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Richard Nixon's secret backers included:

1. Allan Dulles, friend of the Nazis, boss of the CIA, and agent of the Rockefellers.

2. The bankers who wanted the Federal Reserve to remain private.

3. The Mafia, led by Meyer Lansky.

In other words, a mixture of Jews, Nazis, oligarchs and gangsters.

Politician Jerry Voorhis advocated public ownership of the Federal Reserve System.

Voorhis claimed that, in 1945, 'big Eastern financial interests,' arranged for Nixon to stand against Voorhis and defeat him.

(Source: The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers; The Nixon Administration)

Elvis and Nixon

Allen Dulles is thought to have recruited Nixon as a spy in 1945, while Nixon was still in the navy.

Nixon was the ideal candidate.

Nixon's unloving mother had German origins. 

Nixon's brutal Irish-Scottish-English father was physically abusive towards his children.

Neighbours would hear the screams.

(Source: The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers)

Nixon and Bob Hope. The latter has been linked to CIA brainwashing.

At Whittier College, Nixon was one of those who dreamed up the 'Orthogonians' induction rite, which involved being stripped naked, hit with a wooden paddle, digging up the corpse of an animal and eating its decaying flesh.

Nixon did not get on well with women, and he got married for purely political reasons.

Henry Kissinger has written of "the various personalities within Nixon".

Nixon's psychotherapist, Arnold Hutschnecker, said of Nixon "He was totally devoted to his mother. He was brainwashed, if you will..."

George Reedy, the UPI's congressional correspondent said of a talk with Nixon: "It was a feeling that we weren't talking to a human being. Seeing him walk and seeing him talk was like watching a doll.

(Source: The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers)

Rockefeller Family

Beginning in the 1920's, Prescott Bush, the Rockefellers, and their associates, including the Dulles brothers, were in business with the Nazis.

CIA-Nazis - American-Buddha.com

"A large number of U.S. citizens ... aided the Third Reich all through World War II.

"The evidence of their treason was overwhelming. The captured German records were horribly incriminating."

So, they were destroyed.

"The bottom line is that the Nazi businessmen survived the war with their fortunes intact...

"So far as the Dulles-Bush-Harriman-Rockefeller clique were concerned... the great prize would be to seize power in the United States and to use the government to serve their own ends...."

CIA-Nazis - American-Buddha.com

"Even before the end of World War II, Allen Dulles, who would soon become the first director of the CIA, had begun recruiting his dream team of super-spymasters ... from Himmler’s dreaded SS and the Gestapo.

"Dulles would create an American version of the Gestapo: the CIA. The CIA would become his personal instrument of power.

"From 1927 to 1941, the Dulles brothers worked as lawyers and international finance specialists for Sullivan and Cromwell, a Wall Street law firm.

"Allen Dulles performed work for Bush, Harriman, and Rockefeller in setting up business relationships with the Nazis and with top Nazi industrialists. Dulles played a pivotal role in promoting U.S.-Nazi corporate relations."

CIA-Nazis - American-Buddha.com

"Hitler with Prescott Bush."

"Dulles was originally recruited by OSS intelligence chief Colonel William J. Donovan, in 1941...

"These Americanized fugitive Nazi war criminals have been involved in ... international weapons smuggling, drug cartels, Central American death squads, right wing anti-communist dictatorships, LSD mind control experiments... and the Presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush'.

"Dulles immediately began recruiting Nazi terrorists and SS torturers... Almost overnight, the CIA became a criminal enterprise, devoted to protecting the business interests of the Wall Street elite, including those directed or controlled by Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller, and the Dulles brothers...

"'I worked in the CIA for 13 years' explained John Stockwell, in a speech given on October 10, 1987...

"'To teach torture, sometimes they would grab beggars from off the streets. All they could do was lie there and scream. And when they would collapse, they would bring in doctors and shoot them up with vitamin B and rest them up for the next class. 

"And when they would die, they would mutilate the bodies and throw them out on the streets, to terrify the population so they would be afraid of the police and the government. And this is what the CIA was teaching them to do...

Coronado Naval Base near San Diego, California

"'They’d go into villages, haul out families, and with the children forced to watch they’d castrate the father, peel the skin off his face, put a grenade in his mouth and pull the pin. 

"With the children forced to watch they’d gang-rape the mother, and slash her breasts off. 

"And sometimes for variety, they make the parents watch while they do these things to the children. 

"Its been documented that 13,000 people were killed this way in Nicaragua, mostly women and children. These are the activities done by these contras. The contras are the people Reagan and Bush call ‘freedom fighters'...

The USA is now worse than Nazi Germany.

"As explained by Loftus and Aarons... 'according to several of our sources among the ‘old spies,’ Richard Nixon’s political career began in 1945, when he was the navy officer temporarily assigned to review . . . captured Nazi documents.

"'The documents revealed the Nazi record of Karl Blessing...

"'If Blessing went down, he could have taken a lot of people with him, including Allen Dulles,' and the Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller gang.

"Naturally, the Dulles, Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller clique were eager to reward Nixon for his help, and together, they 'arranged financing for Nixon’s first congressional campaign'...

