Sunday, January 20, 2013


According to The Sunday People newspaper, Child abuse cops, investigating the Elm Guest House in London, have seized a VIP list: Politicians, an MI5 agent, a Royal aide and pop stars are all named

"First arrests are expected soon."

"A list of names seized by police probing allegations of child abuse includes ministers, members of the royal household and a world-famous pop star, the Sunday People can reveal.

All were recorded as visitors to the Elm Guest House that operated as a gay brothel.

"Now some could be suspects in an investigation into a network of powerful people who were secret paedophiles for years."

Nine officers visited the London home of former child protection worker Mary Moss.

Documents and a laptop were seized.

Mary Moss handed over 19 files she had hidden in a neighbour's shed.

The files list the people who allegedly went to sex parties in the 80s at the Elm Guest House, Barnes, South West London.

Among the names are two former Conservative Cabinet ministers, four other senior Tories, a Labour MP, a prominent Irish republican, a leading National Front member, two members of the royal household – one a former Buckingham Palace employee – plus the owner of a multinational company and two pop stars.

"One of those is a best-selling musician, but like some others on the list he is not suspected of being involved in the child abuse."


The list was made at meetings in 1988 between the guest house's manager Carole Kasir and child protection officials.

Other documents reportedly identify 16 boys who were trafficked to the guest house from local care homes.

Police have asked Richmond Council for a full list of children in care at the time; social services records from the London boroughs of  Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Hounslow will also be checked by detectives.



Anonymous said...

Great news on the raid and list of VIPs. It looks like the very brave Mr. Watson has made it mandatory that the police conduct themselves as, well, police.

We will know that this is truly serious by two criteria: 1) the VIP names are relesed and the bums are arrested and 2) there are obstruction of justice charges leveled against those who ran the 1982 and 2003 investigations.

The unwavering pursuit of Savile by blogs like this and those with some courage in the press is the enabeler for this effort. Where ever Jimmy went, name the public facility, there will be scandal. The initial attempt at the "false memory" dodge is lost in the dust. That was their best shot, the elite. They can't just make it stop as they did in the past. So what's the option -- a war to divert attention. Cameron can't even send troops to Syria.

They are toast and the truth about Madame Misery, Thatcher, will be exposed.

This is just beginning but those pursuing and publisizing are not going to give up. The deviants and monsters should just surrender now. It will be much worse for them if they don't.

alan B'Stard M P said...

Tom Watson should be made leader of Labour for this

Anonymous said...

Thatchers part in any coverup should be exposed asap.why are wellknown people not being for questioning.children today are at risk.The police have a duty to uphold the law.

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