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The Life Of PIE

  1. aangirfanJason Swift; Islington children's home; hundreds of ...
    Mar 10, 2008 – In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street ...
    Jun 24, 2011 – Jason Swift has links to Baby P. In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington ...


Laurent Louis, who has told the Belgian Parliament that al Qaeda works for the USA and NATO. 

Belgian MP Laurent Louis has told the Belgian parliament:

"Our states grant themselves the right ... to overthrow legitimate leaders.

"There has been Iraq and Afghanistan....and Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, where ... our country has been 'first in line' to participate in crimes against humanity, in each case overthrowing progressive and moderate regimes and to replace them with Islamist regimes...

"This is exactly what is currently happening in Syria where Belgium is shamefully funding the arming of the Islamist rebels who are trying to overthrow Bashar Al Assad...

"Under the appearance of good actions, we only intervene to defend financial interests in a complete neo-colonialist agenda.

Tunisians celebrate the increase in crime and poverty in their country after it has been taken over by the CIA's mad Islamists.

"It makes no sense to go to help France in Mali...

"Westerners have, in the past, armed Bin Laden, that friend of the Americans.... 

"Well, the western countries are taking the opportunity to place military bases in the newly conquered countries while favoring domestic companies...

"In Iraq, our American allies have put their hands on the country’s oil wealth.

"In Afghanistan, it was its opium and drugs always useful when it comes to make lots of money pretty quickly... 

"Within a few months, I bet that our eyes will turn to Algeria and eventually to Iran...

"To go to war to defend the interests of the USA.

"To go to war to defend the interests of big companies such as AREVA; go to war to put our hands on gold mines, is not at all noble and reveals our counties to be attackers and thugs!

"...I say fuck you all... who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers and who will be pleased to ridicule me...

"I say fuck you, you who pretend to be democrats while you are nothing more than low class criminals.

"I don’t have much respect either for the journalists...

"France and Belgium have not hesitated to arm and support Jihadists in Libya and ... in Syria....

"Haven’t we created September 11 after all, to justify the invasions, arbitrary arrest, torture and massacre of innocent populations? 

"...Why is it that our countries have contributed in Tunisia and Libya to the accession to power of Islamists who have decided to apply Sharia Law...

Mali has uranium, gold and phosphates.

"The purpose of this war in Mali is...  to fight against China and allow our American ally to maintain its presence in Africa and the Middle East.

"This is what guides these neo-colonialists operations.

"And you will see, when the military operation will be over, France will, of course, keep its military bases in Mali. These bases will be a benefit to the Americans as well.

"And at the same time, as has always been the case, western corporations will put their hands on juicy contracts that will once again deprive re-colonized countries of their wealth and raw materials.

Laurent Louis has linked the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo to child sex abuse. He referred to two pictures from the autopsy report on Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, both victims of Dutroux . Louis said the autopsy report shows that the victims had been sexually abused after death or shortly before death, while Dutroux was in jail. LAURENT LOUIS EXPOSES TOP CHILD ABUSERS

"So let’s be clear, the primary beneficiaries of this military operation, will be the owners and shareholders of the French giant AREVA who have been trying for years to obtain a uranium mine in Falea, a town of 17,000 inhabitants located at 350 km from Bamako.

"And I don’t know why, but my little finger is telling me that it won’t take long before AREVA will eventually exploit that mine!

"...Mali is a major producer of gold....

"Recently it has been designated as a country that offers a world-class environment for the exploitation of uranium...

"I really think it is about time to put an end to our participation in the UN and NATO and the EU...

(Translation: Geraldine Feuillien)

The Greatest Speech by a Western Statesman This Century?

Belgian Parliament Member Blames 9/11 False Flag for Criminal Invasions of Sovereign Countries.

Mali: One war can hide another - by Thierry Meyssan

"A long time in the making and announced by François Hollande six months in advance, the French intervention in Mali was portrayed as an emergency decision in response to dramatic developments.

"This scheme aims not only at seizing Mali’s gold and uranium, but more especially at paving the way for the destabilization of Algeria."

Mr. Merde

Mali “Resource War” Extends into Niger: France sends Troops to Secure Niger Uranium Mines

"Barely two weeks after invading Mali with over 2,000 troops of the Foreign Legion, France has dispatched special forces troops to neighboring Niger to secure uranium mines run by the French state-owned nuclear power company Areva.

