Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hockleys and a butterfly.

Dylan Hockley's mum wrote: "I wanted a smallish, multi-coloured butterfly at the base of my back."

Sunday mornings

The Butterfly is the key symbol in CIA Monarch Brainwashing.

Note the Butterfly, the CIA Monarch Brainwashing symbol, used in the above Sandy Hook TV interview.

'Over the Rainbow' is the key song used in CIA Monarch Brainwashing.

Sandy Hook kids have now made a record of the song.

The song was played at Dylan Hockley's funeral.

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Don't Question Authority

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You might be aware of this but I came accross a film made in 2000 called 'Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre' it is directed by a man callud Tim Beckley who was also part of a documentary called 'Inside the Church of Satan'.

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And what about the hard disk?

Seems strange that it was said
immediate news about Adam Lanza's

felix said...
(nothing listed since Dec 2010)
1988-1992: Trinity College-Hartford
B.A., English and Theatre
Active in school dramatics, as actor, director and writer
I had a marketing consultant company, which I have recently re-established over here. It's called Spot On Solutions, LLC


Daily Mail 16 Dec 2012
‘Ian was back here only last week to finalise the sale of their house – they had settled in America and were enjoying life there."
Daily Mail 16 Dec 2012

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On the issue of Algeria / Hostages, the Russian angle is interesting:

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Fake nuns and habits left in parking lot photo?
Televised News Broadcast on Day of Sandy Hook Shooting Mentions ‘Members of the Clergy’ are at the Local Firehouse
January 16, 2013
As reported earlier by the shooters involved in the Sandy Hook massacre have been identified and/or described as members of the clergy in multiple admissions by media and law enforcement.
There were two nuns spotted on scene along with two possible nun outfits left at the scene of the crime. There was also police audio (reports) of a purple van with masked individuals wearing nun outfits near exit 8.
Sandy Hook Shooters Described by Officials as ‘Members of the Clergy’
By Shepard Ambellas with Contributions from Jason Bermas
January 15, 2013
"The two nuns that were actually on scene were in my opinion planted as a diversion if for instance official police radio chatter audio was to surface identifying the shooters as possibly being disguised as nuns.
The nuns looked rather official wearing badges and all. However, local residents claim they have never seen such nuns or attire in any local church.
Lt, Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police was also somehow involved in the Active-Shooter segment that was taking place simultaneously with the realtime shooting as reported by in various reports"
[Note: Crisis actors disguise themselves as anyone to make drills as realistic as possible. Actors as nuns could have come from the drill being done in the other place.]
Possible nun outfits discarded near passenger side of car which is registered to Christopher Rodia [Photo]

Newspaceman said...

If anyone's interested, a bit at link below about Over the Rainbow, Leona Lewis, MK, Simon Cowell etc.


Anonymous said...

Anon9:52 Due diligence will prove all of that is, well, it doesn't even rate as disinfo, more like sick, schlocky, humor, originating, as best as I can ascertain, out of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Veterans Today have been blaming Mossad. Gordon Duff is now reporting 4 arrests, 2 shooter, 2 hippies running a safe house, 3 shooters connected to purple van being sought.

The so-called 'hipies' must be the Jewish socialites Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Greene may have Occupy links, although Occupy deny them. Greene & Gliedman are resembling Dohrn & Ayers.

Duff says they are ex-IDF who were planning to blame National Socialists/white supremacists.

Not sure what to make of this - there was only 1 Jewish child shot - most were white.

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