Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Egypt's president Morsi is good friends with the USA and Israel.

Bill Gates is leading an American group that has bought Egyptian construction conglomerate Orascom.

The deal includes the Orascom's fertilizer business.

"Orascom has long been one of the Pentagon's favored contractors on foreign construction projects."

The View From Falling Downs


Egyptian government "functionaries such as Khairat al-Shater and Hassan Malek will be interested... in their own financial opportunities in cooperation with Western companies."

Arab Dreams Deferred: Why Morsi's Foreign Policy Reeks Of The Past

"Great and good friend," Morsi wrote to Peres, "being desirous of maintaining and strengthening the cordial relations which so happily exist between our two countries, I have selected Mr. Atef Mohamed Salem Sayed El Ahl to be our ambassador…"

Morsi then closed the letter, by expressing "highest esteem and consideration."

Egyptian Skeptics Silenced: Morsi's Letter was no Fake

"Angus Blair, president of Signet Institute, a Cairo-based think-tank, says that there is enormous goodwill towards Egypt and western powers will not allow the economy to fail.

"One way or another, Mr Morsi will have to reach an agreement with the IMF, which would unlock other western economic assistance."

Egypt wrestles with economic decline - FT.com

Egypt, January 2013.

"Muhammad Saad Al-Azhari, an Islamist member of Egypt’s constitutional assembly, took to Al-Nas TV recently to give his opinion on the controversy surrounding the creation of Egypt’s new, post-Arab Spring constitution.

"Speaking with sympathetic television personality Sheikh Khaled Abdallah, Al-Azhari explained why he is against rules outlawing sex trafficking and domestic abuse."

Why Are Islamists Blocking Child Sex Trafficking Laws ... - The Blaze

Morsi and CIA boss Panetta.

Morsi is friends with Israel, although he pretends otherwise.

"Egyptian-Israeli security coordination has reached levels unseen in many years."

"Egypt still depends on support from the West and the Western-dominated International Monetary Fund and World Bank for the survival of its economy; it still honors the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty, respects Camp David and the Oslo paradigm, and maintains diplomatic ties and security coordination with Israel; and its military, primarily dependent on the US$1.3 million annual aid it receives from the US, is maintaining its close relations with the American military."

Arab Dreams Deferred: Why Morsi's Foreign Policy Reeks Of The Past


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