"Le Point reported that French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian had quickly agreed earlier this week to a “major innovation” in ordering the Special Forces Command to send troops to protect the Areva uranium production sites in Imouraren, and 80 kilometers away in Arlit.

"The magazine noted that this is the first ever use of the French commandos to directly defend the assets of a corporation...

"In reality, the dispatch of French commandos to the uranium mines in Niger only underscores the overriding economic and geo-strategic motives behind the French military intervention in Mali.

"Under the cover of a supposed war against Islamist “terrorists” and a defense of the central government in Mali, French imperialism is using its military might to tighten its grip on its resource-rich former African colonies..."


"Summary executions and mass human rights abuses targeting innocent civilians in Mali are being perpetrated by soldiers loyal to the dubious Malian regime in a campaign supported by the United Nations, the new socialist French government, and the Obama administration."

In Mali, Forces Backed by UN, France, and Obama Slaughter Civilians

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The Sandy Hook Tragedy: An Inquisitive Visit to Newtown, Connecticut

Extracts from Text and Photos by Scott DeLarm - Global Research News - January 29, 2013.

We spent January 21 in Newtown visiting the Sandy Hook School and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire House, Gene Rosen’s residence...

Inside the tent was a chaplain who asked that I not take any photos. There were hundreds of stuffed animals and candles as well as children’s art ....

I asked the chaplain if she had seen any children whom had been impacted. She did not answer.,,,

The front of the school is entirely boarded up

Gene Rosen lives next door to the fire house.

Thus Ms. Victoria Soto’s students that landed on Mr. Rosen’s yard had to come down Dickenson Drive and turn right, passing the fire house, to get to Mr. Rosen’s.

A lady at the Rosen house would not answer the door when I knocked.

We sat at the 100 Church Hill Restaurant for a couple of hours.

My partner and I spoke with a couple in their early twenties for an hour or so. They were life long locals.

Eventually they asked why we were in Newtown and we told them we had heard of their tragedy. They did not comment further and we did not push the issue.

We then went to the offices of The Newtown Bee, the community’s weekly newspaper, where we spoke with the editor, Mr. Curtis Clark.

Mr. Clark did not offer a warm reception.

I told him I was there to follow up on The Bee’s report that stated, in part, “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.”

I asked who this officer was, and why he was in the woods.

Mr. Clark told me that " debunks many of these conspiracy theories"...

Clark would not address this report and became very agitated with me "interrogating" him.

"I don’t intend to discuss this any further with you," he said...

Sandy Hook Truth tells us about the Interesting Property Records for 36 Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza lived.

Peter Lanza owned two properties on Yogananda Street, apparently.

On the above document, Adam Lanza is not listed as a family member. 

link to

"The images appear to be of the same person (see the small rectangular mole on the right cheek just in front of the ear, which is evident in both pictures (for a larger image follow the link above). But then the pictures could be of the same person taken taken several years apart.

"But if this story is a hoax, what is the reason for it? To incite those pursuing the truth to propagate theories that will in due course be debunked? That would make sense. After 9/11, the perpetrators of any psyop would know that the evidence concerning the event will receive close critical scrutiny. Almost certainly, therefore, one objective of the operation would be to confuse, mislead and ultimately discredit skeptics."

Continued here: Adam Lanza, Ryan Lanza? Curious Image....

If Adam Lanza had Ryan Lanza's ID on him...

"A number of media outlets wrongly identified Ryan Lanza as 'the shooter' because Adam had been carrying his identification during his killing spree."


Magda Goebbels and her children, including Harald.

Magda Goebbels was born Johanna Maria Magdalena Behrend.

Magda's mother Auguste Behrend divorced Oskar Ritschel and married a JEWISH businessman named Richard Friedländer.

Magda Goebbels once dated Haim Arlosoroff.

He became a prominent ZIONIST.

Magda married Günther Quandt, a rich German industrialist twice her age.

Quandt's business later grew into VARTA batteries among other businesses. 

He also had large shareholdings in BMW and Daimler-Benz.

Magda and Gunther produced a child called Harald.

Harald, being touched by Adolf

Magda became attracted to her 18-year-old stepson Helmut Quandt.[3]

On a trip to the USA, Magda formed a relationship with a nephew of the U.S. President Herbert Hoover.[9]

Harald being followed by a strange man.

