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In the UK, the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC) was trying to protect children from child abuse.

The Model Local Group, its aims and potential

It was closed down by  UK prime minister John Major's regime. 

Below is a small sample of the 'children's homes' cases they were investigating:

(Additional material in green)

• Andrew, in Bradford , sexually abused/child porn/snuff movies. 

"We have all the evidence of flights, hotels etc. Andrew subsequently kidnapped from one of our development workers house when he stepped out her flat door. He had a blanket thrown over his head and was taken away in a vehicle.

"Seen next day in a Rolls Royce by a member. A few days later showed up at our offices demanding we give him back all evidence as he had the Walthamstow brothers outside waiting for him and the evidence. He was told he would be set up in a nice cushy job as a photographer back in Bradford if he behaved."

Jason Smith, aged 14, who was killed by a child abuse gang in 1985. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

• Langton House 

"It closed itself down after us working over a year with the young people to expose it. No independent inquiry that we called for. Unfortunately we never hear from any of the victims after and have no clue where they all went to.

"We still believe the flower beds in the garden should be dug up as some may have been killed off."

'Government-linked' pedophile rings have operated throughout the UK.

• Castle Hill-Grafton Lodge

"Sexual abuse and violence. Rent boy sex and porno ring, distributed to Amsterdam and paedophile group in the UK . Suspected murder of a boy after disclosure to us."

Government-linked Pedophile rings have operated throughout the USA and Europe.

• Vincent S. 10 yrs old at the time. Grafton Children's Home

Child porn Videos.

"We would go to a house in Bexhill...

"Another place they took Vincent was Elm guest House, Barnes.

"Two guys took him into a room and there were video machines and everything in there.... He masturbated him and made him have oral sex with him... tied him with the seleotape around his legs and arms and around his neck...

"The man then exchanged money with Vincent's carer and the carer then took Vincent back to the home...

"Vincent was taken to the guest house again. This time two men had sex with each other and then tied Vincent to the bed and filmed. They were also watching a video of scouts...

Elm Guest House in London, reportedly used by a man responsible for supervising MI5.

"Vincent and Peter broke into the staff's bedroom one day and a silent alarm went to the police station so the police turned up.

"They ... found nothing.

"The cleaner came in to tidy and found photos and videos of young people behind the cushions. The police were called back... A member of staff got 3 months probation and then went back to working with children.

"In 1990 we were helping the owner of Elm Guest House to put a case together of possible abuse... she being the chief witness with all the evidence of who was in and out of her establishment including prominent people, with photographs of them, was found dead in suspicious circumstances.

"I met Vincent co-incidentally, at Madame Jo-Jo's; we both said at the same time, they murdered her."

Many top people used a children's home on the island of Jersey as a child brothel. A number of children are reported to have been murdered.

• Peter B, sexually abused, in Grafton Close children's home.

• Steve E, sexually abused in Grafton Close.• Adam, sexually abused in Grafton Close.• ‘R' Bruce , sexually abused in Grafton Close.• Allan B, sexually abused in Grafton Close.• Lance C, sexually abused in Grafton Close.• Mark S, sexually abused in Grafton Close.• Tony, sexually abused in Grafton Close.• Lee, sexually abused in Grafton Close....

The security services are alleged to be deeply involved in running the pedophile rings.

• "We have the names of the abusers and the abused but it is folly to hand them over to the police potentially putting our ex-clients in danger...."


N.A.Y.P.I.C. was set up in 1979.  In 1993 funding came to a halt.

This being at a time when they were exposing atrocities such as:

Langton house (American Medical International private care hospital for children) psychiatric hospital, which we had closed down making News at 10 and costing AMI 8 Million Pounds.

'Pin Down' which prompted a public enquiry.

The Nottingham ritual abuse case that we helped work on with, Channel 4 Dispatches.

Melanie Klein House secure unit Greenwich which we had closed down.

The Carol Cazier case dating back to 1973, which made front page news in the Daily Express back then.

Our child pornography and snuff movies exposure, which made front page in the Times newspaper.

The Bromley privatization of children's homes (selling children with the homes)... The director of social services and the chair of SSD both being arrested and put in the cells for taking bribes...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work. I can't find a motive for the people to react immediately at those scandals and the many attempts to close them.
BUT is more important the following:

Once someone understands the politicans as puppets and the OZ Mages behind the veil as corrupt internazionalists, the conclusion is that those elements in our society will be urged to manipulate, influence and keep down every single person from the birth.

Both phisically, spiritually and with money issues. Wake up !!

Anonymous said...

'...The Post article tells us that Haller has worked as a lawyer for the Vatican. We don’t learn exactly what he did for the Vatican,... doesn’t bother to cover Haller’s actual history as a defense lawyer for the Vatican. For example, in a case involving the sexual abuse of a Portland, Oregon, boy, in the 1960s, where a 2011 suit was filed against the Holy See, Haller was defending the Vatican...'

Anonymous said...

When will parents see and wake up that this is going on in every country at the highest levels?

Anonymous said...

Sue Bishop said...

I am trying to find Ben from NAYPIC who I worked with on child abuse stories in the late 80s including Acorn Grove. Can someone tell me where he is as I have some evidence?

Anonymous said...

The picture of Wilfred Krichefski , the Fat Man as he was known by the children at Haut De La Garrenne ( Jeresy)
Has appeared in our only newspaper twice in under a month

Not as expose artical on him I might add but as a Temp Passé ( walk down memory lane for the oldies page)

This man was a serial abuser at the home even the Jewish Cronichal did a piece on the atrocities he committed and yet our only newspaper here in Jersey printed not one word and now the dust has settled they start featuring him like some kind off local hero

Anonymous said...

See also

Sounds like ritual abuse at Beechfield

• P P (F), Beechfield, west Sussex, suspected child abuse there, became abuser later to another girl M A, who she abused and tortured.

• T W (F), Beechfield, suspected abuse there too. Black magic rites, torture & sex.

• K R (F), Beechfield, suspected abuse there too, later believed to be part of the Tottenham ring. K became an abuser.

Is this government based abuse or mk ultra suggested at Langton House?
Langton House-Mixed-It closed itself down after us working over a year with the young people to expose it. No independent inquiry that we called for. Unfortunately we never hear from any of the victims after and have no clue where they all went to. We still believe the flower beds in the garden should be dug up as some may have been killed off. Young People being given Brain Scans, medication, violently restrained, heads banged off walls, kicked in stomach, dragged down corridors, no formal training for staff. Allegations of sexual abuse. No formal investigation.

MK Ultra in the UK and experiments on people (declassified now)

Anonymous said...

"N.A.Y.P.I.C. was set up in 1979. In 1993 funding came to a halt."

Was NAYPIC a registered charity? There's no record of it, either the abbreviation or the full name, on the Charity Commission's list of registered or removed charities, which dates back to 1961:

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