Tuesday, January 15, 2013


US says Java still risky, even after security update
Reuters UK . "Unless it is absolutely necessary to run Java in web browsers, disable"

Java still contains security flaws, experts claim
BBC News

No, Seriously, Just Disable Java in Your Browser Right Now

Java is a free bit of software, distributed by Oracle, used to enable features of certain websites to run on all computers regardless of operating system,

A flaw in the Java software could allow computers to being taken over by malicious attacks.

This is according to US-CERT, part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Jaime Blasco, research manager at AlienVault Labs, an antivirus company, says the flaw would hit "every single system and every single user".

Java flaw poses malware threat to PC users


Some people think it best to disable Java on their computers, until a fix has been developed.

In a bulletin, US-CERT said it was “unaware of a practical solution to this problem” and advised computer users to disable Java in their browsers.

Do not confuse Java with Javascript.


To unplug Java:

In Firefox, select "Tools" from the main menu, then "Add-ons," then click the "Disable" button next to any Java plug-ins.

In Safari, click "Safari" in the main menu bar, then "Preferences," then select the "Security" tab and uncheck the button next to "Enable Java."

In Chrome, type or copy "Chrome://Plugins" into your browser's address bar, then click the "Disable" button below any Java plug-ins.

In Internet Explorer, follow these instructions for disabling Java in all browsers via the Control Panel. There is no way to completely disable Java specifically in IE.


aferrismoon said...

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Hollande acknowledged the terrible things done by FRance in the war in Algeria [ stopped short of apologising ].

Algeria is the only major Arab-Moslem country to be 'springed', neverthless they do have a large army, also they buy their military equipment mainly from Russia , like Syria.

Just thinking aloud


CanSpeccy said...

"In Firefox, select "Tools" from the main menu, then "Add-ons," then click the "Disable" button next to any Java plug-ins."

But this only works if you have updated to Java Version 10.

nina said...

In Firefox, open "Options", select the "Content" tab, check or uncheck box to disable or enable Java.

Initially I disabled it. As the days wore on viewing familiar sites in particularly strange views with dysfunctional links and photos overlapping type, the story seemed increasingly fishy. I don't know why, but google based sites were the worst.

A patch was issued over the weekend although the official story is the patch still has flaws.

Initially it was stated the worst damage to the average user would be identity theft, therefore it makes sense to refrain from online purchasing while your Java is enabled until whatever this Java insecurity is really about gets sorted out.

Nothing in this world is 100% secure.

nina said...

CanSpeccy's instruction is CORRECT on disabling Java, I confused Java with Javascript. Geeze! Apologies all around.

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