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Tony Rooke

On 25 February 2013, in a court in the UK, Tony Rooke related that the 'BBC has covered up the facts about 9/11'.

The judge made Rooke pay £200 costs and gave him a conditional discharge.


"Conditional discharges are often used in political cases to indicate that the accused, though technically guilty, occupies the moral high ground."


Outside the court.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, at Global Research, relates:

Historic 911 Court Case: Through Media Disinformation, BBC Supports “The Practice of Terrorism”

"With the exception of London’s Daily Mail, the British mainstream media, including The Guardian and the Independent, chose to abstain from coverage or commentary of this historic court case, which points to a criminal process of media disinformation by the BBC.

"The BBC chose to “cover up its own coverup.” 

"Not a single word from the BBC to justify or explain or refute their lies, particularly regarding the collapse of WTC building 7 which had been announced by the BBC 20 minutes before the collapse took place, suggesting that the BBC and other media had advanced knowledge of the collapse of a WTC building 7 which was not even struck by an aircraft.

"This is one among a string of BBC media fabrications including fake images and video footage

"We will recall that in August 2011, the BBC showed fake video footage of Libyans celebrating 'Liberation' in Tripoli’s Green square, following NATO’s humanitarian bombings. Oops. 

"They were waving Indian flags. 

"They are not Libyans but Indians... 

Iran earthquake photo used as anti Assad propaganda. www.scoop.it

"It is our hope that Tony Brooke’s initiative will encourage people across the United Kingdom to question the legitimacy of the TV Licence fee, which supports an organization involved in outright war propaganda on behalf of the British government." 

Historic 911 Court Case: Through Media Disinformation, BBC Supports “The Practice of Terrorism”

In court, Rooke said that he was withholding his TV license fee under Section 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000 which states that it is an offence for someone to provide funds used for an organisation 'funding terrorism'.

Rooke was not allowed to show his video evidence in court because the Judge said it was not relevant to the trial.


"The main point Rooke said he relied upon was that the BBC reported that World Trade Centre 7 had fallen 20 minutes before it did.

"He also made reference to a theory about the way the skyscraper was said to have fallen in on itself, which some people believe showed signs of a controlled demolition.

"Mr Rooke said: 'The BBC reported it 20 minutes before it fell. They knew about it beforehand."


Faked photo used against Assad. www.scoop.it

"Last time I was here I asked you (the judge): “Were you aware of World Trade Centre 7”?

"‘You said you had heard of it. Ten years later you should have more than heard of it. 

"It's the BBC's job to inform the public. Especially of miracles of science and when laws of physics become suspended."



"‘They have made programmes making fools of and ridiculing those of us who believe in the laws of gravity. American reports have shown that the fall was nothing but a controlled demolition.

"‘I am not looking at who demolished it - that is impossible - but the BBC actively tried to hide this from the public.'


Fake news from the BBC.

"...The court called in back-up from Sussex Police with two officers standing at the door to the court and several more outside. There was cheering and applause as Rooke put his case forward in court."

District Judge Stephen Nicholls said: 'This is not a public inquiry into 9/11. This is an offence under section 363 of the Communications Act.'



CIA banks on 'B-Company' as Indian Mujahideen oust Dawood as CIA's go-to terror outfit


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Joshua Stepakoff, one of the victims of the shootings at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles on 10 October1999.

"News of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was all the more poignant for survivors of the 1999 shooting at the North Valley Jewish Community Center...

"Survivor Ben Kadish was only six years old when white supremacist Buford Furrow, Jr. walked into the community center and shot 70 bullets into the lobby. 

"The barrage hit him in his leg and his abdomen."


Ben Kadish

No Jewish people were killed in the shootings.

Buford Furrow

Buford Furrow reportedly wounded five people, including Stepakoff and Kadish, before killing a Filipino-American postal worker.


Months prior to the shooting, Buford Furrow "had been treated for mental illness while in the custody of the state of Washington." [1]

"Furrow, had gone to a mental hospital on October 28 to have himself committed, threatening to stab two women there.

