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Emilie Parker

We don't think that 'the powers-that-be' want all their dirty secrets to be revealed.

They don't want 'the public' to know that the Sandy Hook event was the work of a Black Ops team.

So, how does one explain "all those mistakes", such as the Robbie Parker video?

Robbie Parker, whose daughter supposedly died, is seen 'smirking'.

Some possible explanations:

1. Psychopaths like to boast to some of their acquaintances about the cleverness of their crimes; and they feel that they can 'get away with it'.

2. Some faction within the elite is deliberately leaking information, because they are not happy about current policies.

3. Once the bloggers start to question the 'official story', the elite produce all sorts of 'red herrings' in order to confuse people.

Sandy Hook is about humiliation, according to Twelfth Bough 

sandy kick

"The social engineers are telling us, very clearly, that they can do whatever the hell they want, and the American people will be either too hypnotized to notice, OR, too powerless to do anything about it... 

"It's as if they put all those mistakes there on purpose, so we can study it..."

"....And while you're studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. 

"We're history's actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." - Karl Rove - Wikiquote

"Strange how that Robbie Parker video got leaked and remains on youtube where countless people can see him laughing and preparing to read his cue card. So damaging we would think that it would have 'violated' one of youtube's policies by now. But no. Odd.

"Maybe that was leaked on purpose too, complete with the smirking approach. Leaked along with all the other 'mistakes,' that no one on teevee will ever discuss, so that we can study them online, judiciously, while they go off to create the next reality....

"We don't know what the next reality might be, but, uh, heads up to the patriot movement, which has been woven completely into the dialectic."

Continued here: sandy kick


Anonymous said...

They have been using this tactic since G W Bush so obviously stole the election, letting us all know subconsciously that we can't do anything about it.;

Anonymous said...

yes thank you for all this clever material. We should insist on the Achilleus'heel of the elite, its moral weakness.The elite must build belief to live.The stongest lie and belief of today is the power of bank:
loop/hook crux
egyptian-masonic crux of life
croix ansée (in french):croyance
be-lie(f),be life
debt is belief, money is belief in occult financial woorld,satanism is belief in the prince of this world.So if we believe in their fake solar cult and kabalah, they live and we die.Sun-die-hook..

Clothcap said...

Aangirfan, thanks for your research on this.
Is there a list of the children allegedly killed?
Have any been confirmed?
On the adults, Susanne Posel said the Lanza - Libor link was created by a known disinfo agent.

Anon said...

No deaths confirmed.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

thank you Aan.

Anonymous said...

Since blatant lying is the shape of things to come, another reason could be that the puppet masters are testing the media and the police to see who will go along with their agenda and who won't. Those who won't can simply be sidelined. As this is an incremental process, we can expect another incident with discrepancies even more glaringly obvious than we have seen thus far.

Anonymous said...

Operation Sunflower, which rescued 123 Kids on West Coast US last week, has tracked and arrested woman involved in global child racket - identified from Tattoo:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Some further update on Demmink case:

Letter from US Congress to Turkish ambassador expressing concerns about pedophilia investigation relating to allegations connected to Demmink.

Anonymous said...

Why there are holes in false flag attacks and such...This is a good question that reveals much of what is going on.
The world is being taken over by the Satanic New World Order. These "mistakes" are intended to allow for a free will choice. We must with knowledge and freewill accept the mark of the beast.
So, Satan MUST let you know what is going on, otherwise there is no point. He's just letting you know. Those who choose to ignore the evidence will be defaulted to siding with Satan (likely).
It's the wrong Freewill Choices that got us here, when Eve choose to shag Lucifer, (I hope you know it wasn't a stupid apple).
Freewill is so important to God that mankinds freewill choice to crucify his Son was not interfered with.

Anonymous said...

Truth back-stabbers are not friends. It isn't a matter of just the character of one person. It is a matter of a criminal government being intentionally aided by an influential liar who is intelligent enough to analyze facts, but refuses to do so. When will he be held accountable by alt-news voices?

Michael Rivero, government psyoper shill won't admit black ops and mind control; sticks to lone gunman on drugs. He is the alt-news liar leading his cyber-spook rangers to say that Sandy Hook and other shootings are all about psychotropic drugs.
January 6, 2013
The Governmnet Doesn't Looking At The Real Cause Of The Killings, The Psychiatric Drugs - Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell Show
By: portos

Anonymous said...

Don't forget J F Kennedy stealing the election and his old man bragging on it.

Anonymous said...

A different conspiracy theory of the latest Aurora Colorado shootings. Doubtful if the allegedly dead alleged shooter, was the graphics artist for the "Sandy Hook" map in "The Dark Knight Rises". That would most likely be instigated by Nathan Crowley, relative of famed occultist Aleister, as speculated on these pages previously.

This shooter and his victims, who were relatives, had ties to Christian groups.

About the Batman clues, back after President Obama was elected to his first term, there were posters of him with a Hitler mustache and one of him as The Joker that caused outrage. What if those were clues too? Not saying the president had anything to do with those. "They" wouldn't bother to tell him.

Anonymous said...

Officials spin lies to make the on-going news reports appear logical. They fail!

Cointelpro Claims Actors Pulled Off Sandy Hook Shooting ! Expose The Lie's
Posted by Michael Vara on January 1, 2013 at 7:00pm

"The obvious and direct link staring everyone in the face is that the U.S. government’s accounts of these events are hocus-pocus. The glaring connection between these two shootings, the Sikh Temple shooting and the Fort Hood shooting, is that multiple gunmen were reported at the time, by eyewitnesses, but they are now all officially claimed to have been carried out by ‘lone gunmen.”

This logically tells us that the real perpetrators are being protected with cover stories of what really happened because if the truth were known, some sectors of the U.S. government would be implicated."

wiggins said...

What is that nice little girl doing giving the 'Satanic horns' sign?

Anonymous said...

@wiggins - u need to learn more about symbols, dude....

Mark A. O'Blazney said...

well, teach us, we're dying to know.

Anonymous said...

The best series of articles explaining how pedophilia fits into the systemic organized crime syndicate based mainly in America's Northeast involving the Church, the state, intel, gangs, and businessmen, and the relationship to the Sandy Hook shootings, were were written by Yoichi Shimatsu who has spent his career exposing and fighting this cabal, and can be found at the following links.

clothcap said...

A. peasant gave -
That is no longer available. Some of it is here -

Anonymous said...

I disagree strenuously that these mistakes have been on purpose. That is a standard psychopathic canard.

This is for several, mutually reinforcing, reasons:

1) They hate to lose, so they claim the opposite.

2) In their state of arrested development, they fail to realize words have meaning only to the extent that they reflect reality. They seem to believe in the substantiveness of words, thus an entertained claim of victory (in defeat) is an actual victory.

3) They seek to confuse and demoralize the opposition who initially believed that they had achieved a victory or witnessed a failure (which they had, which is why "this all was on purpose" should not be entertained.)

4) Their claim that this-apparent-failure-was-on-purpose allows them to reclaim (particularly if believed) their vaunted arrogant belief in their vast superiority over the vast stupidity of everyone else.


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