Magda divorced Gunther and married Joseph Goebbels.

Joseph Goebbels had many affairs during his marriage to Magda. 

Reportedly, Joseph Goebbels had Jewish origins and was gay.

Harald, Magda, Joseph.

Joseph Goebbels' first girlfriend was Jewish. Goebbels' family came from Holland; he was nicknamed "rabbi" in school.


"Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star." Website

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70)." 

In 1945 Albert Speer offered to have the Goebbels family smuggled out of Berlin.

Reportedly, Magda and her family retired to South America at the end of World War II.

Joseph Goebbels; wife Magda; In uniform -Harald Quandt, Magda's son by her first marriage; Magda's children, Helga, Hildegard, Helmut, Hedwig, Holdine and Heidrun in 1942. Photograph: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

How Goebbels' step-grandchildren became billionaires

In the spring of 1945, Harald Quandt, Goebbel's stepson, was a prisoner-of-war, in Benghazi.

He received a letter from his mother Magda Goebbels.

Magda claimed that she, Joseph, and their six children, were going to die with cyanide capsules.

Goebbels Family or doubles?

Harald Quandt was released from captivity in 1947.

Seven years later, he and his half-brother Herbert, inherited the industrial empire built by their father, Guenther Quandt.

Harald's decendents now share a fortune worth at least $6 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


Who are the decendents?

Gabriele Quandt, who lives in Munich.

Katarina Geller-Herr, who is Jewish.

Colleen-Bettina Rosenblat-Mo, who is Jewish. Her first marriage was to Michael Rosenblat, a German-Jewish businessman.

Anette-Angelika May-Thies, whose first marriage was to Axel May, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) international adviser for private banking, who managed the family’s investments for about 25 years.

Holding hands.

[1996] Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel: Israel in War - With Jews by Hennecke Kardel 

"Igra...cites Hitler aides and close friends who were known homosexuals.

"He states that Hitler's chauffeur and one-time personal secretary, Emile Maurice, for example, was homosexual, as well as the pornographer Julius Streicher, who "was originally a school teacher, but was dismissed by the Nuremberg School Authorities, following numerous charges of pederasty brought against him" (Igra:72f).

"SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's 'pederastic proclivities [were] captured on film' by Nazi filmmaker Walter Frenz (Washington City Paper, April 4, 1995).

"Reinhard Heydrich, mastermind of the first pogrom, Kristallnacht, and of the death camps, was homosexual (Calic:64).

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70).

"A recent biography of Albert Speer by Gitta Sereny speaks of a 'homo-erotic (not sexual) relationship' between Speer and Hitler (Newsweek, Oct. 30, 1995).

"Langer notes that Hitler's personal bodyguards were 'almost always 100 percent homosexuals' (Langer:179). Hitler's later public pronouncements against homosexuality never quite fit with the lifelong intimacy-sexual or otherwise-which he maintained with men he knew and accepted as homosexuals." 

The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

"Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolph Hitler were all of Jewish extraction.

[2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie

    Feb 3, 2012 – "Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star." Website Google demonstrates that democracy is being ...
  2. aangirfan: HITLER ESCAPED
    Oct 18, 2011 – (aangirfan: MENGELE, MOSSAD AND THE CIA ) ..... by Germans, that all the top Nazis excepting Goring and Goebbels had doubles (those 2 ...

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James Taylor Jr (centre)

The most dangerous child abusers are often members of one of the following:

1. A fundamentalist religious group

2. An intelligence service

3. An extreme right-wing political party

The Exclusive Brethren has been accused of providing over half a million dollars to the campaign of George W. Bush, and providing cash to other right-wing politicians allegedly linked to the CIA.

Exclusive Brethren - Wikipedia...

When Alan Robertson was aged ten, he was raped by James Taylor Jr, who was the head of the Exclusive Brethren.

The Exclusive Brethern is a fundamentalist religious group which operates worldwide.

Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson says that, after a Brethren meeting in Kilmarnock in Scotland, he was invited by Taylor into a private room.

Taylor said they were ‘going to share God’s love’.

Alan Robertson "was brought up by parents who were members of the Exclusive Brethren Church.

"As a consequence he had a very unhappy and rigid childhood, being prevented from playing and even eating with other children."

"He was shy, introverted and insecure. Both Mr Robertson’s sexual abuse as a child and the rigidity of the cult of which his parents were members caused him to experience fear, horror and helplessness."

