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Aaron Greene, linked to Sandy Hook?

1. Yoichi Shimatsu, at rense, suggests that the Sandy Hook event was carried out by certain mob-linked police officers, in order to kill off certain other mob-linked police officers linked to a rival government agency.

"By the 1980s, CIA director Bill Casey ... favored the Winter Hill Gang led by the gunrunner Whitey Bulger. 

"Back in 1950s, the Dr. Sydney Gottlieb personally conducted LSD research on Bulger... Bulger emerged from MK-ULTRA as a highly respected contract killer for the CIA.

"With Bulger aboard to take over Connecticut, the CIA-controlled Connecticut police intelligence crushed the Patriciarca mob...

"The CIA made room for others as well."

Nicola Melia, a reputed associate of the Gambino crime family, accused of making “street loans” in Fairfield County, Connecticut

"After decades of mob upheaval and unprecedented in-fighting within law enforcement, Connecticut proliferates with child porn, prostitution, drugs, contract murder and every type of scam. 

"Lieberman has reduced the Constitution State into a war zone.

"Contrary to media speculation, the attacks in Newtown and Webster are not irrational crimes committed by madmen but instead deliberately calculated moves in a larger political struggle...

Mop-Up... Inter-Agency War

Morgan Gliedman

2. Gordon Duff, of Veterans Today, blames Sandy Hook on people with links to Israel.

New York Couple's Terrorist Connection to the Sandy Hook - by Whitewraithe / Sandy Hook, Land of Black Honda Civics

"Duff disclosed further information on the young Jewish couple arrested for terrorist activities and weapons possession December 29, 2012 and reported by this blog."

Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Green were both arrested for housing an array of weapons and explosives in their Manhattan apartment.

Duff says they are ex-IDF (Israeli military) who were planning to blame Sandy Hook on National Socialists/white supremacists.

CIA Monarch brainwashing?

3. The people who helped to plan Sandy Hook could have included - the CIA, elements of the police, gangsters, the Department of Homeland Security, the mainstream media...

Aangirfan believes that no one group on its own could carry out such an attack.

Let us not forget that the whole of Nato was involved in the Operation Gladio terrorism.

Peter Lanza owned two properties on Yogananda Street, apparently.

4. Sandy Hook Truth tells us about the Interesting Property Records for 36 Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza lived.

On the above document, Adam Lanza is not listed as a family member. 

"First, Peter Lanza not only owned 36 Yogananda, he also owned 13 Yogananda...

"Also, several houses on that street all have a “sold” date of 12/25/09, the exact same date. This is the case for 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 30, 31, 34 and 35 and more.

(The Parker’s house also has a previous sale date of 12/25/09 (before they bought it in April 2012). I checked another house on their street and it also has a previous sale date of 12/25/09.)

"The properties can be viewed here, just type in “Yogananda” street...

(Dylan Hockey lived right across the street at 39.)

"Nancy Lanza’s house has a sold date of 2/8/11. Edit (1/11/12)...

"The most interesting thing that I found is that John Trentacosta owned the property adjacent to the Lanza’s, 34 Yogananda. John Trentacosta is the CEO of Newtown Savings Bank and is also on the Federal Reserve Advisory Council...

Continued here: Interesting Property Records for 36 Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza lived.

5. Sandy Hook Truth asks How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to the Sandy Hook Shootings?

"News 12 Connecticut aired video of police storming into a school and then captions appeared “shooting in Newtown earlier today”.

 "The problem is, the school shown in the video was not Sandy Hook elementary.

"It was St. Rose of Lima school, about a mile away from Sandy Hook school. How did this happen?"

Video of the police running into the school! EXCEPT that it’s NOT AT SANDY HOOK! 

"If you recall, there was a bomb threat at St. Rose of Lima church two days after the Sandy.

(Details. / Wikipedia)

"On Sunday, 16 December, around noon, someone called the parish office and said, “I’m going to kill everyone there. My friend didn’t finish the job”.

"Police in SWAT gear arrived at the church to check out the area.[6]

"I also found this: An Associated Press photographer saw police leave carrying something in a red tarp.

