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Savile the spy

The Sunday Express relates that JIMMY SAVILE WAS PART OF A SATANIC RING

According to Dr Valerie Sinason, director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London:

1. Sir Jimmy Savile beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a satanic ritual at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK.

2. Savile wore a hooded robe as he abused the girl in a candle-lit basement.

3. Savile chanted chanted 'Hail Satan' in Latin.

4. Other paedophile satanists joined in and assaulted the girl.

Savile with Princess Anne, president of Save the Children. aangirfan: SAVE THE CHILDREN - FRONT FOR CIA?

5. The girl first spoke to Dr Sinason in 1992. 

6. The girl had been a patient at Stoke Mandeville in 1975 when Savile was a regular visitor.

7. Savile was not the leader of the satanists.

General Michael Aquino, reportedly a satanist. In 1986, San Francisco police began investigating claims of sexual abuse centering around the Army's Child Development Center at the Presidio of San Francisco. In 1987, a girl identified Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino as the person who had had abused her.

8. In 1980, Savile abused a victim during a black mass ceremony held at a house in a wealthy London street.

9. Both these girls did speak to police at the time.

The police took no action.


The above image is of Jimmy Savile OBE from 1977. See here: The Sperminator

The CIA and its friends use Satanism in their mind control programmes.

Regina Louf mentioned a number of girls that she had witnessed being murdered. (The Belgian X-Files) (Belgium's X-Files - An Olenka Frenkiel Investigation - BBC)

"The revelations of Regina Louf, Witness X1, very clearly show that the whole pedophile network ... is serving a secret service. 

"The purpose was, or is, to blackmail politicians and others in powerful places..."

"Aleister Crowley was merely a spy, who infiltrated and betrayed the Golden Dawn. Occult rituals with child abuse are imitations." - Bosgeus

Savile organised a trip by Broadmoor hospital patients to Windsor Great Park (above)

1. Jimmy Savile ran unsupervised 'girls-only' parties at the Broadmoor high security psychiatric hospital in England.

Jimmy Savile scandal: Sexual predator ran girls-only parties at hospital away ...

Broadmoor, home to Ronnie Kray and various serial killers.

 2. Savile arranged for 60 Broadmoor patients, including convicted murderers, to be granted early release.

Jimmy Savile scandal: Sexual predator ran girls-only parties at hospital away ...

3. Savile organised a day trip for Broadmoor patients to "the Queen’s back garden" at Windsor Great Park.

Jimmy Savile scandal: Sexual predator ran girls-only parties at hospital away ...

4. A psychiatric nurse has claimed that a former Broadmoor patient told her she had been repeatedly raped by Savile under the stage at the hospital in the early 1980s.

Jimmy Savile police investigate Broadmoor rape claims

5. Stoke Mandeville hospital launched an investigation into Savile's 'unaccompanied mortuary visits' and are reportedly looking into whether or not Savile had sex with the corpses in the hospital mortuary.

Did Jimmy Savile Sexually Abuse Corpses at Stoke Mandeville?

Dahl's child catcher. 

Merovee has suggested there may be similarities between Jimmy Savile and Roald Dahl's Child Catcher

Roald Dahl (1916–1990), born in the UK to Norwegian parents, was an intelligence agent for MI6.

Dahl wrote stories about children and sadism.

In one typical tale, a landlady murders and then mummifies the bodies of the young men who come to her rooming house.

Dahl's film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory contains scenes of great cruelty.

Willy Wonka takes sadistic pleasure in the suffering and deaths of some of the children.


During World War II, one of Dahl's jobs was to win top Americans to the British cause.

"Girls just fell at Roald’s feet," said Antoinette Marsh Haskell, the daughter of Dahl’s closest American friend.

"I think he slept with everybody on the east and west coasts that [was worth] more than $50,000 a year." (Socks away! Roald Dahl's wartime sex raids - Times Online)

ALEISTER CROWLEYwho with Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl, reportedly worked for the UK security services. 

Richard B. Spence writes in his 2008 book Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult that Crowley was most likely a lifelong agent for British Intelligence.

Dahl made visits to the Roosevelt family home in Hyde Park, New York state.

Dahl came to believe that Roosevelt was having an affair with Crown Princess Martha of Norway. (Socks away! Roald Dahl's wartime sex raids - Times Online)

In the USA, Dahl worked alongside fellow British spy Ian Fleming, a sado-masochist.

It was Fleming who was an aquaintance of the Satanist Aleister Crowley.

"Look into the face of pure evil. Gene Wilder's 1971 portrayal of Roald Dahl's master chocolatier Willy Wonka." (The Spellout.)

"Most of Dahl’s books preach a similar gospel. Obedience is boring; all authority figures and all rules are oppressive.

"Good riddance to being good! It’s a classic Gnostic reading of the Fall.

"According to this view, sin and disobedience are desirable, and the Devil will lead us to enlightenment and freedom." (Eric Metaxas » Archive » ROALD DAHL AND THE FOREST OF SIN)

In one of Dahl’s books, The Minpins, Little Billy hears the Devil whispering in his ear.

Billy follows the Devil’s advice to enter the Forest of Sin and "is handsomely rewarded with a magical and life-changing adventure.

"At the story’s end, Dahl invites the reader to do the same." (Eric Metaxas » Archive » ROALD DAHL AND THE FOREST OF SIN)

Theo Dahl, Lucy Dahl, Ophelia Dahl (

The Child Catcher who appears in Ian Fleming's film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was created by Roald Dahl, acting as the film's screenwriter.

The Childcatcher kidnaps and kills children.

In Roald Dahl's novel, The Witches, the witches are able to smell out children to murder them.