"He also told police officers that he harbored fantasies of shooting random people at a mall. Still, he was allowed to go free."


Buford Farrow

Buford Furrow's father was in the United States Air Force and had been stationed at McChord Air Force Base ( Assassins) and at Nellie Airforce Base, next to Area 51, "one of the most infamous mind-control centers in the world."

Mind Controlled Killers- Whale by Brian Desborough

Buford Furrow was employed at Boeing and Northrop Grumman aerospace companies.

In 1989, Furrow reportedly worked for the fascist Aryan Nation , which promotes white supremacy. 

Ian Hockley at the funeral of Dylan. Butterfly on lapel. The Monarch butterfly is used in the CIA's Monarch mind control operations.

"Furrow's interest in Christianity is very germain to our narrative, for it is a common practice for mind-control programmers to instill the front alter of a mind-control victim with the deep conviction that Jesus or God will take care of them. 

"Simultaneously, other alters of the victim are given the posthypnotic suggestion that Jesus or God are, in actuality, the military agency or Illuminati faction conducting the programming."

Sandy Hook mourners dressed in purple, a key colour in CIA Monarch brainwashing.

In 1998, Furrow attempted suicide...

"After a short stay at a mental hospital, he attempted to commit himself into a private psychiatric facility in Washington State, where he was arrested after threatening the staff with a knife.

"He was committed to a state psychiatric facility prior to serving a six month's jail sentence. 

"Released In May, 1999... he traveled to Los Angeles, where the shootings occurred three days later...

At the funeral of Sandy Hook 'victim' Dylan Hockley, the organist played Somewhere Over The Rainbow, from the Wizard of Oz, which is a key part of CIA Monarch brainwashing.

"Stock footage was shown of Furrow during his confinement at a psychiatric hospital in 1998. 

"A close-up shot of his arms revealed several deep slashes on his left arm and a cut index finger.

"It is a standard practice for mind-controlled victims to be programmed with a 'cutter' alter personality. 

"In the event that the victim's programming begins to break down, resulting in the victim beginning to recover memories of the programming, the cutter alter is triggered, forcing the victim to slash one or both arms. This inhibits the flow of further memories.

Mind Controlled Killers- Whale

"A particular mind-control programming technique is known as the 'tin man'. 

"In the Wizard of Oz" story, the tin man kept chopping off his limbs, replacing them with metal prosthetics. 

"Mind-controlled victims cut their Index fingers when they have been subjected to tin man programming and begin to recover memories.

"The writer believes that it is highly probable that Buford Fuller became a level five programmed sleeper assassin..." 


Butterflies have been linked to mind control.

Harry and another girl with a butterfly. uk.onlinenigeria.com 

Cressida's friend Princess Beatrice

Pippa, sister of Prince William's wife.

Cressida Bonas's mother is Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon, an heir to the wealthy Curzon banking family.

"Lady Mary Gaye has five children by three of her four husbands, all of whom she divorced".


Lady Mary Gaye's father Edward Richard Assheton Penn Curzon, 6th Earl Howe was a Companion of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

Cressida Bonas and her mother Lady Mary Gaye...

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas "spent some cozy one-on-one time together" after the Dark Knight Rises premiere.

Cressida and friend.

Cressida (right) and friend.

Prince William and butterflies.

King Bhumibol of Thailand is worth US$ 35 billion.

Bin Laden construit un pont entre l'Égypte et l'Arabie Saoudite
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Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramírez (born January 26, 1981) is a Venezuelan conductor. He is the Music Director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar[1] and theLos Angeles Philharmonic.[2]

Reich: Castro Brothers Will Control Venezuela After Chavez



Geoffrey Dickens - Rex

Member of the UK Parliament Geoffrey Dickens reportedly made two copies of his 50-page dossier naming top paedophile child abusers.

In 1984, Dickens gave one copy to the Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

This copy apparently vanished.

 The Sunday People reports that the copy help by Dicken's family was destroyed after Dicken's death, .

