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James Hanna

James Hanna, from Japton in Madison County in Arkansas, has been accused of raping children in Madison County.

In January 2013, Hanna admitted to producing sexually explicit photos of two 13-year-old girls.

James Hanna, 66, pleads guilty to producing child pornography

Arkansas - West Memphis Three - accused of child abuse and murder.

In 2003, James Hanna arrived in the notorious town of Blaenavon in Wales, in the UK.


Hanna wanted to transform the former iron-making town into a 'book town'.

In Blaenavon, Hanna was involved in a youth project.

The youngsters in this project were involved in photography.

April Jones - disappeared in Wales.

Now the notorious Gwent Police are 'investigating' Hanna's behaviour during his three years in Blaenavon.

Hanna had porn books in his shop – photography books.

Hanna had previously run a bookshop in New Orleans.


Blaenaven. Rafaƫl Delaedt (Arafi)

November 2008 - Sixteen years for sex attacks

A BLAENAVON man was jailed for 16 years and eight months for almost 40 counts of rape and sexual assault against five young girls. Alan Jenkins, 56, was sentenced at Newport Crown court. There were five victims in total who were attacked between May 1995 and June 2007.

Feb 2005 - A Gwent police worker has been jailed for a series of sex attacks against boys. Lyndon Lewis, a former warden at St Peter’s Church, Blaenavon, was jailed for 11 years for a catalogue of sex attacks on three boys. A jury found Lewis, from Blaenavon, guilty of 22 offences between 1987 and June, 2004.
He was convicted of six serious sexual offences, 15 indecent assaults and one charge of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Lord McAlpine who did not abuse children at a children's home in Wales. Website for this image

January 2006 - A former radio DJ who collected more than 4,000 indecent images of children and wrote fantasies of child abuse is starting a 36-month jail sentence. Alan Fossey, 58, from Blaenavon, south Wales, admitted making indecent pseudo pictures of children, distributing them and publishing obscene articles. The court heard Fossey published stories on the internet which described the abuse, torture and murder of babies, young children and women, and included the names of real families and children he had come into contact with. Fossey was exposed when a family whose name he had used discovered the stories on the internet while researching their family name. Fossey previously worked for regional BBC radio.

Jimmy Savile linked to Wales child abuse scandal - Telegraph...

13 April 2000

More than 60 ex-members of staff at the former Ty Mawr children's home in Gwent have been named as alleged abusers...

Gwent police have launched Operation Flight to track down former residents of the home, which was at the centre of a public inquiry in 1990 that led to its closure...

Allegations against former staff at another 19 children's homes in Gwent will also be investigated by the Operation Flight team.

The inquiry began as a spin-off from Operation Goldfinch - a probe into abuse allegations at children's homes by South Wales police.

Operation Goldfinch is now looking at allegations made against former staff at nearly 60 care homes. Several people, including a suspended Welsh Office social services inspector, have been charged.

Sixty staff named as abusers at Gwent home 

Misskelley, Baldwin and Echols - The West Memphis Three

When it comes to such matters as top pedophile rings, child murders, and satanism, the Law likes to protect the 'bad guys', it seems.

(Anger of Baby P's family as lodger jailed for his death is freed ... / CHILD ABUSE AND TOP PEOPLE?)

1. In 1993, three eight-year-old cub scouts, Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers, were found dead in a muddy creek in West Memphis, a small town in eastern Arkansas.

The boys had been tied up and there were reports of satanic ritual and sexual mutilation.

The police arrested three teenagers - Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley junior and Damien Echols, a Goth teenager who liked vampire books and heavy-metal music.

Misskelley, who is reported to be 'mentally backward', temporarily confessed to the crimes.

In 1994, the three teenagers, the West Memphis Three, were found guilty of murdering the cub scouts.

(The West Memphis Three) t

Many people believe that the West memphis Three were framed.

In August 2011, the West Memphis Three were released.

Arkansas accepted an 'Alford plea' from the Three. This allows a person to maintain his innocence while technically pleading guilty.

Misskelley, Baldwin and Echols 

2. In 2007, it emerged that none of the DNA collected at the crime scene matched the defendants.

But the DNA did match Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the victims, Stevie Branch.

The DNA did match David Jacoby, a friend of Hobbs, whom Hobbs had been with on the day of the murders. 

