau, whose patrons included the then Health Minister, Virginia Bottomley.

Righton has links to top people in the Thatcher government.

A children's home in Jersey was used as a boy brothel 

Elm Guest House was run by Indian-born Haroon Kasir and his German wife Carole.

A newsletter put out by a Conservative party group ‘strongly recommend’ the guest house.

One of the group's chairmen, foreign office minister Ian Harvey, was caught having sex with a Coldstream guardsman in a London park. 

Dr Who with Jimmy Savile

In 1982, Elm Guest House was raided by the authorities.

Allegedly, they came to destroy written and photographic evidence.

The Kasirs and two others were arrested. 

One of those arrested was a 17-year-old rent boy.

Reportedly, this boy was a teenage actor who had appeared in the BBC's Doctor Who television series.

He had also appeared at a Royal Command performance.

The police dropped all charges against the boy.

No top people were arrested.

The Kasirs were given suspended sentences.

The BBC's Dr Who

A young boy found by the police at Elm Guest House was returned to the Grafton Close Children’s Home.

In 1990, Carole Kasir, aged 48, died in mysterious circumstances.

After her death, a child protection campaigner from the National Association Of Young People In Care (NAYPIC) called for a criminal investigation into Elm Guest House.

This man claimed he knew of 11 boys from Grafton Close Children's Home who had been abused at Elm Guest House.

He claimed that Carole Kasir had told him she had photographs or video of many top people at Elm Guest House, including a bishop.

One photograph reportedly showed a former cabinet minister with a naked boy.

Haiti, formerly a child-sex destination. Photo from: "The entry for Haiti in the eleventh edition of the Spartacus International Gay Guide, published in February 1981, four months before the official advent of AIDS: 'Early in 1980, several boys aged 14 to 16, were hospitalized as a result of sodomy injuries caused by sadistic Cuacasian tourists.'" acarology : Anna Politkovskaya 

The campaigner says: "Carole Kasir had logbooks, names, times, dates, even pictures of people who went in and out of Elm Guest House."

The campaigner says of the 1982 police raid:  "I know it was done by Special Branch. That evidence - of who visited Elm Guest House - no longer exists...

"There were boys found in the home, but they were only ever interviewed as witnesses to the brothel, never as victims of abuse."

Mary Moss, a former colleague of the campaigner at NAYPIC (which is now defunct) believes Carole Kasir was murdered.




FORMER child star of TV's Grange Hill told of the secret abuse he suffered at the hands of Rupert Massey a showbiz lawyer.

Mark Eadie spoke out when jailed Rupert Massey planned an appeal against his conviction for 16 indecent assaults.

The ex-actor, who has fought depression and a breakdown, was too ill to testify against Massey at the trial in Wolverhampton.

In the late 70s, Mark was Andrew Stanton in Grange Hill - getting into scrapes with Tucker Jenkins, played by EastEnder Todd Carty. He met Massey at 14 and was invited to Bournemouth, where the lawyer lived.


Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "ELM GUEST HOUSE - BBC":

My brother in law spoke several times about Elm House, he said it was a place of safety where men could dress up as women and not be judged for it.
He said it was a very comfortable place and they would play Shagorado, that is a man would sit against the wall blindfolded, and the naked schoolboys would all dance around some chairs in the middle of the room, the man would point witha stick and the music would stop, and the man would get the boy being pointed at.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

A dutch citizen (business consultant), now a writer, Maud Oortwijn, witnessed at December 6 2000 the following scene:
On 6 December 2000, just after lunchtime in Bangkok, I witnessed pedophile activities of a group of about 8-10 persons from the Netherlands (not including the entourage). When I saw who was involved, I decided to leave the scene quickly and never tell anyone about it. Back then, I believed this was best for my country and for my own safety. Over 10 years I kept silent and protected the royal family of the Netherlands, as I had recognized Queen Beatrix, prince Claus, crown prince Willem-Alexander, prince Maurits, and minister Korthals. I also saw Mr. Joris Demmink among the support staff facilitating the trip in Bangkok.

After this unexpected meeting her life was destroyed as her identity got known to the Duch secret service..

Anonymous said...

WRONG UNDER DISGUISE OF FUN,,20669969,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent

Anonymous said...