"There was no official report from police about the threat or evacuation.

"Gunman Adam Lanza, his mother and eight of the child victims attended St. Rose of Lima.

"It is a Roman Catholic Church with an adjacent school, which Lanza attended briefly..."

 How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to the Sandy Hook Shootings?

"Monsignor Weiss of St. Rose church was reportedly at the scene of the school shooting almost immediately after shots were fired.

"On Friday morning, Weiss was working in his office when he received a call from authorities to lock down the school at St. Rose. There had been a school shooting. 

"Weiss left the rectory and walked 100 yards to the church, where students were gathered for regular Friday morning Mass. Weiss interrupted the priest who was officiating and told him to stop and keep the students inside the church.

"When Weiss heard that the shooting had occurred at Sandy Hook, less than a mile away, he grabbed two other priests from St. Rose, and they rode in Weiss’s BMW to the school...

"A police officer flagged them through the secured perimeter.

"When Weiss pulled up, he saw teachers organizing students into lines in the parking lot... 

Beslan School Shooting. Beslan and the CIA

"Not every child was there. Some had run into the woods when they heard the shots. A few had run home. And some were inside the school.

"Frantic parents were arriving. Children burst from their lines upon seeing their mother or father, while parents ran toward the lines.

"Reunion after reunion whittled the lines down, leaving only parents, empty-handed and desperate. They were taken to the nearby firehouse where the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company operated."

"This story (like most pertaining to this event) is contrary to what Monsignor Weiss reported in a separate interview.

"He described how he walked into the fire station, the children ran over to him crying and then the teachers lined the kids up to take attendance … there at the fire station, not at the school as described above.

 How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to the Sandy Hook Shootings?

Alleged school shooting in Toulouse in France. OZAR HATORAH SCHOOL ATTACK - INSIDE JOB...

"I keep finding things like this.

Sandy Hook “truthers” - Interesting photo analysis – Parker family photo →

 How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to the Sandy Hook Shootings?

Hook shootings.


In 2010 Roman Catholic Priest John Castaldo was convicted of child sexual abuse for acts he engaged in during the late 80′s in Bridgeport. After being accused he moved from parish to parish, ending up in Newtown during 1999 at St rose’s. This is reported to be the Lanza family church. Adam graduated 5th grade in 2002. John Castaldo was defrocked in 2001. The trial was finally ended in 2010 because the Diocese refused to hand over hundred of secret documents pertaining to sexual abuse in their parishes.

That’s nice video of the police running into the school! EXCEPT that it’s NOT AT SANDY HOOK!

What in the world was this? Are they police? Where are their cars? Why did they park so far away? is it normal for police – anywhere – to run into a building with such a report? Why are they not looking cautious and carrying weapons? Who released this and why? Was there a threat to this other school that has not been mentioned in the media? I am very confused with this particular video.

How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to the Sandy Hook Shootings?

6. Yoichi Shimatsu, at rense, has an article entitled: Mop-Up... Inter-Agency War

"After losing the New York gubernatorial seat in 2008, George Pataki left office in an inglorious blaze of police 'suicides' and gunshot deaths of informants and mafia henchmen.

"Similarly, since early 2011, while Senator’s Lieberman’s long term drew to a close, a spate of police deaths in the shootings and alleged suicides of officers and gangsters have rocked the Connecticut police force to its core... 

The following have all belonged to the Pinay Circle: William Casey (former Director CIA), William Colby (former Director CIA), Allen Dulles (CIA), Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Paul Volcker, Stephen Lander (MI5 boss) , Richard Nixon, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Giulio Andreotti (linked to P2), Prince Turki Al-Faisal, Otto von Habsburg, General Richard Stilwell (linked to Operation Gladio)

Sandy Hook

"Every detail points to an internal war at the highest levels of national and state law enforcement...

"Joe Lieberman’s Frankenstein, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has been horning in on the turf of the Connecticut state police, a challenge that could knock over some covert CIA programs in the state.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Nov. 1, 2012 - Following a meeting with federal, state and local officials, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano updates the media.

