Friday, February 01, 2013


Hadiya (Centre) who attended the elite King College Prep school.

Hadiya Pendleton, 15, performed in a school band at Obama's inauguration.

She also performed at a presidential brunch and at a political event at Howard University.

Days later, she was shot dead in a park, just a few blocks away from Obama's Chicago home.

Another student from her school, Lawrence Sellers, was shot in the leg. 

Police said gang members were at the park where Hadiya was killed.

The shooter jumped into a waiting car and sped away.

For some, an inauguration in Washington means danger.

"Strippers, escorts, dominatrices, and even sugar babies looking for sugar daddies are planning for a jam-packed - and potentially quite lucrative - weekend across the greater DC area."

DC Sex Workers Prepare for Huge Influx of Inauguration Partiers


"I had never heard this term 'Grass Monkeys" before but it is allegedly what the preying sexual predators of our august congress call many of the young female interns in D. C. because they are former majorettes and cheerleaders."


"Documents surfaced that suggested New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez paid for sexual favors in the Dominican Republic - including some from girls as young as 16."

Emails show FBI investigating Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes
ABC, FBI, Menendez camp tight-lipped about sex ... - The Daily Caller


Anonymous said...

LaRouche says Obama is to be indicted on the worst list of charges by a Federal Court that he's ever seen made against a President.

Not sure what to make of LaRouche, but he may prove to have been an early, accurate source about paedo MPs.

Anonymous said...

The gun control agenda marches on

KPRyan said...

Why am I not even remotely surprised that a US Senator would rip off a hooker he just screwed by promising to have her paid $500 beforehand and then turning around and seeing to it she was only paid $100???

These bastards would screw then stiff their own sisters and mothers (probably brothers and fathers, too).

Is there any dirtier business than modern day zionist politics???

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