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Free Syrian Army
Free Syrian Army.  The CIA's Abu Faraj al-Libi? By jonathan raa

"Free Aleppo has eight-hour bread queues, power cuts, children scavenging for rubbish to burn and trees in the parks all cut down for firewood."

The BBC has had to admit that the Free Syria Army (FSA) is NOT popular.

According to the BBC: "There is ... evidence of discontent in the population with those rebels..."

"FSA fighters have been accused of theft, looting and kidnapping for ransom."

Why Syrians are turning to extremism

Ommayad kids
By marlowski. Assad's Syria, before the CIA sent in the death squads.

The CIA and its friends would seem to favour the al-Qaeda-linked groups?

According to the BBC: "An increasing number of Syrians opposed to the government of President Assad are turning instead to hard-line Islamists, in particular to the Al-Nusra Front - jihadists close to al Qaeda..."

So, expect the USA and NATO to continue to lead al-Qaeda.

Israel wants the Arab world to self-destruct; the Pentagon wants eternal wars; the CIA wants to stop the Russians and Chinese having too much influence in Africa and the Middle East.

Why Syrians are turning to extremism

The gang
By Evgeni Zotov. Aleppo, before the CIA and NATO sent in al-Qaeda.

There is a bread shortage in rebel-held parts of Aleppo.

According to Paul Wood: "It is widely believed in Aleppo that the bread shortage was caused by the FSA stealing flour to sell elsewhere."

Pro-Assad demonstration in Australia.

"The beneficiaries of this are the hardline Islamists, especially Jabhat al-Nusra, or the Nusra Front."

The Nusra Front is the jihadi group behind most of the suicide bombings in Syria.

The BBC's correspondent Paul Wood, in Aleppo, recorded an interview with Abu Lokman, one of the group's leaders.

 "It's not just us who use suicide bombings; many other factions of the FSA do," says  Abu Lokman.

As the emir was being interviewed, a trail of supplicants came and went

"A man asked for help in freeing his cousin, arrested by an FSA brigade...

"His family said they had been told the price of his release would be several million Syrian pounds (tens of thousands of UK pounds or US dollars).

"We heard many such stories of people arrested - kidnapped might be a better term - based on flimsy claims of a connection to the regime."


Paul wood met a 30-year-old Nusra Front fighter called Abdullah.

"The Nusra Front is the son of al-Qaeda," he told Wood.

According to Wood, "He would take the jihad to Somalia, Mali, Jordan, Iraq..."

Well, we suppose that that is the CIA plan.


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"PURPLE. These alters see themselves as the abusers, rather than the Illuminati. These alters were involved with the programming. They have been taught to forget the abuse and to reframe it in their mind as training."

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Charles Edward Frith said...

Senior Fellow on the Council on Foreign Relations @Ed_Husain egged on the carving up of Syria by pretending that he didn't know the CIA and MI6 were puumping the joint with psycho Jihadists funded with Qatari and Saudi dollars. You can ask him on Twitter why he pretends not to know about intelligence involvement and why he has 70000 deaths on his hands. He doesn't like it one bit. Of course not. The truth of his actions and other senior CFR warmongers is somewhat venal.

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Thanks,Aang, for excellent posts.

Russia, NATO to hold joint exercises in 2013

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The NWO is playing both sides of the Kurdish question to finally provoke all out war and drag in Iran, Israel, NATO.

Iran is now heavily involved with the PKK and mixing in Turkey's affairs. Destabilisation.

Meanwhile, Kurdish activists are assassinated in Paris. Who is behind this Mossad/ NWO?

Israhell has been seen as being close to the Kurds for a long time previously...

Is there now to be a False Flag Op centered on the Kurdish issue and that will be blamed on Iran.

Allowing the conflict to broaden drawing in Turkey, Iran, Israel?

Who knows.

Is there a purpose to my question?

Allowing my message to get to a wider audience?

Who knows.

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