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Aaron Swartz, founder of the Reddit website.

Aaron Swartz may be a hero, who was murdered for trying to expose dangerous elite pedophiles.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, asks:

"Was Aaron Swartz killed by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Satanic Child Porn Ring?"

Reportedly, MIT is linked to an elite child abuse ring, and Aaron Swartz was trying to expose this ring.

According to: 

1. Swartz was a risk to the people at MIT who produce child porn for "a clientele that includes the highest echelon of the State Department, major corporations, intelligence agencies, the military brass, and the White House."

It appears that swartz "died in a heroic attempt to expose the perversion that has corrupted the hearts and minds of the global elite..."

Nicholas Negroponte with the notorious President Kagame. "The 'One Laptop per Child' project was initiated by the MIT Media Lab founder, who is the brother of former UN ambassador and intelligence official John Negroponte." 

2. Nicholas Negroponte works with MIT and allegedly is involved with child abuse videos.

"Nicholas Negroponte, you have no place to hide... You are under watch and will be relentlessly tracked down, not just for child porn and pimping children but now as an accomplice to murder. 

"Your only way out is to turn over the video files along with the entire list of names, and you had better do it sooner than later because the powerful pedophiles on that list are going to silence you to cover their own tracks...."

Obama in Cambodia

3. From 2003 till 2009, Yoichi Shimatsu worked on-and-off in Cambodia with an international team of anti-pedophilia activists.

"The team came to Cambodia following up on a slew of leads, including photos of naked infants taken by Newsweek Tokyo bureau chief Bernard Krisher on display at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong, a den of pedophiles connected with the Jimmy Savile case. 

"Former British Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patton is now widely suspected as a high-level protector of the satanic BBC rapist and his old-boy circle..."

Cambodia. By Sukishyo Hiromu

4. Reportedly, an orphanage was used for child abuse.

"The Cambodian police shut down the orphanage’s satellite-link tower, which was being used to uplink child-porn videos and connect American pedophiles to their little sweethearts.

"The teachers told me that computers and satellite communication system were installed and maintained by Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab.

"“Nick was a frequent visitor and one of the orphanage sponsors who arranged the weekend pajama parties in the city whenever foreign VIPs arrived,” a teacher told me....

"The “One Laptop per Child” project was initiated by the MIT Media Lab founder, who is the brother of former UN ambassador and intelligence official John Negroponte.

"The Zionist brothers have family origins in the Jewish community of Greece."

Child inmates, extermination gaol, Phnom Penh.  By lightfanRemember that Britain's SAS trained the Khmer Rouge

5. "A quick look at MIT Media Lab reveals some questionable characters at the helm...

"- Frank Moss, who was trained at the Technion Institute in Haifa, a center for the Israeli Defense Force’s cyberwarfare R andD projects. The Media Lab itself is heavily involved in military-related projects with the US Air Force, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, the Army Research Office and Google, which is a high-tech contractor in artificial intelligence for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) .

"- Joi Ito, who once ran a nightclub in Roppongi, Tokyo’s drug-peddling and prostitution district run by a yakuza boss whose interest lies in Caucasian models performing coprophilia and bondage, increasingly favorite video themes besides child porn among the American university technocrati. 

"Since he never earned a higher degree, Ito’s main qualification is apparently his status as godson of Timothy Leary. For those who were/are too stoned to comprehend political reality, Leary began his drug experimentation as a psychologist for the MK-ULTRA mind-control program and became a proselytizer of hallucinogens under a CIA psy-op campaign to disable the antiwar movement."

One of the aims of the CIA's MK ULTRA programme is to produce sex slaves for the elite.

6. "MIT Media Lab is yet another spin-off from the all-powerful MK-ULTRA and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

"No wonder it’s been producing child porn and involved in overseas pedophilia. The One Laptop program is a clever vehicle to provide early sex education to children across impoverished Asia and Africa who have yet to reach pubescence."

7. "As in the campaign of character assassination that led to the downfall of Eliot Spitzer, the assault on Aaron Swartz is another example of a crusading American Jewish individual being persecuted, punished and likely executed by their Zionist “brethren”.

"Swartz’s death by hanging is a microcosm of the sort of brutal mafia enforcement within the Jewish “community”, which unfortunately has gone nearly unreported in the Zionist-controlled media.


8. "Swartz was a research fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, which is based at Harvard and in Israel. 

"This much-needed program was organized by Lily Safra, the plucky spouse of a Syrian Jewish banker who died in a mysterious arson on his mansion in Monaco... 


9. "Edmond Safra was a banker for the Aleppo Jewish community, which over the millennia has been renowned for scholarship and good relations with Muslim and Christian neighbors.

"The Aleppo synagogue... was the center of traditionalist Sephardic moral resistance to the secular, authoritarian and Eurocentric Zionists led by the Rothschild clan."

De Haan

10. "The Zionist killing of dissenting Jews was a policy of the Haganah militia.

"The newborn Israeli state, under President Yitzak Ben-Zvi, a leader of the Rothschild-backed Haganah, ordered the extrajudicial execution of outspoken Dutch Jewish activist Jacob de Haan, who proposed that Jews should support a non-religious state of Palestine shared with Arabs, instead of endorsing the bigotry of a separatist entity...

"The fact that the ancient city of Aleppo is now being leveled to the ground is no fluke of history, it is the inevitable consequence of the systematic destruction of the Mideast by Zionist ambitions...

Sean Parlaman.

11. In Memory of Sean Parlaman

"Another young American, Sean Parlaman, who “fell” from a high-rise window in Pattaya, Thailand, in 2002, was the leading anti-pedophile activist of his generation...