Nazi Plot

"As documented in a 1988 study by Russ Bellant of Political Research Associates, virtually all of the Fascist organizations of World War II were welcomed into the Republican party during the Nixon administration - and George W. Bush, as chairman of the party, played a major role...

"Nixon, after he became President, was surrounding 'himself with what was known as the Berlin Wall, a long succession of advisors with Germanic names: We recall at the top of his ‘German General Staff’ as it was also known, there was Haldeman, Erlichman, Krogh, Kliendienst, Kissinger (the Rockefellers’ emissary) and many others'...

"Prior to joining the Nixon Nazis, Kissinger had served as a top aid to Rockefeller, and played a major role in covering up the tracks of his boss, while in Germany immediately following the war..."

Henry Kissinger with Fritz Kraemer. In 1944 Kraemer discovered the young Henry Kissinger who joined his division in the US military. Kraemer may have had links to Hitler ASCII text - www.ratical.orgWebsite for this image.


Allen Dulles had made a deal with Richard Nixon.

Nixon helped Dulles bury the Nazi files. In return, Allen Dulles "arranged to finance Nixon's first congressional campaign against Jerry Voorhis."

After Truman's victory, "Nixon became Allen Dulles's mouthpiece in Congress...."


George Bush described Nixon as his 'mentor.'

Nazis in the Attic

Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo, 1968. Credit: Miami News Collection, HistoryMiami

Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo used to hold hands.

Nixon and Rebozo had links to America's top Mafia bosses.

Rebozo had a bedroom at the White House while Nixon was carpet-bombing Cambodia.

Rebozo, Nixon

Don Fulsom, veteran Washington reporter, has written Nixon's Darkest Secrets.

Did Nixon have a gay affair with a Mafia fixer? - Daily Mail

Fulsom quotes a former Time magazine reporter who, at a Washington dinner, saw Nixon and Rebozo holding hands under the table.

Fulsom quotes a journalist who says Nixon once put his arm around Rebozo 'the way you'd cuddle your senior prom date. Something was fishy there'.

General Alexander Haig, Nixon's chief of staff, reportedly imitated Rebozo's 'limp wrist' manner and 'joked' that Rebozo and Nixon were lovers.

Rebozo, Hoover, Nixon - all reportedly gay.

Fulsom says Nixon's relationship with his wife Pat was a sham.

They had separate bedrooms.

Rebozo had a bedroom at the White House, and was allowed to enter the White House without being logged by the secret service.

When Nixon holidayed in Key Biscayne, near Miami, Pat Nixon did not sleep in the same building.

Rebozo was in the house next door.

A former military aide to Nixon had the job of teaching Nixon how to kiss his wife.

Nixon, Robozo

Nixon first met Rebozo, during a holiday, in 1950.

Rebozo is quoted as saying of Nixon: "he doesn't chase women... he can't even fish."

Nixon and Rebozo became close buddies.

Nixon would spend holidays with Rebozo, but without Pat.

Holding hands

When Rebozo set up a bank in Florida, Nixon attended the opening and became the bank's first depositor.

The bank was reportedly used by the Mafia to launder stolen cash.

According to the FBI, Rebozo had close links to the Mafia's Santo Trafficante and Alfred 'Big Al' Polizzi who worked for Meyer Lansky.

Nixon and Cardinal Spellman - both allegedly part of the gay fascist mafia. (BOYS TOWN AND THE POPE)

At the age of 18, Rebozo reportedly had an affair with a young person called Donald Gunn.

A Miami resident told Nixon biographer Anthony Summers that Rebozo was part of Miami's gay community.

According to Summers, and co-writer Robbyn Swan, Nixon and Rebozo "held hands on occasion, and both men had problems with consummating physical relationships with women..."

During Nixon's first five years as president, both Nixon and Rebozo saw their personal wealth increase greatly.

Rebozo's wealth rose rose nearly seven-fold.

Rebozo was with Nixon as he was dying.



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Great, great post, Aang.

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Military Intervention in Mali: Special Operation to Recolonize Africa

Mali Islamists vow to strike 'at heart' of France

‘NATO is in phase 3 of its global expansion’ – Rozoff

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Bravo Aang, that was a proper eye-opener. Thanks very much.

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excellent piece

must have been hard work to keep their later connection [all of them] to the kennedy assassination out of this piece to show how their cartel started and how it worked?

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The Explosive book "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker demolishes the myth that presidents run anything. Nixon was set up by the power elite who were gobsmacked he was cutting deals with the Chinese and Russians to secure world peace (he had a great side and a dark side). They took him out using Bob Woodward who is an Office of Naval Intelligence officer just started working for the Washington Post. He's never broken a decent story since though he has access to the corridors of power. It's all one big fix up to distract the little people. Nixon was a hot dog seller compared to the venality of Iran Contra Bush/Reagan. Don't believe me? Read Family of Secrets. It's all Bush and that Yaleie crowd including Dulles brothers.

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‘The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed’

it is embedded at the Cryptogon link: http://www.cryptogon.com/?p=33272

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