"The FBI arrest of CIA accomplice Whitey Bulger last year, while it may have not triggered these attacks, suggests the breakdown of interagency cooperation.

"With its $668 million in grants to Connecticut since 2002, the DHS has been building a parallel intelligence structure outside the conventional state law enforcement system...

"The normal law enforcement agencies already coordinate their activities through the Connecticut Intelligence Center (CTIC)...

"Senator Lieberman’s campaign to establish a second intelligence bureaucracy is going to be looked on with suspicion by experienced police intelligence officers...

"Many Connecticut officers have backgrounds in the CIA, the DIA and State Department.

"Therefore, from a national security perspective, Homeland Security is potentially a Mossad in your own community, disarming citizens, and basically transforming Americans into Palestinians without any rights of self-defense. This is not to say that police intelligence officers out of the CIA are the good guys, only that redundancy in domestic surveillance is a sure road to an authoritarian and criminal state.

AmeriCare's warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut

"Just down the road from Newtown, the town of New Canaan ­ which can be pronounced New Cain Land ­ is headquarters to a “humanitarian relief” organization called AmeriCares, which did the gunrunning to the Contras and later to the neofascist militias in Croatia during the break-up of Yugoslavia. 

"The fake charity is similar to NorAid...

"The smuggling tradition must run in the bloodline with a spook from the Kennedy clan involved in the AmeriCares scam...

"AmeriCares was founded by the late Bob Macauley, a classmate of George HW Bush. Political protection for the New Canaan racket and Whitey Bulger came from former Senator Chris Dodd, one of your run-of-the-mill Knights of Malta.

"Connecticut has been an Agency stronghold since before the CIA came into existence. 

"As revealed earlier in this series, OSS Bill Donovan focused his recruitment drive for case officers at Connecticut prep schools.

"Many of the demobilized intelligence officers after World War II, the Korean conflict and Vietnam War entered into the police intelligence unit in Connecticut.

"Yale University in New Haven is the alma mater of top CIA figures, including OSS-CIA founder Bill Donovan, the controversial James Angleton, Richard Bissell of Bay of Pigs notoriety, agent provocateur Reverend William Sloan Coffin, George H.W. Bush, James Woolsey, Porter Goss, Bill and Hillary Clinton . . . plus hundreds of lesser celebrated station chiefs and analysts.

NATO terrorism 

"It is well-documented that the OSS allowed the Sicilian Mafia to expand its operations across the U.S. in exchange for their support against Mussolini. 

"At war’s end, the CIA set up the Italy-based paramilitary under the Gladio Project and nuclear weapons for Israel. 

"CIA executives James Angleton and later William Colby, both inducted into the Knights of Malta, presided over the symbiotic relationship between the Sicilian Mafia and the Jewish mob run by Meyer Lansky.


"President John Kennedy’s failure during the Cuban Revolution to defend Lansky’s casinos in Cuba, a major center of Hispanic Jewry, led to a coalescence of notorious figures including Bibi Rebozo and Spiro Agnew with Lanksy, the Jewish financier of organized crime. 

"Angleton watched with approval as planning proceeded for the day in Dallas and its immediate cover-up...

"By the 1980s, CIA director Bill Casey stepped up Agency support for the IRA and toward this aim favored the Winter Hill Gang led by the gunrunner Whitey Bulger. 


"Back in 1950s, the Dr. Sydney Gottlieb personally conducted LSD research on Bulger and 17 other inmates at the Atlanta Penitentiary. 

"After his spell under mind-control, Bulger emerged from MK-ULTRA as a highly respected contract killer for the CIA.

"With Bulger aboard to take over Connecticut, the CIA-controlled Connecticut police intelligence crushed the Patriciarca mob...

"The CIA made room for others as well. In the wake of the Vietnam War, a wave of Vietnamese boat people had their impact on New England in the 1980s, which along with a Buffalo, New York, was a transshipment route for heroine from Toronto destined for the major American cities. Toronto under the control of a Zionist cartel was a free port for the Asian mobs.

