Monday, January 21, 2013


David Cameron, UK Prime Monster.

In the UK, will everyone get the full state pension of £144 per week? 

"No, £144 per week is the maximum. 

"To receive the full weekly rate an individual will need a full 35 years of national insurance contributions or credits, with a proportionate pension paid to those with shorter contribution records. 

"Those with less than 10 years receive nothing."

"Reform of the basic state pension will yield the Treasury an annual windfall of more than £9bn from 2017."

Pension reform to net Treasury £9bn -

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Anonymous said...

My sister in law works for the DHSS
and she says this is wrong, because they are tought that everyone will be liable for pension rights, this is why half the world comes here, and says they have kids in poland or wherever and get money for it, she says lots of times we know its not true but cant prove it, i just dont belive anything government says now

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