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Real or acting?

Why did Adam Lanza reportedly die before the day of the Sandy Hook shooting?

Medical Assistance - Horn of Africa

Why was Anders Breivik in Liberia, and then, living very close to a special forces base?

Osama bin Laden, the famous crypto-Jew, said that the world was divided into those who were with Islam and those who were with the 'crusaders'.

In other words, the 'powers-that-be' don't want us to know that Christians, Moslems and Jews all have the same God, and, that most Moslems, Christians and Jews actually want a peaceful life.

the SSDI record on the website

SSDI’s 'state of issue' refers to the state that originally issued the Social Security no. to the individual, not the state in which the death had occurred

If we look at the Christian Byzantine (Turkish) Empire and the Moslem Abbasid (Syrian) caliphate,  between about 750 and 1050 AD, we find:

1. In 962, a Christian Byzantine general attacked Syria, and destroyed everything in his path.

Not much has changed.

2. Moslem merchants came to Christian Constantinople (Istanbul) to buy tin, furs, timber and amber. The Christian Emperor made money from these Moslem traders by applying a 10% tax.

Not much has changed.

Napoleon's army used British boots.

Hitler was financed by the Bush family.

Cliff Richard coming to Israel


The Realist Report said...

FYI, I know you've followed this closely:

American Gets 35 Years for Aiding Mumbai Terrorists Who Killed Local Chabad Family

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Dear aangirfan,

I once posted telling you that I hated you. I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Aang
Europeans are woefully ignorant of the history of Islam owing to the Jewish education system which is designed to engender white guilt and a consequent acceptance of Jewish orchestrated mass immigration (see Culture of Critique,for example) After the death of Muhammed, the Muslims went on the rampage across the Middle East and North Africa demanding tribute everywhere. They attacked the Holy Roman Empire, tried to take Rome , attacked Constantinople 6 years running, took Spain for 500 years (an attack on France was repelled) and began a trade in white slaves (see White Gold). The 1200s saw the Ottoman Empire, the occupation of the Balkans (1 million boys abducted), the occupation of Greece (500 years) and many attacks on European countries. The Crusades were a retaliatory blip in this 13 hundred year history of aggression. The last white woman seen on public sale in the stolen city, Constantinople, was in 1900, the year my grandmother was born. Slavery in Saudi was only abolished in the 1960s.

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BIN LADEN; ADAM LANZA; DIVIDE AND RULE; CLIFF RICH...":

Pop music is not what it was, i spent many years involved with it at the sharp end.
I always found cliff richards to be polite and easy going, but like Boy george he started off as a ........., several of them began this way. I can think of several famale pop stars ... who dropped their knickers to get on.
The problem i have with cliff richards is that he pretends to be a christian, this is a facade for a ........ individual
who should NOT be going to isreal

Anonymous said...

Back to depravity. From the Los Angeles Times:
"Creative Artists Agency's party at the Sundance Film Festival, featuring scantily clad performers and sex toys, provokes a public relations backlash.",0,6555866.story

Invoking the Fair Use Doctrine, a great reader's quote:
Craig888 at 7:33 PM January 25, 2013: "We saw the rubberized, elongated Obama-look-alike toy pretending to get inserted into a waiter's you know what...Everyone laughed at the spectacle and continued to glom down the free food. A laugh riot, no matter how offended some Hollywood degenerates pretended to be...Are you kidding ? The room was filled with degenerates from all over the globe. "Hooray for Hollywood" !"

People worried about rampant paedophilics should move to Hollywood. With Roman cozy in his ch√Ęteau, defended by fine intellectuals and artists, safe from extradition (unlike evil Julian Assange), and the late Michael being very late indeed, there's not been even a rumour of underage sex over there. Only two B-Listers found by the vice squad entertaining themselves in porno movie theatres. Apparently they still have those.

Don't think this one really qualifies as underage sex, since at the time of the Congressional page-boy scandals it was said the age of consent in Washington, D.C. was sixteen. How could they hold a senator to a higher standard when he's traveling?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Duff states:
'those who planned and executed the Sandy Hook terror massacre are directly tied to the gun lobby, to the Israel lobby, to the GOP, to the endless extremist law enforcement agencies that act as armed enforcers for the Mexican drug cartels.'

He posted a photo of John McCain (R. Arizona) with Harry Hughes (National Socialist Party).

My speculation, maybe someone can make more of it than me:
US faction w/Mossad are supporting Los Zetas against Sinaola cartel. Sinaola are aligned with Latin Kings. Rodia's car was planted to make it look like Latin Kings were involved. There has been some tenuous family links between Lanzas and Rodia. I think it more likely Mrs Lanza or Adam were involved with DEA/Anonymous. Why did they go to the school? I've seen mention of Soto being a target (Puerto Rican family) but think it more likely that it was a warning to alphabet agency employees. I think he must be suggesting McCain, National Socialists, Mossad are all working with Mexican cartels. This presumably is what Giffords & Roll were investigating in Arizona. The 2 rifle manufacturers killed recently were competition.

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