"Among these refugees, the most ruthless killers and smugglers, who specialized in packing heroin inside frozen fish, were the Vietnamese-Chinese who had been expelled by the victorious communists. 

"At the time, I was involved in putting young gang members on parole into community-service programs in New York. 

"So recently it came as a pleasant surprise to see their progress in 25 years, symbolized by the daughter of a Vietnamese-Chinese owner of a fish market in Boston discovering, wooing and financing a nice Jewish lad named Mark Zuckerberg. 

"There’s a story behind the rise of Facebook that you won’t read about in the Boston Globe...

"To the casual observer she might look like nothing more than a drugs baron’s moll, happily flaunting her wealth and power." The daughter of Britain’s MI6 spy chief Sir John Sawers Girl With The Golden Gun, British Spy Chief's Daughter Posts / Minister wants to hire US crimebusters to take over British police

"By the late 1990s, the tide turned against the IRA as the Vatican shifted its strategy toward a political solution to Northern Ireland, as implemented by Senator George Mitchell.

"In 2002, Bulger had to flee an arrest warrant and was ensconced in California by his case officers. That’s about when the Clinton administration launched the NATO war in the Balkans.

Italy was the staging gound for air-strike operations and signals intercepts, and so the Italian mob from Calabria and Puglia were invited to share in the American Dream.

CIA boss Panetta, whose parents come from Siderno, in Italy.

"At that point, reinforced by new recruits, the Genovese family and, to a lesser degree the Colombo mob, crossed the state line from New York into Danbury to claim the abandoned Irish turf.

"Once again, the Connecticut crime scene became a vacuum contested by all comers. James Galante, with the Genovese mob, took over trash hauling and car racing, with some inside help from a state trooper who accessed criminal investigation records.

"Within a few years, the FBI was trying to roll back the Cosa Nostra from Danbury and Hartford."

Italian paramilitary police outside a church in Siderno. This is the funeral of the Pergola brothers, killed in Germany, in a mafia slaying. Siderno is a base for the ‘ndrangheta crime group, which operates worldwide, and which is bigger than the other Italian mafias. In 2007, Italy's Eurispes institute estimated that the 'Ndrangheta's turnover from trafficking in cocaine and arms, prostitution, and extortion amounted to around $56 billion a year – 2.9 percent of Italy's gross domestic product. Photo: Pier Paolo Cito, AP

"The newest immigrants to make their splash in Connecticut are the Albanians, who resettled into the Italian-American communities. The CIA and MI6 could overlook their role in the organ trade and pedophile services since the Albanians proved a reliable pipeline for heroin out of Afghanistan. In Earth Day 2004, environmentalists picking up trash in a park found the dismembered corpse of Zef Vulivic, a Montenegrin owner of a Stamford restaurant.

"After decades of mob upheaval and unprecedented in-fighting within law enforcement, Connecticut proliferates with child porn, prostitution, drugs, contract murder and every type of scam. Lieberman has reduced the Constitution State into a war zone.

Contrary to media speculation, the attacks in Newtown and Webster are not irrational crimes committed by madmen but instead deliberately calculated moves in a larger political struggle...

Continued here: Mop-Up... Inter-Agency War


Anonymous said...

Many of the points in Yoichi's writings I find entirely credible, but I'm having more than a little difficulty with his 'boys in blue brainstorming in a bar lit a fire that got out of control in a strong wind' creative musings.
I've noticed a bit of that nervous shifting of focus happening from others too exhibiting that 'if it doesn't stick to the patsy prep for the next handy moron in line'
Amidst all the other 'inconsistencies' and 'weirdness',look at that date - Xmas Day,2009. I'm going to at least tentatively conclude that Sandy Hook was a slow train coming and not a few locals rubbing their chins over turf-wars.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Duff says the message to Obama is 'we can shoot these kids, we can shoot yours'. The NRA/media focus on the Obama kids security is something to watch.

Anonymous said...

Men dressed as nuns in a purple van go towards proving a conspiracy. It's too ridiculous to take seriously, to report on MSM; such good cover they didn't even have to leave the scene, and any blood splatters could be covered by the uniform.

