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Sandiford upset the powers-that-be?

Lindsay Sandiford, from the UK, has been sentenced to death by a court in Bali.

She was caught flying into Bali from Bangkok with 5kg of drugs on 17 May 2012.

British woman sentenced to death by firing squad for cocaine ...

Tommy Suharto, whose family owns large chunks of Bali, and whose family is said to be linked to drugs. The family is rumoured to have Chinese origins.

Indonesia's military and police reportedly have had links to the narcotics trade.

The family of former president Suharto reportedly has had links to the narcotics trade.

"Ecstacy has found its way via Jakarta to the big cities of Australia... and to Bali

"The Hard Rock Cafe... is a major distribution centre...

"My sources in Jakarta and several Western media have pointed their fingers at Suharto's eldest grandson, Ari Haryo Wibowo, also known as Ari Sigit, as the main person behind this illegal drug traffic in Indonesia...

Chopping the global tentacles of the Suharto Oligarchy

Doulos Complex

"The violent attack on the Doulos complex at Cipayung, West Java, on December 16, 1999 by Muslim vigilantes and soldiers loyal to Suharto's former armed forces commander, General Wiranto... may be seen as an attempt to cover up Indonesia's drug trafficking network...

"The Doulos complex... hosted... one of the main and largest narcotics rehabilitation center in Southeast Asia.

"In addition, the Doulos complex was only 2 Km away from the armed forces headquarters in Cilangkap, or a couple of hundred meters near a minor army barrack.

"Yet, none of the troops rushed to protect the seminary cum narcotics rehabiliation center, when it was attacked and burned down to the ground."

Suharto was toppled by the CIA in 1998. But his family is still both powerful and wealthy.

The CIA put Suharto into power, in the mid 1960s.

Obama's mother, reportedly an agent of the CIA, was sent out to Indonesia in the late 1960s.

Obama in Jakarta

"The Suharto regime killed an estimated 100,000 Balinese in one year alone...

"Suharto was once ranked as the 6th richest man in the world..."

Suharto's Businesses / Hotels in Bali


"Suharto's party created the corrupt, mafia style, feared Indonesian police (see report on the Bali Police )...

"The Suharto family got much / most of their wealth from extorting money given to the Indonesian people by the IMF (International Monetary Fund)..." 

Bambang Trihatmodjo Suharto (son)

"Estimated wealth: $3 billion...

"Interests in everything from oil and gas to hotels, telecommunications and animal feed.

"Property: $8.2 million Singapore apartment, $12 million Los Angeles estate.

"Last sighted: At a bowling alley near Los Angeles 

"Bambang Suharto's Hotel Interests: Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua, Bali Intercontinental Resort Hotel.

"Bambang Suharto's Other Bali Interests: Bali Turtle Island Development (4800 Ha tourist resort, Project), Nustra Tours & Travel, promotes golf tours and has enforced a monopoly over 'convention' tours in Bali."

Hutomo Mandala Putra "Tommy" Suharto (son)

"Industries ranging from construction to pharmaceuticals.

"Property: Ranch in New Zealand, Mill Ride Golf Club, an 18-hole course he partly owns in Ascot, England.
"Accomplished stock car racer (once sponsored by Marlboro). 

"Like brother Sigit, he loves to gamble, thinking nothing of losing $1 million in a single sitting. One gaming partner says he used to leave Jakarta on his plane with millions of dollars to wager in European casinos...

"Tommy Suharto's Other Bali Interests: Mabua Intan Express (Bali / Lombok Ferry), PT Tirtha Artha Buanamulia drinking water project which refines 600 liters/sec for luxury tourist hotels in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, etc. PT Bali Benoa Marina Benoa Bay, with 18-hole golf course. Sempati Airlines. Gatari Air charter company. Shares in PT Ayung River Rafting company (together with sons of Bali Governor Ida Bagus Oka): this company practically monopolizes rafting on the Ayung river, near Ubud."

Sigit Harjoyudanto Suharto (son)

"Property: Two homes in exclusive Hampstead area of London worth $12 million each, one in Los Angeles, one outside Geneva... 

"Frequented roulette and baccarat tables in London (he loved the Ritz), Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Perth; gambling partners say he wagered up to $3 million a night, with career losses of more than $150 million. 