("Second Amended Writ of Habeas Corpus".)

3. The three murdered cubs were Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers.

According to "West Memphis Three - Wikipedia":

The first report to the police that the boys were missing was made by Byers' adoptive father, John Mark Byers, around 7 pm.

John Mark Byers was a frequent paid informant for the West Memphis Police Department. Byers was abusive to his stepson, and admitted to whipping Christopher with a belt only a few hours before the boys went missing.

Michael Moore was the son of Todd and Dana Moore. Of the three murdered boys, Michael's parents were the only ones who were still married and had never had any criminal charges made against them.

Bill Clinton - from Arkansas.

4. The West Memphis Three are Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols.

According to "West Memphis Three - Wikipedia":

Echols had run off with an early girlfriend.

The Police had heard rumors that the young lovers had planned to have a child and sacrifice the infant.

They had had Echols temporarily institutionalized for psychiatric evaluation.

Dr. George W. Woods testified (for the defense) that Echols suffered from:

"... serious mental illness characterized by grandiose and persecutory delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations, disordered thought processes, substantial lack of insight, and chronic, incapacitating mood swings."

The police interrogated Jessie Misskelley Jr., whose IQ was reported to be 72.

Dr. Richard Ofshe, an expert on false confessions and police coercion and Professor of Sociology at UC Berkeley, testified that the brief recording of Misskelley's interrogation was a "classic example" of police coercion. 

Critics have also stated that Misskelley's "confession" was in many respects inconsistent with the particulars of the crime scene and murder victims.

Terry Hobbs 

Terry Hobbs is the stepfather of Stevie Branch. 

Terry Hobbs comes from a strict and religious family.

His father, Joe Dean Hobbs, was a minister at the Apostolic Pentecost Church.

Terry's father became a skilled butcher while in the military.

DNA testing in 2007 has identified a hair fragment found on Michael Moore's bindings to be consistent with Hobbs.

Terry Hobbs - West Memphis 3 murders Wiki 

Pam Hobbs said that in 2002, at a point when she and Terry Hobbs were separating, she sent a package containing '14 or 15 knives' owned by her husband to one of the defense lawyers.

Pam Hobbs said that she had done so after discovering among the knives 'a little pocket knife' that her father had given to Stevie. (Terry Hobbs was the stepfather of murdered cub scout Stevie Branch)

She said Stevie 'carried it around with him all the time, because it was like part of his granddaddy. He would have had it May the fifth. He carried it with him from the day my daddy gave it to him until the day he was murdered.'

Asked why, five years ago, she had given the knives to a lawyer for the defense, she said it was because she 'didn’t trust the prosecution ... because of the evidence that was not presented at the trials.'

New Dna Evidence In Arkansas Satanic Murder.

Mark Bridger

In the UK, the disappearance of little April Jones, in Machynlleth in Powys in Mid Wales, on 1 October 2012, temporarily distracted from the Jimmy Savile story.

A Mr. Mark Bridger has been arrested on suspicion of murdering April Jones.

However, on 22 October 2012, there is a report of an attempted kidnapping of a child, in Llandybie, Ammanford, in West Wales.

Aled Matthews, from Ammanford, who was jailed for downloading 100,000 indecent images.

A white van is involved in the latest incident.

And, back in mid-September there was another attempted kidnapping near the area where April Jones disappeared..

Bridger's car.

"Witnesses have reported seeing April Jones get into a car differently coloured to Bridger's.

"April was allegedly to have said that she knew 'them', about those with whom she got into the car." - Aferrismoon

It's been pointed out that the Landrover Discovery seized is neither grey nor in any way "light-coloured", as witnesses described the vehicle they saw April getting into, but dark blue, with a distinctive white and grey stripe down the side.

April Jones: police continue search for missing five-year-old ...

April Jones

On 22 October 2012 we read of the latest kidnap attempt.

Police are ivestigating the attempted kidnapping of a boy, aged 9, by man in a white van.

The boy escaped.

Two weeks before April was kidnapped, the police had a report of another attempted kidnapping of a child near the Mid Wales town

What do we know about the police in Wales is the tip of the iceberg.

