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Sir Victor Barker worked for the British fascist group called the National Fascisti.

Barker lived at the group's London headquarters, working as the secretary for the group's leader Henry Rippon Seymour.

Barker trained fascist teenage boys in boxing and fencing.

Barker became one of the most dedicated defenders of the fascists and often took command of operations. 

"We had many rows with the Reds," said Barker

Barker was involved in rowdy behaviour with the lads in Hyde park.


One of his neighbours said: "We all looked upon him as... the best type of Army officer." 

The caretaker of the flats recalled how the Colonel enjoyed associating with other 'war heroes': "He tried to form a new branch of the Mons club and held the first dinner in his flat...he talked to them in language which was used by soldiers on active service..."

Barker grew up in the Channel island of Jersey, famous for its pedophile rings.

At one time, Barker worked as a horse trainer for the Canadian army.


In 1918, Barker married an Australian H Arkell-Smith. They were soon divorced.

Barker then met E Pearce-Crouch and they went to live on a farm in Sussex. They produced two children, a boy and a girl. 

Barker then met Elfrida Haward.

Barker left Pearce-Crouch in 1923 and began a relationship with Elfrida. 

The couple began living at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

Barker married Elfrida.


'I told her that I was a man who had been injured in the war', said Barker, speaking of Elfrida. (Sunday Dispatch, 10 March 1929).

Elfrida said of Barker: “He never could see a woman without paying her compliments and saying pretty things to her. In every hotel we stayed at women had fallen in love with him and I was tired of hearing them tell me how attractive he was.”

In 1927 Barker was brought to court on charges of possessing a forged firearms certificate.

This was after Barker's boss Rippon Seymour had pulled Barker's gun on another member, Charles Eyres, in a dispute over party funding. 

In 1929, Barker was charged with, and convicted of, making a false statement on a marriage certificate. 

The judge sentenced her to 9 months in Holloway Prison.

In 1934 Barker was arrested for theft.

Later, Barker wrote about her life in popular newspapers and magazines. 

As Colonel Barker, she became the subject of a sideshow in the 1930s on Blackpool seafront.

Arkell-Smith, also known as Victor barker

D. H. Lawrence, in the essay "A Propos of Lady Chatterley's Lover," cited Colonel Barker (namely the fact that "his" wife believed for years that she was married to a man) as an example of the culture's profound and pervasive ignorance about sex.

In the early part of the Second World War, Barker joined the 'Home Guard'.

Valerie Barker died in poverty and obscurity, under the name "Geoffrey Norton", in 1960. 

She is buried in an unmarked grave in Kessingland churchyard, near Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Maxwell Knight

Maxwell Knight, the model for James Bond's boss M, served as Director of Intelligence of the British Fascists from 1924 to 1927.

Maxwell-Knight became Deputy Chief of Staff of the British Fascists before being recruited by MI5 in 1931.

(State Secrets, Tyler Kent, Winston Churchill, Roosevelt. , Domville, Knight, Mosley, Blunt ... ,

Rudolf "Fraulein Anna" Hess, a transvestite.

Maxwell-Knight was a friend of Aleister Crowley.

From: 'One Girl's War, personal exploits in MI5's most secret section' by Joan Miller (1986) we learn about Charles Henry Maxwell-Knight, formerly head of Britain's MI5 spy agency.


"His first wife Gladys, I learnt, died in the Overseas Club after some sort of occult misadventure in which the notorious Aleister Crowley was involved - certainly I'd never been willing to enquire too deeply into that incident.

"Black magic was not a subject that held any attraction for me. I accepted M's interest in it, hoping it was purely academic, but, for myself, I preferred to leave it well and truly alone: M understood this.

"When I tore up a photograph of Aleister Crowley which he had kept, as I believed it to be unlucky, he only laughed."

(Black magic, spies and child abuse)

Goering, who was reportedly a transvestite.

According to 'The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party' by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams:


In Great Britain, the pro-Nazis formed the Anglo-German Fellowship (AGF).

The AGF was headed by British homosexuals Guy Burgess and Captain John Robert Macnamara.

British Historian John Costello relates how Burgess, Macnamara, Tom Wylie a War Office official, and J.H. Sharp the Church of England's Arch- deacon for Southern Europe, took a bunch of schoolboys on a trip to Germany to attend a Hitler Youth camp.

They discovered that 'the boys of the Hitler Youth satisfied their sexual passions'.

The Nazi party was founded in "a tavern frequented by homosexual roughnecks....a gay bar."

The trip was sponsored by the Foreign Relations Council of the Church of England

('Mask of Treachery: Spies, Lies, Buggery and Betrayal', by John Costello)

In 1930s France, the pro-Nazi faction was represented by politicians such as Edouard Pfeiffer.

Costello writes of Pfeiffer: As a connoisseur of homosexual decadence, Pfeiffer had few equals, even in Paris.

As an officer of the French Boy-Scout movement, his private life was devoted to the seduction of youth.