Tory MP's file on alleged VIP child abuse ring was destroyed by family

Sir Jimmy Savile (right) with Cardinal Gray (hand on chin)

The dossier referred to police corruption, named senior ­politicians, and reportedly referred to the boy brothel called Elm Guest House.

On 29 November 1985, Dickens said in a speech to the Commons that: "The noose around my neck grew tighter after I named a former high-flying British diplomat on the Floor of the House.

"Honourable Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began.

"First, I received threatening telephone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer's hit list".

Tory MP warned of powerful paedophile ring 30 years ago, The Independent (22 February 2013).

Dicken's son Barry, 49, told the Sunday People: "My ­father’s file was ­destroyed after his death in 1995 because my mother considered it too sensitive to have hanging around the house."

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Britain's top Catholic clergyman, who is soon due to retire Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell.

Three priests and a former priest have reported Cardinal Keith O'Brien to the Vatican over allegations of 'inappropriate behaviour'.

UK's top cardinal accused of 'inappropriate acts'

The claims stretch back 33 years.

The four priests are from the diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

According to one of the priests, the cardinal developed an inappropriate relationship with him, resulting in a need for long-term psychological counselling.

O'Brien has strongly opposed gay rights and has condemned homosexuality as immoral.

St Patrick's Kilsyth - Fr O'Connell and Jimmy Saville 

Reportedly the first allegation against the cardinal dates back to 1980.

The complainant was then a 20-year-old at St Andrew's College, Drygrange.

Allegedly, O'Brien made an inappropriate approach after night prayers.

"Priest A" describes O'Brien coming to his parish, and inappropriate contact between the two taking place.

"Priest B" claims that he was invited to spend a week "getting to know" O'Brien at the archbishop's residence. He describes unwanted behaviour by the cardinal after a drinking session.

"Priest C" claims that O'Brien used inappropriate contact, during night prayers.

Rumours have linked Jimmy Savile to Elm Guest House

Richmond Council in London was told about Elm Guest House being run as a boy brothel, but the council bosses took no action.

Elm Guest House abuse scandal Council bosses failed to investigate VIP child abuse scandal despite warnings

Terry Earland, former head of children's services at Richmond, has revealed that on at least two occasions he referred complaints of sexual abuse from children to police and colleagues at the council.

Earland says that the complaints were not properly investigated.

Earland says that claims that VIPs,  including a Tory cabinet minister, were sexually abusing boys at the guest house were well known within the council.

Boys from Grafton Close children's home were sent to the boy brothel at Elm Guest House.

Neil Kier was the man in charge of Grafton Close children's home.

In 1982, when the police decided they were going to visit Elm Guest House, Terry Earland arranged for Neil Kier to be on standby to help any children found at the house.

Neil Kier Given Elm Guest House Raid Job

One line from the Mary Moss documents:

"Systematically buggered by Kier ...

"Introduced to H by Keir. He used to ring & tell them were (sic) to go to pick them up and take to mens homes."

The full story can be read at Exaro News



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Zero Dark Thirty

In 2003, Maya, a young CIA officer, is studying intelligence related to Osama bin Laden

She has just been reassigned to the U.S. embassy in Pakistan to work with Dan.

During the first months of her assignment, Maya often accompanies Dan to a black site in order to carry out acts of torture.

Jessica Chastain plays Maya.

Maya and Dan become part of a plot to pretend that CIA agent Osama bin Laden is still alive, and living in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

The plot involves a man using the alias Abu Ahmed, who delivers messages for "bin Laden".

Jessica Chastain, a Mossad agent.

During a span of five years, Maya is involved in the CIA's 2008 bombing of the Islamabad Marriott Hotel

A Jordanian detainee claims Abu Ahmed died in 2001, the same year that Osama bin Laden died. 

Several CIA officers conclude that Abu Ahmed is long dead.

Jessica Chastain

The CIA has decided that its brainwashed asset President Barack Obama must be re-elected, and thus it would be useful to stage a fake killing of 'Osama'.

The President's National Security Advisor tasks the CIA with producing a plan.