Anonymous said...

'Duff sez...'!!!
Is that enough of a heads up for ya?

"You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security."

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:55

Indeed, these Gladio-type events just makes Obama look good - which is not in Netyhanu's interest.

Still, it may be Duff, Mike Harris et al are part of an anti-Netyhanu; anti-Neo-con/Romney/Bush CIA faction.

Anon 2:36

Anonymous said...

Daniel Whittaker, a suspended Rockland Co. Sherriff's Corrections officer had his apartment searched as part of the investigation into Aaron Greene.

Daniel Whittaker had correspondence from Aaron Greene, neo-Nazis, KKK

Anonymous said...

Thanx Anon9:44. The neo-nazi bits in this are interesting, mainly perhaps as a possible link to Wade Page and his reportedly going 'deep-cover' with this out of texas.
Funny his having the name Greene. Had a look at his, reportedly, father, who for all intents and purposes does appear to actually be a painter, of churches.

Anonymous said...

The Southern Law Poverty Centre (said to be Zionist) was all over the Wade Page story.

I haven't seen anything to suggest Aaron Greene's father is Jewish, but his mother's father was German-Jewish.

I wonder what Wayne Madsen has to say. IIRC, he said the Giffords shooting was related to Fast &Furious.

I wonder if this is all about gun/drug routes (Mexico/Arizona/Texas) and Mrs Lanza was a CIA asset tracing dirty money.

Interesting article from Dean Henderson re Mexican gangs.

Gene Rosen/Tom Sullivan (Aurora) comparison.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Stanley connection

2children (Jack Pinto through father Dean; Grace McDonnell through uncle Paul Minella)
1 spouse (Mary Sherlach, husband Bill)
2 other spouses at school, not injured (unnamed)

I've also heard mention of Nancy Lanza working for MS, but also John Hancock.

Unknown said...

I see on the Newtown Bee facebook page that one of the catholic priest in newtown is in prison for a $1 million thift. DO you know anything about this?

Anon said...

Not yet.


- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Aang., just a few bits I thought were a bit interesting -
A couple of days ago Jon Rappaport included this, on Alexis Haller, uncle of Noah Pozner,in one of his posts, but not really explored further -
'...The Post article doesn’t bother to cover Haller’s actual history as a defense lawyer for the Vatican. For example, in a case involving the sexual abuse of a Portland, Oregon, boy, in the 1960s, where a 2011 suit was filed against the Holy See, Haller was defending the Vatican, claiming that the pedophile priest, Andrew Ronan, was committing crimes against children without the knowledge of the Holy See, and was not an employee of the Vatican...'
WaPo article he refers to -
And from one I'm sure you already know -
DeCamp noticed that Gray was the "closest friend in Washington" of Harold Anderson, a person accused by several victim-witnesses in the Franklin case of being a pedophile. Gray and his company were tied to the Iran-Contra affair and came out in support of Catholic priest Bruce Ritter, who was accused of pedophilia (306). This priest worked in partnership with Americares, which coordinated its aid missions with the CIA, the Vatican and the Reagan administration. According to DeCamp, Ritter and his Covenant youth organization were at the center of pedophile ring that procured children from South-America.
From the scribd collection you've already included -
'...Because Egan, now cardinal of New York, was in charge of the Bridgeport diocese at the time of the alleged molestation, the plaintiff's lawyers have sought to have him deposed or give a pre-trial interview under oath.Egan initially resisted, but recently agreed to give the deposition. However, sources said that neither a date nor location for the deposition have been agreed upon.The deposition could lead to Egan having to testify during the trial, which diocese sources say they want to avoid.During a similar civil trial in federal court in New Haven in 1997, Egan, testifying by videotape, claimed that neither he nor the 268 priests in the Diocese of Bridgeport are diocesan employees.
"Every priest, like every minister or every rabbi, is self-employed," he said...'
And finally,

Anonymous said...

In all this convoluted meanderings without evidence, I just have one question.



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