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Tweets from: Murun Buchstansangur ‏@murunbuch

"1983 - evidence of a paedophile Ring operating out of Buckinghham Palace & the Foreign Office … … …#Fernbridge

"Paedophile Information Exchange was run from the Home Office (Government Ministry in charge of the police) by Steven Smith. A Home Office phone was used as the contact number #Fernbridge

"Paedophile Information Exchange members were employed in Home Office, Foreign Office & GCHQ (spy base). Two unnamed PIE members were MPs. #Fernbridge

Leon Brittan (right)

"Paedophile Information Exchange members called Home Office for meeting locations. Guardian 14.11.84 #Fernbridge

"Police were waiting for Leon Brittan (Government minister in charge of the police and MI5) to give go ahead for PIE arrests after 2 year investigation. #Fernbridge

"Geoffrey Dickens gave Leon Brittan 50-page dossier naming paedophile TV executive #Savile #Fernbridge Express 20/1/84 

"Leon Brittan's 'apathy' on Paedophile Information Exchange criticised. Only 2 police on case. Times 31.8.83 #Fernbridge 

"Leon Brittan's policy on child abuse led to just 3 arrests from 1000+ PIE members after 2 yr investigation #Fernbridge

"PIE paedophile ring were obsessed with the sexual torture and murder of children #Fernbridge #Savile

"Attorney General Sir Michael Havers did not disclose Geoffrey Prime's PIE membership during spy trial #Fernbridge

"38 years jail for GCHQ worker, PIE member, and KGB agent Geoffrey Prime. Times 11.11.82 #Fernbridge 

"Paedophiles Peter Hayman & Anthony Blunt were both members of Travellers' Club in Pall Mall (a favourite club of MI6). Sun 19.3.81 #Fernbridge

"Peter Hayman had series of high-security jobs including NATO, M.O.D. & Foreign Office. Mirror 19.3.81 #Fernbridge

"Alan Rusbridger (whose Guardian newspaper is suspected of being run by MI6) gives publicity to exiled Paedophile Information Exchange leader. Guardian 5.12.84 #Fernbridge"

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Anonymous said...

Its about time these people were named and shamed Colin Caffery on his blog said the BBc was full of them, put them up in a court of law i say .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Larouche pdf.
In 1986 Oliver Gilbert Brooke, MD, FRCP, Head of Neonatology, Department of Child Health, St George's Hospital Medical School, University of London, was convicted at Kingston Crown Court of involvement in child porn.
He was sentenced to a years' imprisonment and struck off by the GMC.
Oliver Brooke then appealed the length of the sentence and Lord Lane reduced it to 6 months, causing adverse comment when he likened Brooke's behaviour to obsessive collecting. The ruling was controversial enough that it was mentioned in Lord Lane's obituary in the Independent (now removed from the website).
The collection must have been gross as it could not be explained away by saying it was academic research.

Anonymous said...

These devil influenced people are vulgar.This makes me feel sick to the stomach when i read this.Only someone who is controlled by evil would think that it's fun to sexually abuse children and murder them.It's like the devil himself and exactly how he would think.The devils wants people tortured and killed.People like that are spiritually and mentally possessed by the devil and have their minds and soul controlled by the devil and the tragic thing is they cannot even see it and think that what they are doing and thinking is normal.They know a big fat nothing about life and clearly have a lot to learn.The devil is all around and controlling many people and it's up to ourselves to not let him.
These padeohpiles obviously do not realise that karma does exist and what we as humans do in this life will effect our next life,so they will most likely be abused and raped as children in their next life for doing this to others,so you can say these children who are abused now were most likely rapists in their past lives.It's true.

Cowardly Sadism said...

"The devils wants"
"These padeohpiles"
Did the devil make you misspell ?

"these children who are abused now were most likely rapists in their past lives.It's true."
And you know this because ?

Labeling victims as perpetrators is typical for heartless clueless fascists.

No devil, just sadism caused by mistreatment and torture in childhood.

You would know from own experience if you ever had the courage to be honest with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Not a religious man - but the common sense morality of animals like these leaves much to be desired.

The abuse of humanity in all its forms needs to be addressed, sadly the mainstream media are not to be counted on since they are owned!

That leaves those with a moral conscience and those without. Those without should be the ones to take it upon themselves to serve justice since those with a shred of morality cannot but wish it to be so.
hidden in plain sight as always!

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