Friday, January 11, 2013


The philosopher Plato imagined a cave whose inhabitants could see only the shadows of certain objects, not the objects themselves.

Scientists wonder if the basic building blocks of the Universe are 'waves' or 'particles' or something else.

The answer may be yes, and , no.

At present, the scientists see only shadows.

Is there a hidden hand trying to nourish us, or, is life pretty random?

The answer may be yes, and, no.

If we are in tune with 'the divine', things may work out well.

We miss the bus, but someone gives us a lift.

If we are not in tune with 'the divine', things may not go so well.

Most religions would suggest that if we want to be in tune with 'the divine', we should be compassionate, forget the 'ego', and 'go with the flow'.

If we throw a dice, we expect to get a 'six' only occasionally.

But, if someone gets a 'six' three times in a row, this could be the 'hidden hand' at work?

Some Hindus believe that the 'Universe' is made up of (1) 'consciousness', which consists of many 'selves', and (2) 'matter'.

When 'consciousness' gets bonded with 'matter' then there is 'egoism', and, both pain and pleasure.

Some Hindus believe that 'matter' is an illusion.

Erwin Schrodinger studied Hinduism; Werner Heisenberg looked into Plato's theoryNiels Bohr was drawn to the Tao; Wolfgang Pauli to the Kabbalah; and Max Plank to Christianity.

"The many-minds interpretation of quantum mechanics is an extension of the many-worlds interpretation by proposing that the distinction between worlds should be made at the level of the mind of an individual observer

"It is the principle supporting the theory of quantum immortality

"This interpretation of quantum mechanics theoretically makes it possible for a human observer to have a continuous infinity of minds in parallel universes."

Science - near-death experiences


Franz said...


The Eternal Return returning, eternally... this time in physics, recently by Anthony Peake, but always, always in the background somewhere.

(Peake is still the genius for siting deja vu as proof. It can't be anything else.)

Anonymous said...

Most religions are mind control myths.
"forget the 'ego', and 'go with the flow'", sacrifice to us 'the divine'.

Who wrote the bible ?
Who financed New Age creeds ?

Mark A. O'Blazney said...

great piece. thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

Did the something create nothing before it created something? Itself. Before a big bang you needed a void. A place for all those suns. An outside force waiting to add a test tube ever 59'59" of a grand 60 minute experiment? Who first told you someone else was A chosen one?

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