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According to 'DeepThroat 2' Obama has battled severe depression and has been on anti-depressant meds.

Wayne Madsen Reports Obama Depressed & Schizophrenic - October 2010

Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) once suggested that Obama also suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia.

Meltdown of Team Obama. 2010. White House in Crisis

Madsen referred to "the involuntary sudden departures of the White House chief of staff and national security adviser..."

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy chats with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

"President Obama... is detached from his duties, and, according to the former White House staffer ... extremely lazy, only interested in watching ESPN (TV network) and discussing sports, and playing golf...

"WMR has been told by informed sources that Obama’s drinking has, on occasion, been more than moderate...

Obama with his friend and roommate Hasan Chandoo

"WMR has previously reported on Obama’s bi-sexuality, his activities with gay members of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and an uptown Chicago bath house, in addition to his current controversial relationship with his personal trainer, Reggie Love, and a past short relationship with Larry Sinclair."

For Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay man’s club, go HERE.

For Obama’s relationship with Reggie Love, go HERE.

For Obama’s sex-cocaine romps with Larry Sinclair, go HERE

Nixon and Rebozo

Richard Nixon had four years "on the couch", according to Fawn Brodie, professor of history at the University of California.

Nixon was treated by a woman psychiatrist in New York.

Nixon had black spells of depression.

San Diego Union publisher James Copley wrote of Nixon: 'it looked almost like he was mad or disturbed.'

Nixon was also a fairly frequent visitor to Dr Arnold Hutschnecker, who provided psychotherapy.

Nixon's health improved when he was with the love of his life, Bebe Rebozo.

Rebozo had the run of the White House.

An airline steward who once worked with Rebozo claimed to have had a long sexual relationship with him.

Rebozo was "a member of Miami's homosexual community."

Nixon and Rebozo were seen on more than one occasion holding hands.

(Source: Anthony Summers: The Arrogance of Power.)

Abraham Lincoln suffered from severe depression.

He was treated by a Dr. Henry.

Lincoln's wife was committed to an asylum in 1875.

"The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln", By C. A. Tripp, edited by Lewis Gannett, refers to Lincoln's sexual interest in males.

Trip argues that Lincoln's relationships with women were not deep.

In 1831, when he was 22, Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois, and met Billy Greene. 

Lincoln shared a bed with Greene.

Greene said of Lincoln's body: ''His thighs were as perfect as a human being could be.''

When Lincoln moved to Springfield, Illinois, he became close friends with Joshua Speed, a young store owner. 

Earlier biographers, Nicolay and Hay, described Speed as the only intimate friend that Lincoln ever had.

Lincoln and Speed shared a double bed in Speed's store for four years.

Some of Lincoln's letters to Speed are signed ''Yours forever.''

Abraham Lincoln

In 1836 Lincoln began courting Mary Owens. 

In 1837 Owens ended the relationship.

Lincoln wrote: ''I knew she was oversize, but now she appeared a fair match for Falstaff.''

In 1842, Lincoln married Mary Todd and they had 4 children. Tripp suggests Mary had a psychopathic personality. 

With Mary, Lincoln was 'remote' and 'unavailable'. Lincoln is reported to have been terrified of the idea of marrying Mary.

By Henry Oliver Walker

When Lincoln became president, he met Col. Elmer Ellsworth described by Lincoln as ''the greatest little man I ever met.''

Lincoln brought Ellsworth into his Springfield lawoffice and then made him part of his presidential campaign. 

As war approached, Ellsworth was given a top military post. 

When Ellsworth was killed, Lincoln was deeply upset.

Lyric Poetry by Henry Oliver Walker - Library of Congress

In 1862-3, Capt. David Derickson was one of Lincoln's bodyguards in DC. 

According to Derickson's regiment's history, Derickson ''advanced so far in the president's confidence and esteem that in Mrs. Lincoln's absence he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and - it is said - making use of his Excellency's night shirt!''