In Dahl's The BFG: "a 24-foot dirty old man creeps down the streets late at night, when all the grown-ups are asleep, peering in through little children's windows. 

"This, in the minds of certain critics, marks out the BFG as a novel with overtones of paedophilia." - The BFG: a wonderful innocent fairy-story with no overtones of paedophilia

Marilyn Manson's favorite authors include Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, and Roald Dahl. (Cached)

Website for this image

At, we learn more about Roald Dahl.

WHO WAS ROALD DAHL - thetruthnews

"The ex-intelligence agent James Rusbridger revealed Roald Dahl had been involved with sinister occult ceremonies including, he believed child sacrifice, and there was also much talk in wartime Britain of Winston Churchill's interest in these matters and his association with M.I 6 operative Aleister Crowley and James Bond creator Ian Fleming. 

"All were involved in the Sadism and Masochism sexual scene.

Devil's Chimney.

"Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran revealed his distaste for Churchill’s visits to the bum-boy dens of Morocco.

"The Devils Chimney of the South coast was the venue for many wartime rumours by locals of Churchill’s' visits with 'strange men' for occult activities.

"The local A A patrolman said in a local contemporary news broadcast that those out on the cliffs at night would often joke afterwards 'I said hello to Mr. Churchill'!"

"Dahl travelled to the Rockefeller Centre where he met Churchill's astrologer Louis De Wohl who told us that Roald Dahl was an occult hypnotist who would use this to cruelly seduce women, his task was to hurry up Roosevelt to join the Jewish alliance against Hitler’s Germany.

"James Rusbridger also revealed that Churchill knew beforehand all about the Pear Harbour attack..."


"Rusbridger was murdered....


"The Church of England’s occult expert Archbishop Cosmo Lang was being tipped off about Churchill's occult experiments by Dr. Alexander Cannon who was then put under house arrest in the Isle of Man for the wars duration...

Continued here: WHO WAS ROALD DAHL - thetruthnews

"There are two police video interviews of a young child making allegations of serious sexual abuse, the transcripts of which that I have read, that apparently have never been put in front of Crown Prosecution Service."

South Yorkshire police, are you hiding the next Jimmy Savile?
Tapestry at the tap


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why does the elite rule money?
because money so doom is

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"Sandy Hook fundraising relief page created 3 days before shooting, Google search results confirm"

Learn more:

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Hei Hu Quan said...

Nicely done and tracked out Aangirfan. So bloody sick to death of the silence on that great wonking paedo-freak So-vile (Savile). The BBC is definitely culpable in the cover-up and in a proper court would be found guilty of knowingly aiding and abetting an unrepentant child predator.

I was waiting until evidence finally came out on his satanic affiliations and activities and there it is. I'm sure that there is much more to come and hopefully more evidential images and eyewitness reports of him will be leaked.

There will shortly come a day where victims will anonymously upload their evidence to sites such as ours and bypass conventional media and law-enforcement who will just confiscate the evidence, bury the truth and discredit the victim.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Aang, off topic again but I wondered if you were aware of this. I don't recall having seen any mention of it here. I found it in the comments of the merovee piece that you linked to. See if it grabs you - The Perversion Files.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Haven't read the Minpins but most of his children's books seem to promote honesty and decency. There is rebellion but only against the idle rich and inverted snobbery. The thing about Dahl is that he was no philo-semite and was an enemy of Zionism and Israel. Therefore any 'insinuations' against him in the MSM have to be considered in the light of the MSM being a Jewish-controlled propaganda tool. As for 'The Witches', hook-nosed, pale-skinned, shaven-headed women with wigs. Could be a parody.

Julia said...

My local primary school had a Roald Dahl day recently. Didn't seem as bad as the Bugsy Maloneand Molls gangster party the 9 year olds had to act out last year as part of their education, ably supported by parents making costumes.

Anonymous said...

Whatever else he did in his life could be questionable, but! Dahls stories are nothing but fabulous for the minds of a child, the fantasy behind the chocolate factory was wonderful, naughty kids doing things they shouldn't and ending up down the shoot to the garbage or the furness, blowing up into a giant blueberry to be rolled off to the squeezing room, being zapped by wonka vision or falling into a chocolate river are far from sadistic! Reading these to small children light up their thoughts and open their imaginations.
As for the BFG he was no old dirty man but a gentle giant who caught dreams in jars and puffed them through the bedroom windows for sleeping children.
Boy, going solo, witches, James and the giant peach, the twits, georges marvelous medicine, esio trot and all the other Dahl books I read as a child or my mother read to me and which I now read to my kids hold no secondary motive secret sect sadist undertones or anything of the like.
I know the world is screwed and people weren't who we thought they were but leave these wonderful children's tales out of it! Whatever Dahl was he was good at conjuring magic in a child's mind.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to make light, but that image of Savile with the wig above seriously looks like the shots of James Holmes with the red hair that were released.

Total coincidence.

Rufus said...

Roald Dahl was the man who introduced and wrote many episodes of the 'Tales of the Unexpected' series in the UK. A particularly nasty episode featured a storyline of a child who was terrified by a man on a bus, then 'rescued' by a concerned woman, who led her to safety. The twist was that the woman was in league with the man, who she took the child to. the episode ended with the impression that the child would be raped and murdered. This is what passed for 'entertainment' in the UK years ago. It has become worse since.

Series 3, Episode 1, 'The Flypaper'

Very disturbing, and in fact very educational for vermin who prey on children. The fact that something as horrific as this was every written, let alone aired on public television, indicates how sick those in the media are. the episode is not entertaining. It is horrendous.

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