According to a biography of Guy Burgess:


Burgess was a BBC broadcaster, an agent in MI6, and secretary to Deputy Foreign Minister Hector McNeil.

He was also an agent of the KGB.

"Burgess seemed to know everyone, the Rothchilds, Churchill, Muggeridge, Auden, Spender, Neville Chamberlain and more. "

Baden Powell

Files released by MI5, in March 2010, show that Baden Powell, founder of the Scouts, was invited to meet Hitler after having tea with senior Nazis.

(Lord Baden Powell invited to meet Hitler, MI5 files show)

In 1937, Baden Powell met the German Ambassador to the UK, Joachim von Ribbentrop.

In 1939, Baden Powell wrote in his diary: "Lay up all day. Read Mein Kampf.

"A wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health, propaganda, organisation etc."


MI5 reported on the visit of Hartman Lauterbacher, Chief of Staff Hitler Youth, to Britain.

Lauterbacher met Baden Powell, and visited the top private school Eton and the Army Gymnastic School at Aldershot.

Two modern biographers of Baden-Powell consider him to have been a repressed homosexual.

(Baden-Powell and boy scouts)

Hitler Youth: Commons:Bundesarchiv

While on a visit to Charterhouse, his old public school, Baden Powell stayed with an old friend, A. H. Tod, a bachelor teacher and housemaster who had taken large numbers of nude photographs of his pupils as part of a photographic record of public school life.

Baden-Powell's diary entry about his stay reads: "Stayed with Tod. Tod's photos of naked boys and trees. Excellent."

In a subsequent communication to Tod regarding starting up a Scout troop at the school, Baden-Powell mentions his impending return visit and adds: "Possibly I might get a further look at those wonderful photographs of yours."


Aleister Crowley worked for MI5.

(The Great Beast)

Crowley has been described as a heroin-addicted Satan worshiper.

In the doctrine of Aleister Crowley from 'MAGICK in Theory and Practice, Crowley wrote:

"The bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.

"The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape... For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."

(Aliester Crowley--33 degree Mason Who Knew about Human Sacrifice)

Hitler "had been a male prostitute in Vienna at the time of his sojourn there, from 1907 to 1912, and ... practiced the same calling in Munich from 1912 to 1914" 

Jeff Wells quotes the following:

"There is an international cult that believes that the path to illumination and spiritual liberation is through the rape, torture and sacrifice of children. The cult is highly organised and protected by a network of middle- and upper-class professionals, who are either cult members, or access the 'services' of the cult (eg child porn/prostitution, rendering them vulnerable to blackmail).

"The cult is modelled on Crowley's writings, as is evidenced by the internal pseudo-Masonic 'degree' structure, the existence of OTO-like 'chapters', and the doctrine of 'strength', 'master/slave' and ritualised rape."

(dont-look-now.html /  /it-looks-more-like-war-zone.html#comments/it-looks-more-)


From the book ‘The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party’ by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams ( Homosexuality and the Nazi Party) we learn that the fascists are mainly homosexuals of a particular sort.

One hero of the German youth movement was Gerhard Rossbach.

Described by historian Robert G. L. Waite as a "sadist, murderer and homosexual," Rossbach was "the most important single contributor of the pre-Hitler youth movement" (Waite,1969:210).

Konrad Heiden, 'a leading authority on Nazi history', wrote that the Nazi Freikorps "were breeding places of perversion" and that "Rossbach's troop...was especially proud" of being homosexual (Heiden:295).

Rossbach's adjutant was Edmund Heines, who was known for his ability to procure boys for sex orgies.

In Treblinka, Steiner describes a Nazi administrator:

Max Bielas had a harem of little Jewish boys. He liked them young... They were dressed like little princes...Bielas had a little barracks built for them that looked like a doll's house...Bielas sought in Treblinka only the satisfaction of his homosexual instincts (Steiner:117f).

aangirfan: Hitler was Gay


In the 1930s, plenty of members of MI5 and MI6 were fans of fascism and Hitler.

Hitler was seen by some of the spooks as being a potential ally in the fight against Communism.

According to Admiral Sir Barry Domville, head of Naval Intelligence, Hitler was "absolutely terrific."

Wing Commander Frederick Winterbottom, head of MI6's air section, reportedly hoped Britain and Germany would unite against Stalin's Russia.

MI5 agent Mark Papys, Earl of Cottenham, allegedly had sympathies with the Nazis.

When reports reached MI6 that Czechoslovakia was about to be invaded by Hitler, the reports were said to have been dismissed by the head of MI6, Admiral Sinclair, as "alarmist rumours…. put forward by Jews and Bolsheviks for their own ends."

British Fascist organisations such as Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists (BUF), the Anglo-German Fellowship and The Link (which reportedly included the Duke of Westminster and the Duke of Bedford among its members) were allegedly 'left alone by MI5'.

Maxwell Knight served as Director of Intelligence of the British Fascists (BF) from 1924 to 1927.


John Hope, at Lobster Magazine November 1991, wrote about: Fascism, the Security Service and the Curious Careers of Maxwell Knight and James McGuirk Hughes.