"After Sigit suffered a bad run in Las Vegas in the late 1980s, his father banned him from gambling abroad. 

"Jakarta bookies organized a call-in cable TV show featuring a baccarat table; Sigit, a friend says, lost more than $20 million: 'They set up the scam just for Sigit'.

"Sigit Suharto's Other Bali Interests: Uluwatu Ocean Resort."

Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana "Tutut" Suharto (daughter)

"Interests in more than 90 companies ranging from telecommunications to infrastructure, including tollway projects in Indonesia and the Philippines.

"Property: 12-room, $1 million house with tennis court and heated pool near Boston; house on London's Hyde Park Square.

"Minister of Social Affairs in her father's last cabinet. 

"Got her start in business at age 25, when "Uncle" Liem Sioe Liong gave her 14% of BCA, the country's largest private bank...
"Siti Tutut Suharto's Hotel Interests: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel."

Siti Hediati Hariyadi "Titiek" Suharto (cousin)

"Major holdings: Financial services, power, computers, banking, property.

"Property: Home on London's Grosvenor Square.

"Last sighted: Boston, where her son is attending high school. 

"Her husband, former Lieut. General Prabowo Subianto...

"In Jakarta, she slept in one room; her husband and his Alsatians in another. 

"She loves big chunks of jewelry." 

"At a 1994 Suharto party in Bali to celebrate the opening of Jakarta's Planet Hollywood, she danced the night away with martial arts star Steven Seagal.

"Siti Titiek Suharto's Other Bali Interests: PT Sanur Hastamitra and PT Sanur Dinamika (Salim Group companies, with 10% shares owned by sons of Bali Governor Ida Bagus Oka), PT Pesona First Pacific (Salim Group), PepsiCo franchise for Indonesia."

Indonesian girl

Sukamdani S. Gito (cousin)

"Sahid Bali Seaside Hotel, PT Sahid Gema Wisata Tours & Travel, PT Sahid Visantara Tourindo."

The Kowara family (parents-in-law of Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana Tutut Suharto)

"Teknik Umum Group and Medco Group (holds franchise of Coca Cola in Indonesia, with a bottling unit in Bali), Royal Seminyak / Bali Imperial Hotel.

"Read: Bali Tourism (Should I go, where, and how do I avoid adding to the problem / putting myself / my family at risk in Bali?)."

'King and Queen' of Bali: Julian Ponder and Rachel Dougall

Lindsay Sandiford, from the UK, has been sentenced to death by a court in Bali.

Sandiford told police that Rachel Dougall, Julian Ponder and Paul Beales were the ringleaders and she was only the mule

Dougall has been given a one year jail term and Beales a four years jail term.

Ponder awaits sentence.


Gloucestershire grandmother Lindsay Sandiford says she met the two members of the British drugs gang in Bangkok.

She was then caught in Bali.

She confessed that she had been told to take the drugs to Brighton antiques restorer Julian Ponder, 43, and his 39-year-old partner Rachel Dougall.

Ponder and Dougall were known as the ‘King and Queen’ of Bali.

Sandiford said that Briton Paul Beales, 39, put the cocaine in her luggage and was 'the muscle' of the group.

Paul Beales

The police set up a sting operation.

Police claim Ponder turned up at Sandiford's hotel.

Ponder claims he was set up by Sandiford as he went to pick up a birthday present for his daughter.

The police failed to find any concrete evidence to connect Sandiford with the three suspects.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Indonesian child. Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana "Tutut" Suharto (daughter) was Minister of Social Affairs in her father's last cabinet.

aangirfan: SUHARTO - BIG DADDY

Bali Police Extortion - Indonesian Mafia


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I've been following this blog for at least a year now and I learn a lot from it that the mainstream media doesn't tell you. Since your topic is soutneast asia now. Maybe you should also expose the the ill-gotten wealth of the bigwigs in the Philippines, both in politics and in private business. I also wonder if Maria Ressa works as spinner for the CIA.

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The late Max Bygraves told a taxi driver who was my uncle george that if you want to abuse kids take boys as the powers that be wont bat an eyelid as many are gay ( homosexual) if you abuse girls bottoms you will sooner or later be sidelined and in trouble.
i never understoon what he meant but after jimmy savile we do now

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