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Girls bathe in the tent camp, where residents make do without amenities such as electricity and running water. (Brian Vander Brug / Los Angeles Times)Website for this image

An earthquake hit Haiti in 2010.

Venezuela's Hugo Chávez supplies Haiti with subsidised oil.

By reselling some of the oil, the Haitian government gets up to $400m a year, or about 4% of GDP.

The rest of the world has done little to help.

Haiti is still waiting for recovery - The Economist

By Marcello Casal Jr

"Most of the money that was disbursed went... on temporary relief and the salaries of expat staff."

Haiti is still waiting for recovery - The Economist

Haiti Earthquake

One year after the earthquake "the toppled presidential palace remained in ruins...

"For miles around, tens of thousands of homes were unrepaired, while hundreds of thousands of people still lived under donated tarpaulins provided for 'temporary' accommodation."

'The Big TruckThat Went By', by Jonathan Katz (

Katz is critical of Bill Clinton who was put in charge of raising, spending and supervising aid money.

Gosses dans Shada
By le Korrigan

Today, "around three-quarters of Haitians are either unemployed or try to make ends meet in the informal economy."

"More than 350,000 Haitians are still living in tents...

Jorge Puello - Haiti Child Abduction: The Jewish Connection. According to the New York Times, a Jewish man suspected of leading a child trafficking ring is also a legal adviser to the Americans charged with trying to take 33 children out of Haiti without permission. On 12 February 2010, tells us more (one ring to rule them all)

"A cholera outbreak that has killed more than 7,500 people since October 2010 remains a threat...

"Hospitals stand unfinished. Rebuilding of the main Hôpital Général has stopped.

Haiti: Still waiting for recovery | The Economist

Haiti Earthquake: Red Cross response

"Billions in aid money ... went to foreign contractors..."

"The U.S. pledged $1.15 billion...

1. $212 million of the funding wasn’t actually cash. It was in debt forgiveness.

2. Just 1 percent of total funding went to the Haitian government...

3. Of all the contracts awarded, only 22 (worth less than $4.8 million) went to Haitian contractors.

4. About $465 million was spent by the Defense Department as part of Operation Unified Response, which lasted about six months.


5. Military deployment costs included using aid money to pay for standard repairs.

Costs included $1 million per day for 18 days so aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson could sit in the Port-au-Prince harbor and provide medical and logistics assistance. Repairs to UH-60 Jayhawk Helicopters cost $3.6 million. Source:

6. Taking care of U.S. government employees.

At least $368,000 on meals and lodging in and outside of Haiti included check-ins at the five-star Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC, four luxury hotels in Santo Domingo and a Tampa Bay resort. Source:


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KPatrickRyan said...

Yeah, I know how 'evil' Chavez is, and it really sucks when he makes the rest of the world look bad by giving near free oil to Haiti (Recall after, I think, the hurricane wiped out most of New Orleans and the SE US Coast he also offered free or highly subsidized fuel to help... and was promptly rebuffed by US politicians).

Also, take a look at retail petrol prices across the world. Those who reside in Chavez's nation pay, if memory serves, 3 cents per gallon.

But that's no good, is it?

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Hullo Aang,

Off topic (and perhaps late to the party) but have you seen this story? For mine it's a coherent logic to explain the Benghazi attack. And all for a bit of election boosting theatre it seems. I'd stand to be corrected on it but at first blush it looks pretty good.

best etc. etc.

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