Again... my reaction is how the heck can the police continually 'loose' or accidently destroy so much evidence and not be officially investigated and reprimanded, sacked, jailed.

They don't seem to loose anything they can use against we plebs. After a minor fracas in a pub a mate of mine got done for lying to court about not having any form, and they produced court papers from the UK saying he had a similar minor offence against him 30 years before - "6 months jail for purgury, 6 more for this offence, take him down".

The local consulate had told him all such minor offences were destroyed after 10 years to save space, so in reality - or so he thought - he hadn't lied.

Why is nobody - except us, of course - EVER held accountable?

It's time you harassed your MP's every time this happens, never stop, keep on at the buggers to bring it up in The House, or they're out next election. ALL authorities are accountable to the people, ALL the time, irrespective of if the perp is one of their own class, an MP, a Royal.

'Not in the Nation's interest', and 'In the interests of National Security' are the usual excuses for coverups. Not any more. We don't live in the middle-ages anymore.

WE pay for all this, they work for US. WE decide what's in the Nations interests.

No more internal, closed-door, inquiries, full coverage on cable-TV is the only acceptable in a true democracy.

Tell your MP he's out on the street if he doesn't see to it this becomes the norm.

For he can't possibly oppose this, as he's an honest, hard-working man for the people...

...or is he.

John said...

Does anyone know more about an interesting German man called Gerd Sommerhoff? (he may have used his middle names Walter Christian or mother's name Ruher)
He was raised in Haarlem, NL and Isle of Wight, UK. Fluent in English, German and Spanish. BBC boys' science presenter 1960s. Well-connected science teacher and author.
(IPCE/Ipce contributor?)

Anonymous said...

Odd coincidence.

The following is a guardian article from some time back:

The content of one of the letters is obvious. The curious thing is that the other letter in that scan. The address goes back to the drop box for a pre-school.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of police losing evidence, did you notice how the raid on Elm House was bungled because "a hidden police radio was activated by accident"?

Oops. Damn those twitchy police radios! No doubt the police were heartbroken. "Officers had hoped to catch several dozen clients — and who knows how many public figures — but there were fewer than ten customers there when the operation was compromised."

Oh well never mind, better luck next time eh?

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Anonymous said...

FYI: The actor who played Adric in Doctor who was born 1961, so could not have been 17 in 1982.

That assumes the DM details are correct.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:59, about the pub fracas, what were the injuries in the first case, and in the second case ? And the second case was in the USA ?

Anonymous said...

John - are you saying that IPCE was linked with the running or with the clients of Elm Guest House? And IPCE was an international continuation from people in PIE? There are living PIE former members who could confirm those links (Tom O'Carroll and Charles Napier to name two, others in police files).

An interesting element of the IPCE website is the Newsletters, containing real (mostly UK) postbox addresses, from pre-internet distribution. The English contributions are often written by a West Germanic native (German or Dutch?). The Spanish writer is probably not from Spain - maybe a native of Latin America. A good linguist and the police could trace these people, some may be active.

Who has "Dr. Frans Gieles" (F.E.J Gieles) handed on to? Is it "Juan Gonzalez Llort" / Daniel Lièvre from the UK?

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "ELM GUEST HOUSE - BBC":

I worked at the West Lynn children's home which had Elm house on its books; also on its books were Nimrod House and a house in Long Sutton Norfolk.

Boys sent to these homes said the same hard core of men abused them all; some of the older files
describe a man we believed was Anthony Blunt; before the files were closed Da.. La.. was named by several boys independently along with a big black man.

felix said...

Gerd Sommerhoff: surely also important is his job at Sevenoaks School which has cropped up here before.

Some spirited revising of Sommerhoff's Wiki entry today 3 Feb 2013, and also previously on 7 September 2010

Anonymous said...

Gerd Sommerhoff's oldest nephew, Bernardo Subercaseaux Sommerhoff, was convicted of child sexual abuse, overturned due to the unreliable personality of his histrionic, manipulative and paranoid wife and the daughter's use of academic terms like "vagina" in evidence.

Bernardo Subercaseaux Sommerhoff appeal on child sexual abuse

The Sommerhoff family did some spirited campaigning of their own, e.g. in defence of Bernardo Subercaseaux Sommerhoff

Anonymous said...

Grafton was a place my brother & i were told to just get on with it.My brother died but being the stronger one i will seek revenge.

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