Reportedly there is evidence of collusion between the British Fascists and top MI5 officers Charles Henry Maxwell Knight and James McGuirk Hughes.

Knight was primarily responsible for the surveillance of Britain's fascists.

Foreign Office papers show Knight's name on a list of the British Fascists' senior executives provided by two of the movement's members in September 1926 to Special Branch and Foreign Office officials.

Knight's position as the BF's Chief Intelligence officer appears in an intelligence report given to the Australian authorities in 1924, and discovered by the historian, Dr. Andrew Moore.

Knight joined the British Fascists in 1924, prior to his recruitment by the Security Service in April 1925.


There is evidence that Knight continued to be a fascist after he left the British Fascists in 1927.

Francis-Hawkins claims that shortly after Knight left the British Fascists he revealed his identity as an MI5 officer and offered assistance to the British Fascists in its work for the "Clear Out the Reds Campaign".


Certain right wing groups, organised on military lines, conducted violent assaults on strikers and socialists.

Some of the earliest members of the British Fascists 'were drawn from the organizations of the conservative right'. Titled aristocrats and senior military personnel were members of the movement's Grand Council and Executive.

There is some evidence that the conservative right 'was more deeply involved in facilitating the growth and development of the British Fascists than most studies indicate.'

The Duke of Northumberland's paper, The Patriot, carried out the initial recruiting for the BF.

The BF 'became a beneficiary of the links that the conservative right had with the security apparatus of the state, in particular with MI5.'

The case of James McGuirk Hughes

Hughes was the British Union of Fascists' Chief of Intelligence in Department Z of the movement, from its formation in 1932 until it was banned in 1940.

Hughes reportedly disclosed his employment by MI5 to Mosley when he applied for the position.

Hughes had first served an apprenticeship with the British Empire Union's private intelligence and counter-espionage network.

Hughs and his agents infiltrated and sabotaged trade unions and left-wing groups.

In one of his reports Hughes wrote "that we have the complete confidence and help of Scotland Yard, and in fact have received payment from them. The Assistant Commissioner (Col. Carter) considers that we are the only efficient organization.......our relations with the provincial police continue to be good....We had placed under us a number of the plain cloths (sic) men of the Glasgow police...'.

When Hughes joined Mosley's fascist movement he was an established MI5 agent.

Hughes had the job of setting up the British Union of Fascist's secret cells, modelled on those of the German Nazi party and the Italian Fascisti. 

A plan to set up such cells in the Civil Service, the Armed Forces, key manufacturing and commercial enterprises, and the trade union movement, began in 1933.

Hughs seemed happy to use the BUF for MI5's operations against the left.

Knight joined the BF before he was recruited to MI5. Hughes' work for the fascists appears 'to outweigh the information he relayed back to the Security Service.'

There is 'no evidence at all to show that either Knight or Hughes made any attempt to undermine or sabotage the movements to which they belonged - at least before the start of World War Two.'

'For MI5 to collude with fascism was merely a continuation and extension of existing practice.'



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I'll have to come back here later and read this, but I dropped by to let you know that you should put the Kentucky college shooting into your news search bar and follow the latest event. Who will watch the guardians? We will. And forward the idea to others.

See also, at a later date when it's convenient, the 40-50 "chapter" Mosaica at the summonthemagic.blogpot,com blog...

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The 33 degree initiation of Aleister Crowley is a dubious situation like his OTO degrees.

He was involved in many things. Sometimes he was a follower of Lucifer, and Lucifer is not Satan,

And sometimes he was a follower and a slave of dark evil forces.

Anonymous said...

A long and detailed piece, Aang.
Somewhere in there, I think it was the 'clear out the reds' phrase, I thought of the Magna Carter.
What sort of 'reds'?, I wondered. 'The 'reds' alluded to on the 'red dragon' flag of Wales?
The 'red' contribution to the 'Tudor Rose'? Doubtful.
The mythical 'red dragon' engaged in battle with the 'white dragon' in that hole in the ground?
Bolsheviks? Not likely, at least IMHO are/were agents of 'the crown'
Maoists? Hardly. One of my long prevailing punchlines is 'Mao was a Yalie',not to mention Yalie's deep in the 'trade'.
And as for fascism's poster - may have been a good painter - boy, I can't view him as anything other than a congenital psychopath, programmed and possessed tool.
Back to Magna Carta Liberatum, and relative to things 'merely a continuation and extension of existing practice' to cite, (for simple expediency),
'... Despite its recognised importance, by the second half of the 19th century nearly all of its clauses had been repealed in their original form. Three clauses currently remain...'
We'd like to be able to say to Merry Ol' England, you've come a long way, baby.
We can't.

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Yeah I'll have to come back to this story again as well.. but uh excuse my sexual ignorance but where did the two kids come from ? Do starks deliver them in the UK as well ?

''Barker then met E Pearce-Crouch and they went to live on a farm in Sussex. They produced two children, a boy and a girl.''

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