"Parlaman started investigating child-trafficking across the Burma border.

"Along that militarized frontier, the Mossad and CIA under the cover of refugee aid programs have continuously smuggled in weapons and explosives, used for killing civilians in Myanmar, in exchange for opium and children.

"It is an injustice indeed that Sean did not live to see the 2009 police arrest of the politically connected second-generation Baptist missionary Robert Moss, aka Bobby Morse, on charges of sex with preteen tribal girls. At least, Parlaman is vindicated.

"The pedophiles have been able to abduct, abuse and sometimes murder children across Southeast Asia because of protection from U.S. embassies in the region.

Boyce - linked to the Bali Bomb.

12. "The unofficial but widely recognized dean of the criminalized diplomats is Ralph “Skip” Boyce, former ambassador to Jakarta and later to Bangkok.

"It was during his tenure in Thailand that Negroponte and Krisher set up shop in neighboring Cambodia.

"It was earlier during his years in Indonesia that the skeletal remains of more 50 boys were discovered inside a cave in Bali. 

"Anti-pedophile activist call him Ralphie Boyz.

"This sorry excuse for an ambassador later left diplomatic service to head Boeing in Southeast Asia, a region known for kickbacks in military and civilian aircraft sales...."

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, is a science journalist based in Hong Kong.

The American island of Saipan has been linked to child slavery, child abuse and the CIA.

Saipan is the largest island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

In 1991, Levi Strauss and Co. was involved in a scandal involving six of its subsidiary factories on Saipan.

It was revealed that workers in those factories suffered under what the U.S. Department of Labor called "slavelike" conditions. (Tan_Holdings_Corporation)

Jack Abramoff lobbied on behalf of Saipan and its factories.

Abramoff gained nearly $11 million in fees from the Marianas government and from the islands’ garment manufacturers between 1995 and 2004. ("Paradise Lost: Greed, Sex Slavery, Forced Abortion and Right-Wing Moralists".)

Saipan's strip clubs and massage parlours are popular with the US navy.

An estimated 90 percent of the island’s prostitutes are former garment workers. ("Paradise Lost: Greed, Sex Slavery, Forced Abortion and Right-Wing Moralists".)

On 30 December 2009, we read an article by Wayne Madsen about CIA Involvement in the Child Sex Trade Since 1978

According to Wayne Madsen:

Girls would be taken out of Thailand to places like Saipan in the US territory of the Northern Marianas.

There they would be used as child labourers and prostitutes.

Young Vietnamese girls would also be taken to Saipan.

The status quo in Saipan was reportedly supported by such Republicans as Tom DeLay, Ralph Hall, then-Representative Bob Riley of Alabama, and James Doolittle.

Saipan has become the 'Guantanamo Bay of child slavery and prostitution'.

Saipan's sweat shops and 'corrupt government' had a powerful Republican party lobbyist working for them, Jack Abramoff.

According to Wayne Madsen:

One American anti-child-abuse activist named Sean Parlaman investigated the smuggling of children from the Thai-Burmese border into Thailand and beyond for purposes of prostitution.

In 1997, Parlaman wrote, "At an age when we would regard them as still being children, over a thousand young girls from northern Thailand are being lured every year into prostitution.

"Girls, as young as 10, are being sold to the brothels of Bangkok, other Thai cities and overseas."

Parlaman's crusade against child abusers made him enemies.

In 2002, Thai police arrived at Parlaman’s Star Beach Condominium.

Police later claimed that Parlaman jumped from his 15th floor condo unit to his death.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He is a frequent political and national security commentator on Television News and is a regular contributor to Russia Today. Madsen is the author of Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops & Brass Plates and Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day.


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From: AARON SWARTZ's analysis of the messages in the Batman film "Dark Knight Rises".

The Joker: "Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying. If I tell the press that tomorrow a gangbanger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics. Because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, everybody loses their minds! Introduce a little anarchy, you upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. And you know the thing about chaos, Harvey? … It’s fair."

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First explanation that makes sense.

Thank you so much, Yoichi Shimatsu, Aaron, Sean Parlaman, Sephardi, Safra Wayne and Aangirfan.

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Madsen's friend, Robert S. Finnegan, was an investigative reporter for the Jakarta newspaper and was investigating the Bali Bombings. Boyce had Finnegan kicked out of Indonesia. Later, when Boyce's boy bonking became well known around the embassy, he was transferred to Thailand, I believe.
That's another example of compromised pedophile beaurocrats halting investigations. It's a helluva web. Look it up.

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A list of links. Many old ones about drug trade + there's this in the middle.

"CIA, FBI, British and U.S. officials are child sex criminals, pedophiles"

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I spent time ina catholic orphanage
the nuns abused a smuch as not more that the preist, two nuns would rape one particular boy who would be blindfolded and tied toa chiar while the nuns would take turns to jump him, we would spy through the keyhole, barnados was by far the worst all the men were gay and would scare us into allowing things that we knew as kids was very wrong.
I am not anti enyone, not anti jew or anti gay, i speak with all people, i even had a freind once who was a socialist, but surely the powers in ofice can see that boy-buggering is just plain wrong
Dan scott

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Another of my posts did not show up. I see an evil conspiracy.

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"Another of my posts did not show up."

I am thankful for the censorship of shills here. This provides room for the exchange of thoughts.

However, unfortunately, the censorship is not transparent.
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When, in your opinion, shall this reach "critical mass" to warrant a grand jury?

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Thank you for such infomation my eyes are englightened wow such evil in the world preying on the INNOCENT !!!!!

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