  • A former South Wales Police inspector was jailed for 30 months in December for conspiracy to encourage others to sexually assault a child under 13.
  • A South Wales Police traffic officer was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in 2010 for having sex with female drivers in exchange for excusing their motoring offences.
  • A Gwent Police detective constable was jailed for a year in April 2010 after being convicted of distributing, making and possessing indecent images. He was part of a British paedophile ring which swapped images of child abuse.
  • A Dyfed-Powys Police constable was given a three-year supervision order and required to register as a sex offender for five years for possessing indecent images of children in 2007.

Mark Bridger 'almost certainly' met the Royal Family.

 Bridger's father Graham was a royal protection officer and was based at Windsor Castle

April Jones accused Mark Bridger 'almost certainly' met Royal - Mirror

According to the Telegraph :

Ben Edwards, 22, a neighbour of Mark Bridger, said: "He is a nice guy, and absolutely brilliant with his son and daughter. He was always putting his kids first." 

Mark Bridger "is a keen weapons collector who kept samurai swords and deactivated guns in his home, a neighbour has disclosed."

Another former neighbour said: "He has had a lot of women and goes from one to another.

"But he was well-liked. Looking back now, it seems like a lot of relationships but these things can happen in life. He’s never been single for long and has always got on with people even though this is a very small community; everyone knows everyone else’s business here."

When Bridger first arrived in Machynlleth, he told locals he had left the Army because of a back problem.

Colin Batley was self-styled high priest of group that handed children around for sex in Kidwelly, west Wales, Wednesday 9 March 2011 16.42 GMT

A man has been found guilty of leading a "satanic" sex cult from his home in a small Welsh town. Colin Batley, 48, of Kidwelly, west Wales, presided over a group that preyed on young children and held occult rites.

Paedophile cult leader convicted for 'satanic' - Rigorous Intuition..

The Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham in Clwyd in North Wales was the scene of child abuse 

"Recent revelations involve the corruption of evidence by senior council officials in North Wales with regard to information supplied to the Waterhouse inquiry into allegations of VIP child abuse in Clwyd.

"In the inquiry allegations made by a number of young people were discredited because they had made allegations against social workers who records showed had not been employed where they said during the time they were in care.

"In fact, a secretary in North Wales Council had been instructed to alter the official records of dates and where and when specific youngsters were in care."

It was not therefore the youngsters who were lying, but the officials.


Anonymous said...

White van! It seems like every pedophile drives a white van. All the cases of attempt to kidnap a child in my area seems to be related to someone driving a white van.

Anonymous said...

The late Brian Mitchell who died last year wrote a book on child abuse which exposed much of what we know now, this was in 1978
he exposed Savile as sexually interfering with several boy scouts at a pack he helped with, and a girl daughter of the scoutmaster, this girls mother rang childline over the years and spoke to esther Rantzen who listened and did nothing.
The police at Caernarfon said saville was "untouchable "
no one should be untouchable in this day and age

Anonymous said...

You can go to the police time and again and usually they do nothing
in 2000 at Kings Lynn norfolk a man named John Oddy went to the police about an evnagelical preacher who ran boys groups and was abusing them, police found printing equipment and photos of small boys in sexual poses, this man got away with a caution
how can this be right ?

Anonymous said...

This has echoes of the Huntley case.

They are so arrogant to think They can get away with all of this again.

It is like They are boasting to us all about how They can do what They want when They want.

We know enough to know already how it is being done on both the micro and the macro level. Absolute proof may be lacking but enough information is available to indicate what is going on.

Which is worse the crime or the condemnation of an innocent man?

Pure evil. That is what They are.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hooks "school massacre". Why Sandy? No other names to choose? What a coincidence the same name in two different situations both involving psychological trauma.

Anonymous said...

´Why Sandy?'

'Sandy is short for Cassandra. Cassandra Cain featured in Episode 119 of Batman.'

On godlikeproduction.

Chilling, wasn't Cain the murderer of his brother? The first man who stroke down another man?

Newspaceman said...

There's also the recent "Lost Prophets/Ian Watkins allegations - again Wales.


Anonymous said...

When i was at the BBC admittedly it was some years back word went round that savile was a shirt lifter, and no one batted an eyelid as the place was full of them, but on an outside broadcast from wales a school master said saville, with others had been abusing boys at a care home, the other cameraman i was with said
" go to the police " he said the police dont want to know. I kept thinking of this every time i read about that disgusting man

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