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Ben Fellows with his wife Julia

Ben Fellows, a former child actor, is from Birmingham, in the UK.

He claims that a top politician called Ken Clarke groped his penis.

Ken Clarke - formerly in charge of MI5. Former Home Secretary. Former Lord chancellor. Member of Bilderberg.

Ben was aged 13 when he arrived in London.

He feasted "on a nightly cocktail of champagne and cocaine, unwittingly being paraded like a glittering
under-age trophy."

My hell with Britain's biggest stars says Ben Fellows - 27 October 2012 - Daily Express

Ben Fellows. "I ran a gauntlet of pedophiles – both at the BBC and at other television production companies, and also in theatres, as well as on commercial photo shoots." 'I RAN THE GAUNTLET OF PEDOPHILES IN THE - 21st Century Wire

"He didn’t know it at the time but Ben was the newest member of a deeply sinister and secret club in which young and vulnerable innocents like him were passed around and abused like playthings.

"The leaders of this shameless parade in this plastic world were – indeed still are – household names."

My hell with Britain's biggest stars says Ben Fellows - 27 October 2012 - Daily Express

Aged 15, Ben was bedded by a lady at the BBC.

Aged 15, he snorted lines of cocaine with one of Britain's top entertainers.

He says: "The list of extremely well-known actors, casting directors, directors, producers, writers and executives who abused me, or attempted to abuse me sexually, while I was a child actor would make the public sick."

On one occasion Ben and his child co-stars were reportedly invited to a cocaine-fuelled party on BBC premises hosted by two of the BBC’s biggest stars.

Ben feared for his life when a Hollywood star tried to rape him.

The married British-born film star got Ben drunk and took Ben back to Ben's hotel.

Ben says: "He came up behind and then proceeded to force himself on me. I was feeling as if I wanted to be sick at any moment but couldn’t move.

"Amazingly, my friend was looking for me as I had disappeared from the bar suddenly and burst through the door as this star was on top of me...."

“Then he punched me in the face to make it look as if it was all just a game and the rolling around was part and parcel of it. I thought I was in real danger.”

Continued here: My hell with Britain's biggest stars says Ben Fellows - 27 October 2012 - Daily Express

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke, who is a member of Bilderberg, opposed the Iraq War and now opposes intervention in Syria.

Ken Clarke has recently been 'got at' by the former child actor called Ben Fellows.



Anonymous said...

Did anyone in the UK media think to link Ben Fellows and Jimmy Savile? No? I wonder why?

Actually, I don't really.

Anonymous said...

Sure you do or you wouldn't have made the comment. I believe Fellows. I believe the Holly Grieg story is true also.

Anonymous said...

Its no coincidence that Ken Clarke was removed from role as UK min of justice when this story started breaking . Couple this with heavily called for arrest of dutch justice min Demmik... And childrens remains dug up in childrens home from jersey to wrexham... Finish of with KCs hasty LATE marriage. Of one thing we can bé sure THEY are in this TOGETHER

Anonymous said...

I have just been watching The UK Column, someone in the chatbox asked about Fellows. Louise said that she hadn’t heard from him since the summertime. They have a thread about Fellows in their forum, it seems that some people are just determined to have the wool pulled over their eyes. Brian Gerrish said that they will look into the matter. I have noticed that they still have an article on their front page regarding Fellows, an update from when he went “missing”.

Anyway, a couple of people on the UKC forum are dubious of Fellows, at least some people can see the wood for the trees. I find it strange how the UKC are so unquestioning where it comes to Fellows. Fellows seems to be quite an abusive person, not the poor innocent victim we are lead to believe that he is. He obviously lied about G4S as it wasn’t even established until 2004, I’m willing to bet that the whole Ian Greer/Ken Clarke story was manufactured from his own fertile imagination, not even a case of mistaken identity.

He seems to try to make himself to be the hero out of other people’s stories/experiences: He tried to take the credit for being the “Olympics Whistleblower”- it was a women who came forward first with the story. He came out about being abused as a child actor after the Savile revelations… he reports people to the police (the Heritage Warden) when there was absolutely no reason to do so. That video opened my eyes to how selfish and vindictive he can be. Too many weird things have happened, people need to take off the blinkers and realise that they have been duped by an ACTOR!

Fellows seems to be quite an abusive person, not the poor innocent victim we are lead to believe that he is.

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