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Aidan Licata's parents.

Aidan Licata, and five other children, reportedly ran out of Victoria Soto's classroom during the Sandy Hook school shootings.

According to one report, Aidan's parents eventually found Aidan at the police station.

"Aidan and the boys ran toward the front door, out of the building and then toward the main road where a woman stopped, picked them up and drove them to the police station," said Aidan's mother.

Parents struggle to explain death of teachers, friends in school ...

In this news article, Aidan's mother says she found Aidan at the fire station.

"They ran to the firehouse... Aiden, she learned, was in the firehouse..."

According to Gene Rosen, the 6 students who escaped from Soto's class ended up at his house.

Apparently the children's parents picked up the children from Rosen's house.

"Rosen called the children's parents, using cellphone numbers obtained from the school bus company, and they came and retrieved their children."

Gene Rosen, Newtown Resident, Took In 6 Children During Sandy ...

It is just possible that Victoria Soto left Sandy Hook in August 2012.

First Grade Teachers (according to the school's website)

Vicki Soto 2/21/2011 to 8/31/2013

sandy hook - Aangirfan

Victoria Soto

At Sandy Hook Truth, we read of the Many contradictory reports of what happened in Victoria Soto’s classroom

"I get the sense that the general story was written but the actors involved in this didn’t remember the exact script so that the stories would be consistent."

A friend posted a tribute to Miss Soto on her Tumblr account

In her tribute she wrote: "I talked to Vicki Tuesday and she told me that she loved her 16 angels and never wanted to let them go. Today when the shooting started Vicki hid her kids in closets and when the gunman came into her room she told them the class was in gym. She was then murdered. 

"Not one of her students were harmed. Words can not express how heartbreaking and tragic this is. I will miss you dearly."

Not one of her students were harmed!

Another version:

Her students told police that she tried to distract gunman Adam Lanza, but when half of the class tried to run, Lanza opened fire.

This article describes Soto hiding the children in a closet.

"Six children panicked and tried to escape but the teacher put herself in the line of fire so she could save them, but they were all shot multiple times."



"Finally, they (police) opened that door and there were seven sets of eyes looking at them," the Courant reported, citing a law enforcement officer familiar with the events.


Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that this is complex and (perhaps intentionally) confusing, or that, as with all these ops, there are major 'smoke and mirrors', and shadows, so I'm not about to jump on bandwagons or to any conclusions, yet, but what exactly is 'Project Longevity'?

'The initiative, known as Project Longevity, will send new federal grant money to Connecticut and involve agents, academics and social workers working for or with the FBI and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy are scheduled to discuss the plans at a news conference in New Haven, Connecticut, at 11 a.m. (1600 GMT).'

Anonymous said...

It is just possible that Victoria Soto left Sandy Hook in August 2012.

First Grade Teachers (according to the school's website)

Vicki Soto 2/21/2011 to 8/31/2013

how do you come to that conclusion?

Anonymous said...


Newspaceman said...

Don't know if you are aware, but the Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan spat re gun control has hit the UK. Mail on line yesterday and today radio 2, Jeremy Vine talk show (popular).

He has set himself up - as well as his philosophies - as a right clown, it reminds me of Icke on the Wogan show (his big break) when he talked about dressing in turquoise etc.

When Fritz Springmeirer appeared on Jones' show, Jones hardly let him speak.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what this is, looks like to do with UK though:

Anonymous said...

Wait.... Gene Rosen is a 'retired psychologist' (Fairfield State) who now does something in television ?

Billy Belfast said...

The Soto picture is probably a photoshop. The line up her legs should meet at the pelvis a line drawn down the middle of her torso but it doesn't; her hips are not aligned correctly in the photo. Nor are the shadows correct - the front of her shoulder is lit but neither her nose nor lap is; and the sun in her hair is shinning from behind and left, but the shadows indicate behind and right. It is a false image - the Soto person may be entirely fictitious.

kristin in arizona said...

"On Aug. 15, 2012, Ettlinger pleaded guilty to one count of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise. Evidence presented in court documents and at sentencing revealed that Ettlinger, a former elementary school teacher in Newton, Mass., had been an active member of Dreamboard, an online child pornography bulletin board, since 2009. "

Newton, isn't that a coincidence.

greg scott said...

hi greg in pa where is the link to soto`s teaching dates do you have a screen shot of this

Anonymous said...

I want to know who reported hearing Soto say the kids were in the gym? One of the kids? Why is that not mentioned? If it wasn't a student then who survived to report it?

Anonymous said...

And, like this one -
'Rosen: And then over the next thirty minutes they just described what happened, little-by-little. These two boys kept saying, “We can’t go back to school. We can’t go back to school. Our teacher’s dead—Mrs. Soto. We don’t have a teacher.” '
So, how did the kids know she was dead, if they'd 'escaped'?
'..., but they were all shot multiple times' ?
The kids reportedly ran out the front door ... delivered by a bus driver to Rosen's ?
Ok, maybe the bus driver and the woman in the car are the same person?
As first responders are arriving?
How could Soto claim that the kids were in the gym, when apparently at least some of them are there with her or running out the door?
How did the 'seven sets of eyes' manage to hide?

Anonymous said...

Attractive young women usually take hundreds if not thousands of photos of themselves with friends and family. I ask you, where are the beloved friends, family, students, parents etc and their outpouring of love and pictures? Check out the reaction of her sisters at 3:22.

Anonymous said...

Victoria Soto is the cousin of the founding father, Benjamin Franklin! Also, William Franklin, and William Temple Franklin!

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