An agency team devises a scenario where two top-secret stealth helicopters (developed at Area 51), flown by the Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, carry a U.S. Navy SEAL team to raid a compound.

It was claimed that this shows the dead Osama.

The raid is approved and is executed on May 2, 2011.

A scene from the film Blackhawkdown

Maya is last seen boarding a military transport to return to the US and sitting in its vast interior as its only passenger. The pilot asks her where she wants to go but she doesn't reply and instead begins to weep quietly.

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's 2004 autobiography talks about an Al Qaeda (CIA) safe house in Abbottabad. 

(Musharraf knew of Abbottabad safe house?)

An ISI official told the BBC the compound in Abbottabad where Bin Laden was allegedly killed had been raided in 2003. 

(Bunny Laden.)

Pakistan’s spy service (ISI) had been sharing information about the Abbottabad compound with the CIA since 2009 and had continued to do so until mid-April. ( Pakistan 'shared information about compound ...‎)

Baitullah Mehsud.

The 'Osama bin Laden compound' in Abbottabad was called Waziristan Haveli.

According to a neighbour called Danial: "There was a rumour in the neighbourhood that the man who lived there was Baitullah Mehsud's nephew."

(Wana Haveli by Ali K Chishti in The Friday Times on 18 ‎May 2011)‎

Baitullah Mehsud was reportedly recruited by the CIA and was, or is, part of the CIA plot to break up Pakistan.

"I used to go to their house. He had two wives, one spoke Arabic, and the other one spoke Urdu. They had three children, a girl and two boys. They gave me two rabbits." -Bunny Laden.

"For years the US mysteriously refused to kill former Pakistan Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud via remote drone despite being offered his precise location by Pakistani intelligence authorities."

(Pakistan's conspiracy cottage industry)

Baithullah Mehsud, the 'deceased' tribal leader in Pakistan, may have links to the CIA.

 (Winter Patriot: Is Pakistan's "Public Enemy Number One" A CIA Asset ?. )

The CIA reportedly kept a number of its assets and agents in the Abbottabad area


The 'Osama bin Laden compound' in the Pakistan town of Abbottabad has a special design.

Reportedly, it is a design used by the US military.

Reportedly, the US military use this design for constructing secret and safe homes for top officers in dangerous zones.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home? / Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home ...)

The Abbottabad compound

"Highly placed sources in Indian intelligence" reveal that the contract to build such homes in Pakistan has been given to Safari Construction.

Safari Construction is reportedly owned by Dawood Ibrahim.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build Osama's Abbottabad home?)

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim is an asset of the CIA.

The 'Osama House' was well known to the CIA.

The 'OSAMA HOUSE' was raided in 2009

The copy in Bagram, Afghanistan.

In April 2011, the US military reportedly made a full scale replica of the 'Obama compound'. (Full-Scale Replica.)

"They replicated the one-acre compound at Camp Alpha, a segregated section of Bagram Air Base." (the Atlantic)

Two TV sets, digital satellite decoder, computer, calculator with printer.

"Electricity bills seen by The Sunday Times show that the compound used hardly any power, just enough for lights and a small television "

Talk of who betrayed Osama bin Laden sparks a harem scuffle

CIA asset arrested in Karachi?

It looks as if the Pakistan military is now cracking down on the CIA?

1. On 17 May 2011 we learn that, in Karachi, Pakistani security forces have arrested Muhammad Ali Qasim Yaqub.

Muhammad Yaqub, alias Abu Sohaib al Makki, is a senior al Qaeda (CIA) operative from Yemen.

Pakistani army: senior al Qaeda (CIA) operative arrested

The US Embassy in Pakistan claims not to know Yaqub (al Makki) and say his name does not appear on any lists under the US Rewards for Justice program.


2. In January 2011, Umar Patek was arrested by Pakistani forces in Abbottabad.

Umar Patek, an Indonesian, was reportedly an asset of the CIA.

"He was captured with his Indonesian wife during a gun battle with local Pakistani security," according to Indonesia's General Sutanto.



