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The USA and UK are not much different from the Philippines when its comes to child sexual abuse and political corruption.

"Recently, prosecutors in Olongapo City dismissed trafficking-of-persons charges against two US citizens, who had held two girls captive as sex partners for four years since they were ten years old. 

"The prosecutors also failed to instigate charges of child sexual abuse... 

"The suspects went free...

"Politicians and accused suspects give journalists brown envelopes stuffed with money to suppress the truth."

Sex, corruption in the Philippines -Jul 29, 2010 ...

"Many underage girls and boys are forced into drug use in order to control them and are beaten if they disobey the pimps and traffickers.

"They are sold to the sex bars..

"This evil trade enjoys impunity because the sex and drug mafia set out to corrupt and compromise police, prosecutors, judges and politicians...

Smokey Mountain, Philippines, 1991
Smokey Mountain, Manila. By bugswong

"Charges of child abuse or trafficking despite strong evidence are mysteriously dropped by prosecutors or judges and the suspects go free, usually the decision says for 'lack of evidence'...

"In a case in Olongapo City the judge removed Michelle, the child victim from the PREDA protective home and gave her back to the pimps, her own parents, who had sold her to an Australian child rapist. 

"The case then failed and the abuser escaped back to Sydney...

Living on the street in Manilla - Philippines - Asia
Manila. By RURO photography

"So when government officials give permits to the sex bars where young girls are raped and trafficked from rural villages they are responsible for every destroyed young life... 

"A Mayor in Zambales is on trial for such child abuse and more recently a Department of Education official in Negros has been arrested and charged with trafficking and the sexual abuse of minors... 

"One 4-year-old was brought to the PREDA shelter was found infected with syphilis by her father. He picked up the disease in the bars...

Philippines: Priest appeals

President Benigno Aquino III 

In January 2013, the Philippine's bishops "slammed 'the widening practice of political dynasties'...

"They denounced the 'continued existence of family political dynasties' for breeding corruption...

"The Bishops went onto question the 'automated election' system used in the Philippines, and warned that if the Election Commission does not address this problem there is a risk of 'wholesale cheating' to the detriment of democracy...

"They stigmatized 'the inability and unwillingness of those in power to take the road of social justice'. 

"This, they said, has resulted in the failure to meet the basic rights of the poor, such as secure jobs, decent housing, adequate medicine, ownership of lands that they till, and quality education."

Filipino bishops denounce corruption and family dynasties in politics ...

Philippines by lionel bodilis

According to a former head of the CIA in Manila, Osama bin Laden came to the Philippines in 1992, at the invitationof the Philippine government. 

(Bin Laden, CIA.)

Bin Laden was flown to the southern island of Mindanao by the Philippine President Fidel Ramos.

Bin Laden was apparently invited to the Philippines in order to help strengthen Abu Sayyaf and other rebel groups based in Mindanao who were fighting the Philippine government.

"If you sing My Way at a karaoke bar in the Philippines, the end may be nearer than you realize: A spate of killings of people singing the Frank Sinatra song has prompted many bars to remove it from their playbooks and many Filipinos to avoid singing it.

"In a country wild about both karaoke and Sinatra, the "My Way killings" have left Filipinos struggling for answers, the New York Times reports."

no time for being a child
Manila. By jobarracuda

February 2013:

"Bishops from the dominant Roman Catholic Church have expressed alarm at what they called a culture of impunity and the rise in unsolved crimes.

"In a pastoral letter, they said that 'extrajudicial killings, unsolved crimes and kidnappings continue and the government is not able or lacks the political will to prosecute the perpetrators and touch powerful people.'

"The proliferation of firearms - police estimate there are up to 1 million unregistered weapons - have fueled violence and insurgencies in the country for years despite calls from lawmakers and pressure groups for tighter gun control.

"A dysfunctional justice system with crowded jails and underpaid prosecutors and judges has produced a massive backlog where a criminal trial can stretch over six years or more."

Crime casts shadow over Philippines image makeover 

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KPatrickRyan said...

The Philippines have been a de-facto US colony for a century.

It is painful to admit, but every land that receives focus and attention from the US Govt inevitably turns into a corrupted hellhole where a few hoard the nation's wealth and the rest are left to make do however they can on the left-over scraps.

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