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Joshua Stepakoff, one of the victims of the shootings at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles on 10 October1999.

"News of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was all the more poignant for survivors of the 1999 shooting at the North Valley Jewish Community Center...

"Survivor Ben Kadish was only six years old when white supremacist Buford Furrow, Jr. walked into the community center and shot 70 bullets into the lobby. 

"The barrage hit him in his leg and his abdomen."


Ben Kadish

No Jewish people were killed in the shootings.

Buford Furrow

Buford Furrow reportedly wounded five people, including Stepakoff and Kadish, before killing a Filipino-American postal worker.


Months prior to the shooting, Buford Furrow "had been treated for mental illness while in the custody of the state of Washington." [1]

"Furrow, had gone to a mental hospital on October 28 to have himself committed, threatening to stab two women there.

"He also told police officers that he harbored fantasies of shooting random people at a mall. Still, he was allowed to go free."


Buford Farrow

Buford Furrow's father was in the United States Air Force and had been stationed at McChord Air Force Base ( Assassins) and at Nellie Airforce Base, next to Area 51, "one of the most infamous mind-control centers in the world."

Mind Controlled Killers- Whale by Brian Desborough

Buford Furrow was employed at Boeing and Northrop Grumman aerospace companies.

In 1989, Furrow reportedly worked for the fascist Aryan Nation , which promotes white supremacy. 

Ian Hockley at the funeral of Dylan. Butterfly on lapel. The Monarch butterfly is used in the CIA's Monarch mind control operations.

"Furrow's interest in Christianity is very germain to our narrative, for it is a common practice for mind-control programmers to instill the front alter of a mind-control victim with the deep conviction that Jesus or God will take care of them. 

"Simultaneously, other alters of the victim are given the posthypnotic suggestion that Jesus or God are, in actuality, the military agency or Illuminati faction conducting the programming."

Sandy Hook mourners dressed in purple, a key colour in CIA Monarch brainwashing.

In 1998, Furrow attempted suicide...

"After a short stay at a mental hospital, he attempted to commit himself into a private psychiatric facility in Washington State, where he was arrested after threatening the staff with a knife.

"He was committed to a state psychiatric facility prior to serving a six month's jail sentence. 

"Released In May, 1999... he traveled to Los Angeles, where the shootings occurred three days later...

At the funeral of Sandy Hook 'victim' Dylan Hockley, the organist played Somewhere Over The Rainbow, from the Wizard of Oz, which is a key part of CIA Monarch brainwashing.

"Stock footage was shown of Furrow during his confinement at a psychiatric hospital in 1998. 

"A close-up shot of his arms revealed several deep slashes on his left arm and a cut index finger.

"It is a standard practice for mind-controlled victims to be programmed with a 'cutter' alter personality. 

"In the event that the victim's programming begins to break down, resulting in the victim beginning to recover memories of the programming, the cutter alter is triggered, forcing the victim to slash one or both arms. This inhibits the flow of further memories.

Mind Controlled Killers- Whale

"A particular mind-control programming technique is known as the 'tin man'. 

"In the Wizard of Oz" story, the tin man kept chopping off his limbs, replacing them with metal prosthetics. 

"Mind-controlled victims cut their Index fingers when they have been subjected to tin man programming and begin to recover memories.

"The writer believes that it is highly probable that Buford Fuller became a level five programmed sleeper assassin..." 

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