3. On 27 January 2011, the CIA's Raymond Davis was arrested by the Pakistan authorities after he had killed two agents of the Pakistan spy service ISI in Lahore, Pakistan.


A Pakistani drug addict smokes heroin in Abbottabad on the eve of International anti Narcotics Day. PHOTO by Sultan Dogarwww.flickr.com/photos/sultandogar / Abbottabad Press Club

"Even if the helicopters had evaded Pakistan’s expensive early warning radar systems – itself highly unlikely – they say that there is no way they could have remained unnoticed for 45 minutes in one of Pakistan’s premier garrison towns".

Pakistan: a proud nation in utter denial

Was it Pakistan forces who raided the compound in Abbotabad?

Was it Pakistan forces who took away the captives?

On 4 May 2011, The UK Daily Telegraph's Peter Oborne has a report on what happened at Abbottabad. (The mysterious Khan family.)

Peter Oborne reports:

Mohammed Qasim is a farmer’s boy who lives right next to the compound in Abbottabad.

A special forces helicopter landed in the field just behind his house.

Masked men emerged.

Mohammed Qasim said they spoke fluent Pashtu, a language of Pakistan.

He heard them 'smash their way into' the compound.

Twenty minutes later, he heard the helicopters depart with their captives.

Mohammed Qasim's father was seized by soldiers during the raid.

(The mysterious Khan family.)

According to Mohammed Qasim, two families had been living in the compound.

They were headed by Arshad Khan, 'in his forties', and his young brother Tariq.

They spoke perfect Pashtu (a language of Pakistan)

Mohammed Qasim said the Khans had eight or nine children, including Abdur Rahman and Khalid, both six or seven years old; two or three women lived in the house.

These children also spoke Pashtu.

Every morning the mothers and their children would leave the house a Suzuki van.

Mohammed Qasim insisted that he never saw Osama bin Laden.

He said: "I don't believe he was there."

Peter Osborne could see "practically no signs of a fight" when he arrived at the Khan’s family house.

"No bullet marks punctured the walls."

A Cobra helicopter belonging to the pakistan military

According to Pakistani Urdu TV channel Geo News (killed in Abbotabad near Islamabad of Pakistan):

Pakistani intelligence officials said that a Pakistani army helicopter was shot down in Abbottabad and then a search operation was launched by Pakistani forces.

At about 1:20 a.m. local time a Pakistani helicopter was shot down by unknown people in the Sikandarabad area of Abbottabad.

The Pakistani forces launched a search operation in the nearby area and encountered a group of unknown armed people.

An exchange of fire followed between the two sides.

When the exchange of fire ended, the Pakistani forces arrested some Arab women and children as well some other armed people.

Two U.S. helicopters flew to the site and carried away a dead body

Initial reports said that at least one was killed and two others were injured in the crash.

At least two houses were engulfed by the huge fire caused by the crashed chopper.

"The CIA's Larry Mitchell met Osama in an American hospital in 2001"

"U.S. officials have said that Pakistani officials were not told about the early morning helicopter raid until the strike team had killed Bin Laden and had returned to Afghanistan from where they took off, citing security reasons.

"Many Pakistanis were surprised at how this was possible, especially when initial reports stated that the choppers took off from a Pakistani air base." (Bunny Laden.)

"White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan told reporters that bin Laden's son Khalid was killed in the raid.

"When the White House released a transcript of Brennan's briefing, it substituted the name of a different son, Hamza...

"Brennan said bin Laden's wife died while shielding the terrorist leader from U.S. gunfire.

"Carney said Tuesday that the wife hadn't died and was merely shot in the leg, although another woman did die. But it wasn't clear that either of them was trying to shield bin Laden.

"Brennan and other officials suggested that bin Laden was holding a gun and even firing at U.S. forces. Carney said Tuesday that bin Laden was unarmed." (White House Struggles to Get Story Right )

The 'Osama' compound in Pakistan. NOTE: no satellite dish.

The copy of the 'Osama' house in Bagram, Afghanistan? Note the satellite dish.
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