Monday, February 04, 2013


Time for a cocktail.

1. The USA and Egypt are still very close friends.

"The United States has delivered four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, Egypt's military and a U.S. military delegation said on 3 February 2013, highlighting military links between the two countries despite Egypt's political upheaval."

Egypt takes delivery of US fighter jets - Reuters UK

Welcome to the Inter-Continental, Cairo

2. Egypt is not safe for tourists

 "The mayhem on Cairo’s streets briefly spilled into the lobby of one of the city’s luxury hotels, the Semiramis InterContinental, during intense clashes between riot police and protesters along the Nile Corniche overnight.

Under Attack, 29 January 2013, Cairo Hotel Tweets an S O S

"Images of a mob streaming into the hotel, shown live on Egyptian television and then posted online, raised fears of further damage to the country’s already battered tourist industry...

"About 40 men armed with shotguns, knives and a semiautomatic weapon broke into the shuttered lobby and started looting...

"Phone calls to the police and the army initially went unheeded...

"Coming at the same time as violence in cities on the Suez Canal, this week’s unrest threatened two of the main pillars of the Egyptian economy...

"An Ahram Online journalist who witnessed the attack, Karim Hafez, said that protesters had stopped fighting with the police to help protect the hotel..."

3. "Recent weeks have seen the emergence of  the CIA's so-called 'black bloc' among the protestors."

Poverty, disillusionment drive Egypt's protests - Deutsche Welle

"There are skeptical voices... Some argue the protestors swathed in black are merely a government tool to justify fighting demonstrators off more aggressively."

4. "Clashes between protesters, security forces across from presidential palace in Cairo leave one dead, dozens injured, yet video showing violence against single protester stirs public uproar."

Egypt turmoil: Protester attacked, stripped - Ynetnews-2 Feb 2013

"A video clip showing Egyptian security forces furiously beating a protester who was part of a demonstration across from the presidential palace in Cairo is causing an uproar in Egypt...

 "One man was killed and dozens were injured as demonstrators were sprayed with tear gas and water hoses.

"Protestors threw Molotov cocktails over the gates of the presidential palace and one of the protestors was forcibly dragged, naked, into a police vehicle..."


Kick Morsi out the door.


Anonymous said...

In every story you are reporting what Oswald Spengler wrote in his book Decline of the West; the end of culture followed by the end of civilization. We are now entering the final faze, totalitarian dictatorship, wars for resources, societial collaspe, with murder as a means of political and economic advancement. It is sad to see but inevitable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the blatant manipulations.

Anonymous said...

Princess Diana was a very unusual 'Royal' visiting the down-&-outs!

su said...

Anonymous 9.30
Look what you are suggesting is the plan but you know that old saying that if you want to make god laugh tell her your plans.

It is not going to come about.
Full stop.
If I am the creator of my reality I choose something completely different.

Anonymous said...

Great come-back su.

There are plenty of like-minded people, working/discussing/laughing for the Greater Good. It takes a bit of persuading our neighbours tho.

Aangirfan is the best in this class.

Peace and grace xx

Anonymous said...

Betting on doom is both logical and enticing when "you look at the data." "Spengler" of Asia Times is one of those who crunches numbers relentlessly, with a shameful bias. It looks like the end when you exclude the future. Simple. Just ignore scientific revolutions and the power of the individual who, like "su" above, isolates him or herself and creates to the future. I'm no a pollyanna about the future. Neither am I willing to exclude what may come.

One very real possibility is a revolutionary scientific revelation or new discovery that makes energy effortless. People would eventually simply ignore the PTB and live their lives. This endless war scenario is perpetuated by the most powerful agitprop campaign ever. If the rational for that ends, energy "scarcity," Toto will pull back the curtain and we'll see the pathetic visage of the clowns that run the show.

Just a thought.

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