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Alexis Haller the uncle of Noah Pozner
28 December 2012
"Today we left Connecticut and returned to the Northwest."

Will all those Sandy Hook families who 'lost children' leave Newtown? This is Desaree Juarez

On 13 December, before the Sandy Hook 'shootings', she set up the above page.


Which of these people are the wrong size?

Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting 14 dec. 2012 • Cluesforum ...

Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting 14 dec. 2012 • Cluesforum ...


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Dear Aang, great journal from Brazil... Thanks.

Sandy Hook: 2 Israelis arrested
Tuerie de l'ecole Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut: Deux israeliens arretes a New York en relation avec la tuerie. En 2013, la DCRI mene exactement le meme type d'operations dans le sud de la France, en se servant des identitaires franco-israeliens

The Czechs will leave for Turkey with Slovaks and Poles from the 3rd NATO communication battalion.
"Bydgoszcz has become the capital of NATO's Information Technology for three weeks"

Nuclear Shield: What Is USA Afraid Of?

Russia To Counter U.S. Missile Shield With New Strategic Missiles
http://indrus. in/articles/ 2013/01/10/ russia_to_ create_new_ missiles_ to_compete_ with_us_21525. html

Russia, China Join Hands Against America’s Global “Missile Defense” Plan

On the Edge of World War III: Thermonuclear WAR

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Maybe covered elsewhere, but good video covering the various stories on Lanza's guns and that the type of weapon in the trunk was a shotgun not AR:

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Saw this over at John Friend.

Anderson Cooper of CNN incandescent with rage that anyone dare question the official Sandy Hook narrative.

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