Read more:

In 2012, six girls from the Exclusive Brethren's Wilton Park School were 'confined for 37 days' after making a Facebook page.[31]

Lucien and George Rekers.

And here is a list of Anti-Gay Activists who reportedly are Gay

1 George Rekers

George Rekers, a baptist minister, was part of anti-gay lobbying groups in the USA.

He wrote "Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know About Homosexuality".

He contacted and met Lucien.

He took Lucien on a trip, and got caught.

Bishop Eddie Long

2 Pastor Eddie Long, from Georgia, claimed his church can "deliver" people from homosexuality.

He reportedly used his fame and influence to pressure teenage boys into having sex.

Reportedly he took the boys on trips and gave them gifts in exchange for sex.

Ted Haggard

3 Pastor Ted Haggard was 'outed' by a rent boy in 2006.

He had been anti-gay.

Moon, suspected pedophile

Rense has an article about CIA links to Christian evangelical leaders.


Nearly all the top Christian evangelicals in the USA have had connections with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a suspected pedophile. 

Moon had links to the CIA.

Moon, the Moonies, and the Unification Church have been accused of being involved with mind control.

Moon apparently claimed that Jesus failed and that Moon was the new messiah.

Jerry Falwell, linked to the CIA and 9 11.

Jerry Falwell reportedly ‘admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Moon in 1994’.

Falwell spoke at many Moon meetings.

"Jerry Falwell ... owed over one million dollars in unpaid loans to the owner of the terror flight school in Florida which trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, the MadCowMorningNews has learned... 

"The Rev. Falwell’s second curious association at the Venice Airport involves a dummy front company working at terror flight school Huffman Aviation in Venice Florida which moved, amid great controversy, to the Baptist minister’s hometown of Lynchburg VA..." 

Flight school's owner, Wally Hilliard.

"In 1979, Jerry Falwell founded the Moral Majority, which was the key to the rise of Zionist Christian leaders in the USA. Ronald Reagan's election as president in 1980 was partly due to the Moral Majority.

"Falwell set up the Faith and Values Coalition to promote a pro-Israel point of view.

"Falwell received the Jabotinsky Medal, awarded for outstanding services to Israel. Falwell is the only non-Jew ever to receive the medal.

"Falwell made a series of visits to Israel in 1979 and 1980. He pledged to work for permanent Israeli annexation of the West Bank. He received a ‘gift’ of a Lear jet from the Begin government." 

Spot the secret gay.

"Falwell is not the only evangelical reported to have accepted money from Rev. Moon.

"One 'Moon sponsored' organization is the Council for National Policy founded in 1981 by evangelist Tim LaHaye. ‘It is reported that he received $500,000 from a Mr. Bo Hi Pak, Moon’s number one man, and a former Korean CIA officer’.

Oliver North

"The Council for National Policy plans the strategy of the Religious Right in the United States."

"Members of the CNP have included: Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Oliver North, formerly with the National Security Council.

"Members have also reportedly included:

J Peter Grace

* J. Peter Grace, Council of Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta, ‘and worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so that they could immigrate into the U.S., supposedly so they could carry on their work (including mind control projects) in the USA.’

* Lt. General Daniel Graham (CNP Board of Governors) Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA.

* Max Hugel (CNP Member) Former special assistant CIA Deputy Director for Administration, and Deputy Director for Operations

Pat Robertson, whose business partner was Charles Taylor 'who enabled Al Qaeda to launder blood diamonds for cash through Liberia...'

"One of the National Religious Broadcasters is Pat Robertson whose activities reportedly include:

'support for the slaughter of thousands of Indians by a Guatemalan dictator; public praise for the reputed leader of Salvadoran death squads; collaboration with murky U.S. mercenary groups; and the provision of chaplains and funds to the contra army seeking to topple the government of Nicaragua...'.


"Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network organised Operation Blessing. This operation reportedly helped supply goods to the Contras.

"The head of Operation Blessing was Captain Robert Warren, who was also formerly associated with a CIA group called Operation Phoenix.

"This was an assassination group that operated in Vietnam. Also associated with this group was Oliver North."

"The Washington Post has claimed that the former leader of Liberia, Charles Taylor, received at least $1 million for providing sanctuary to bin Laden agents in the weeks following the September 11, 2001 attacks


"Pat Robertson had an agreement with Taylor's government to operate a mining business known as Freedom Gold Ltd."

