Saturday, December 01, 2012


The people in the advertising world tend to have no morals?

Online ads "pop up without warning, distract attention and clog computers...

"Around 9% of all online page views now come from browsers armed with ad-blocking software..."

"You cannot annoy someone into liking you," says Norm Johnston of Mindshare, a media-buying agency.

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This is an anti-smoking advert. 

As an anti-smoking advert it fails. 

It associates smoking with sex, and could lead to increased sales of tobacco.

Maybe that was someone's intention?

This advert shows the eco-friendly Toyota Prius.

The intention is to get you to buy a big gas-guzzling automobile made in America?

Was Toyota, which makes Prius, being secretly got-at by the advertising agency?

Ten adverts that shocked the world - Features ... - The Independent

This is an anti-child-sex advert.

It fails because it makes the kid look both sexy and happy.

You begin to see into the minds of the people in the advertising business?

Advertising is about conning simple-minded people?

And now, a message from the CIA, brought to you by the Save the Children Fund:



dognamedblue said...

I made the mistake of going to college, to get a qualification not to "learn" art, & we had to do an advertising component to the course, myself & a female student plucked up the courage to protest that we thought it was wrong & immoral to do the type of advertising he wanted & we wanted to do adverts that represented better causes but he, the teacher just point blank refused, consequently there would sometimes be only 1 person in his class, there were many times, week after week, where no one turned up

Charles Edward Frith said...

su said...
Bill Hicks starts out a show by asking who is in marketing.
A few hands go up.
He tells them to go and kill themselves.
Nervous laughter ensues.
He again tells them to go and kills themselves.
More laughter.
He does not let up.
Very worthwhile to watch.

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