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Why do some kids become savages?

Usually because they have been neglected, or, abused.

Children can be neglected both at home and in a poorly-staffed nursery school.

Psychologist Oliver James refers to "childcarers who scrape through school and are doing it for the money, often spending the day texting their boyfriends."

Robert Thompson's parents, Ann and Robert, were heavy drinkers and there was violence in the home. (Profiles: the Bulger killers, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson ) 

Small children need lots of individual attention and love.

Do nurseries make todlers aggressive?

UK Psychologist Oliver James thinks that nurseries can turn toddlers into savages.

Naughty children? Blame mothers, says Oliver James - Telegraph

According to Oliver James, day care can produce more boastful, disobedient and aggressive children.

Oliver James says that UK government proposals to allow child-carers to look after more youngsters will make things worse.

Nursery places in Britain have expanded at the same time as a rise in violence in primary school classrooms.

40 primary school children in England are expelled every day for assaulting their teachers.

Jon Venable's mother Susan Venables has been described as a loose woman whose neighbours "noted a procession of men friends for Mrs Venables". "She had been observed physically and verbally assaulting Jon."(Did bad parenting turn Thompson and Venables into killers? UK ...). When Jon Venables stayed with his father Neil, there were violent videos to watch, including Child's Play 3.

Oliver James refers to a study in America which tracked children for 15 years. 

It showed a correlation between the hours spent in a nursery to increased aggression and bad behaviour.

"Studies show there is a direct link between how many hours you spend in daycare up to the age of four and a half and how aggressive you are."

Good nannies can be better than nursery workers.

Oliver James says Mothers who go out to work are to blame for their children's bad behaviour.

In his new book Oliver James says mothers of toddlers should avoid working outside the home.

Putting toddlers into nurseries is ‘warehousing’ them so that the government could push mothers back to work, writes James.

Oliver James would like to see the government creating a network of nannies.

The elite prefer nannies to nursery schools.

A generation of 'little savages' raised in nurseries as ... - Daily Mail

Oliver James is against the strict disciplining of young children.

James writes: "As a parent of a child of this age, you need to realise that if things go pear-shaped it is actually always your fault, in the sense that if you keep a close enough eye on them you can prevent atrocities..."

Young children "need to be in the presence of a responsive, loving adult at all times".

Oliver James attacks the methods of Gina Ford, a former maternity nurse who has become a best-selling toddler 'guru'.

He writes: "There is a great deal of evidence that very strict routines do lead to more insecure, and to more irritable and fussy, babies."

According to Oliver James, The Naughty Step Technique "often result in repetition of the undesired behaviour, rather than successful management. 

"If you are not careful, you are just creating a guaranteed method for your children to wind you up."

Oliver James writes that while babies that are left to cry may be more likely to sleep through the night, "it is the babies whose needs have been met who become the secure, calm and satisfied children and productive schoolchildren, and adults."

UK government minister Elizabeth Truss, who plans for more toddlers to be cared for by fewer nursery teachers.

Much depends on the quality of parents or carers.

Jill Rutter, research manager for the Family and Parenting Institute and Daycare Trust says: "children who attended high quality nurseries were much less likely to experience later behavioural problems...

"Nurseries or registered childminders are the only affordable option for most parents..."

A generation of 'little savages' raised in nurseries as ... - Daily Mail

Lloyd de Mause

Lloyd de Mause in The Journal of Psychohistory, Winter 1998, refers to The History of Child Abuse. (The History of Child Abuse Lloyd deMause - The Journal of Psychohistory)

"We cannot be content to only continue to do endless repair work on damaged adults, with more jails and police and therapists and political movements.

"Our task now must be to create an entirely new profession of “child helpers” who can reach out to every new child born on earth and help its parents give it love and independence...

" The success of parenting centers such as the one pioneered in Boulder, Colorado, for instance, has been astonishing.

"Through parenting classes and home visiting by paraprofessionals, they have measurably reduced child abuse, as shown by careful followup studies and by reduced police reports and hospital entrance rates.