Lincoln's fellow lawyer Henry C. Whitney observed once that Lincoln "wooed me to close intimacy and familiarity."

In 1990, the American Historical Association presented a panel on "Gay American Presidents? — Washington, Buchanan, Lincoln..."

Vienna Boys Choir


A book called Jack and Lem, by David Pitts, refers to the lifelong friendship between J F Kennedy and a gay man named Lem Billings.



He was single, while he was in office, and after.


Bill Clinton's wife has been accused of being gay.

"One claimed that Hillary Clinton was having a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin, ... Hillary Clinton's lesbian scandal comes into public eye again ..."





Thomas Jefferson "obsessively decorated and chose furniture for Monticello... he never remarried after his wife died at age 39... he loved Paris... he seems to have dyed his hair... he had a lisp... and he loved birdwatching."


Johnson and Jenkins

Lyndon Johnson was close to Walter Jenkins, who served as his closest aide from 1939 until 1964.

Jenkins resigned in 1964 when he was caught with a young man in a YMCA bathroom. 


In 1953, Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450, which classified gays and lesbians as potential national security threats and banned them from working for the government."

Homophobes and generals are usually gay.


"Historians say he always seemed to value his bonds with men more than his wife." 

Washington had no children.


Lincoln and Joshua Speed spent four years living together and sharing a small bed.


Does he look gay?


Buchanan lived with a man, William Rufus King from Alabama, for years. 

Andrew Jackson allegedly referred to them as "Miss Nancy" and "Aunt Fancy". When King left for a trip to France, Buchanan told a friend: "I am now solitary and alone. I have gone a-wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them." 

Adonis by Henry Oliver Walker - Library of Congress

In the USA, the Library of Congress is the research arm of Congress.

Henry Oliver Walker (1843–1929) was an American painter.

His works include a series of paintings honouring various poets for the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Ganymede by Henry Oliver Walker - Library of Congress

Adonis by Henry Oliver Walker - Library of Congress

Reportedly, boys have always been popular with the folks in the US Congress.

Reportedly (Congressional Sex Scandals in History):

In 1973, Rep. Gerry Studds (D-Mass.) had sexual relationships with a teenage congressional page. Studds acknowledged he was gay.

In 1978, Rep. Fred Richmond (D-N.Y.) was arrested in Washington for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy.

In 1980, Rep. Jon Hinson (R-Miss.) announced that in 1976 he had been accused of committing an obscene act at a gay haunt in Virginia.

Musa Regina by Henry Oliver Walker

In 1980, Rep. Robert Bauman (R-Md.), a leading "pro-family" conservative, pleaded innocent to a charge that he committed oral sodomy on a teenage boy in Washington.

Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, hired a male prostitute who ran a prostitution service from Frank’s residence in the 1980s.

Chapter -XXI- Omaha (Bush book: Chapter -21- ):

"On the morning of June 29, 1989, pandemonium erupted in the corridors of power in the nation's capital. Homosexual Prostitution Probe Ensnares Official of Bush, Reagan, screamed the front-page headline of the Washington Times with the kicker Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of White House.

"The Times reported, 'A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.S. and foreign businessmen with close ties to Washington's political elite'....

"Rumors circulated that a list existed of some 200 Washington prominents who had used the call boy service."


Anonymous said...

Obama seems to have the support of a section of the security state - one that's anti-Bush, anti-Mossad.

I suspect Rahm Emanuel leaving was more to do with his being Mossad than Obama's state of mind.

Gordon Duff states that the CIA leaked info on Romney and Bain capital prior to the election.

Paul said...

I look at those old, old pictures of Lincoln and "perfect thighs" just doesn't come to mind. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I note that the only president named here who dishes a closeted colleague (and whom one may presume was not so 'ensconced') also happened to be America's single most implacable foe of the banks?

Interesting, no?

Er... that would be Andrew Jackson by the way.

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