The CIA's general Graham.

"One Moon associated group is called the 'Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable'. This group connects leading Moon associated evangelicals to the CIA.

"Reportedly, Govt Connections to this group include:

Major General George J. Keegan, Jr., chief of the U.S. Air Defense Intelligence and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, worked for the CIA from 1963-1966

General Daniel Graham (ret.) In 1973 Graham served as a deputy to CIA Director William Colby and from 1974-1976 he was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

"Groups belonging to the Roundtable include: The Christian Broadcasting Network, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Moral Majority, Christian Voice, National Religious Broadcasters, National Association of Evangelicals, Gideon Bible, Wycliffe Bible Associates...

Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy.

"In The Deadly Deception, by Jim Shaw, an ex-33rd degree mason, Shaw relates how Graham was present at his ceremony initiating him into the 33rd degree."

"In the book, Thy Will Be Done, Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett explain the association between the CIA and Christian missionaries.

"Colby and Dennett detail the Wycliffe Bible Translator's alleged ties to the CIA the intelligence community.

"The link between the CIA and missionary groups 'was quite often the US Agency for International Development (AID)'.

"'President Nixon's director of AID, John Hannah, admitted publicly that AID had funded CIA operations in Laos, and subsequent revelations pointed to CIA-AID collaboration in Ecuador, Uruguay, Thailand and the Philippines.'

"World Vision reportedly has links to the CIA.

"World Vision 'ran the refugee camp in Sabra-Shatilla where the fascist Phalange were allowed in to kill the Palestinians... 

"They ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States.

"'Mark David Chapman, who eventually shot John Lennon, worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there.

"They ran these camps brutally, forcing people into political education against Castro, refusing to feed people, beating people...

"The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps.

"There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp...Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush...'

Jim Jones - pedophile, fond of snuff movies?

"The Jonestown Massacre: allegedly Jonestown was part of a CIA mind-control program: the CIA infiltrated The People’s Temple, to carry out their experiments.

"CIA theorists claim that Jim Jones had many questionable associations with the CIA throughout the years he was establishing The People’s Temple.

"The Temple had a strong association with the World Vision organisation that many believe to be another CIA front."

Jim Jones

"'Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: Jones was ... sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"'Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia.'"

Lonnie Frisbee was an American Pentecostal evangelist and self-described "seeing prophet" in the late 1960s and 1970s who despite his "hippie" appearance had notable success as a minister and evangelist. Frisbee was a key figure in the Jesus Movement and was involved in the rise of two worldwide denominations (Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard Movement). Both churches later disowned him because he struggled with homosexuality, which he always taught was sin, removing him first from leadership positions, then ultimately firing him. He died of AIDS-related complications in 1993.
Hargis was a prolific author and radio evangelist. Hargis formed American Christian College in 1971 to teach fundamentalist Christian principles. However, a sex scandal erupted at the College, involving claims that Hargis had sex with male and female students. Hargis was forced out of American Christian College's presidency as a result. Further scandals erupted when members of Hargis' youth choir, the "All American Kids", accused Hargis of sexual misconduct as well. The college eventually closed down in the mid-1970s. Hargis denied the allegations publicly.
Clements was a prominent figure within British evangelical Christianity. In 1999, he revealed he was in a homosexual relationship, resigned his pastorship, and separated from his wife. He had written a number of well-received books which were withdrawn from sale when the news broke.[38]

John Paulk  is a former leader of Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conference and former chairman of the board for Exodus International North America. His claimed shedding of homosexuality is also the subject of his autobiography Not Afraid to Change. In September 2000, Paulk was found and photographed in a Washington, D.C. gay bar, and accused by opponents of flirting with male patrons at the bar.
Houston founded his first Assemblies of God ministry at Lower HuttNew Zealand in 1960. In 2000 he was advised to resign his ministerial credentials by his own son, Brian Houston the National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia, after Houston confessed to the sexual abuse of young (under-age) male members of his New Zealand congregation.[40]

Joe Barron, one of the 40 ministers at Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the United States with 26,000 members, was arrested on 15 May 2008 for solicitation of a minor. 

In June 2011, preacher and author Allan Cundick a member of Ash Vale Evangelical Church was arrested on a charge of indecent assault on a minor.

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