"All this has been accomplished with very small monetary outlays, since these parent outreach centers operate mainly with volunteer labor, while it has the potential to save trillions of dollars annually in the costs of social violence, police enforcement, jails and other consequences of the widespread child abuse of today.

"Such a parent support movement would resemble the universal education movement of over a century ago...


aangirfan: JON VENABLES


yes2truth said...

"Oliver James says Mothers who go out to work are to blame for their children's bad behaviour."

Oliver James is like a quack tinkering with the symptoms.

Mothers would not go out to work nor would they feel the need to if the usurous Jews had not created a society of money slaves and deluded amazon feminists.

Anonymous said...

First you show how state intervention produces violence and misery, then you advocate for an army of minders and snitches.

The whole school and university system was instituted to create slaves, and that's still its main function by far.

The simplest and best solution would be to create varied, true and critical information available to the masses.

Did you notice how Google uses "captchas" to harass and intimidate commenters by including personal details and recent activity they could only know by total surveillance ? Combining them with foul language and occult numerology.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

blame the adults, the parents. Cretin adults will give birth to ill fated kids, its very simple....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Out of 100 street bumboys working birminghams streets at night,
amost 93% claimed sort sort of home abuse
nuff said !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Listen up Oliver James:

Dr. Benjamin Carson educates Obama on the liberation of education.

EV said...

The data are in - early neglect, which exists on a continuum, leads to later social and emotional trouble. You didn't say what the Venables/Thompson kids did: They kidnapped a 2-year old and tied him to train tracks. He was alive and must have been in complete terror as the train approached (which split him in two, I believe.

It is politically incorrect to admit what psychologists have known for about 10 years -- the more hours spent in daycare at a young age, the more aggressive the children. This effect is not found for "good" daycare or lower hours in a bad daycare. But good daycare is not very available/affordable. It would have been ultimately cheaper to pay parents to care for their own children.

Pediatricians can take some blame, too, for their prescription to young parents to use the totally discredited "Ferber" system of letting kids cry themselves to sleep. Baby humans are mammals - they need constant monitoring, touch, and the knowledge that someone loves them and is watching out for them.

Read "The science of parenting," "Why love matters," "Mother nature." Breastfeed, carry your babies, organize fellow parent cooperatives to help watch kids if you cannot. Young women who've never had kids make fucking awful childminders! They can be childmonsters. They can be good. It's a crapshoot. No one loves your baby like you do, though, and that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

I work in child care and this is a particularly good post and thanks to oliver james for speaking out ina jew dominated profession.
There wa a survey done in brminham england on street boys, those boys who often live rough from the streets and are used by turd-burglars etc, and the vast majority were from single parent families or borught up in care

Newspaceman said...

When our boy went to (state) nursery at three and a half years of age, he was not happy about it. The ladies within the function said I should just leave him hysterical and he would come round to it. I found the process sub-human and so attended the nursery with him for six weeks or so. It did not appear to go down too well with the teachers but he seemed to settle in of his own accord and now skips up the road to school. I would not totally trust the teachers, they mean well but unfortunately follow an agenda.

Some of the mothers (at primary school now) shout and swear at their children on the way to school - " move it, move" yet, when they get to the playground totally change and it's "honey" this and "little lambchops" that. It is genuinely horrible. I wonder what their children make of their ego/socially induced skitzoid (sic) behaviour.

Some of the more "up market" mothers are just as bad, they have their children wrapped in cotton wool, and force them to attend all sorts of post-school activities - apparently it is good for them, another hour or so on top of the standard six, at the age of five.

I sometimes feel guilty about even sending him to school, but I don't think we could fully educate him and, to an extent, don't want to tell him the realities of the slave-based future that is intended for him.

I always feel guilty about bringing him into this world.


su said...

I recall visiting my daughter who had a job at a creche here in south africa. Granted there were a lot of staff. She was in the newborn section. I was horrified who would hand over their newborn to others to look after.
So I was expecting impoverished women to arrive dropping their babes off so that they could go to work.
They arrived in their BMW's and Mercs etc.

I don't know I am always broke and have learnt to live very simply but I kept my kids at home and out of school till past the age of 13.
And when they did go in their grades were brilliant. Which just shows ....

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