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Why do a few exceptional young musicians play Mozart with the beauty and wisdom of an older person?

"Some day it will be explained," says Maxim Vengerov.

"Just like reincarnation – I think in our lifetime it will be scientifically proven. 

"A lot of things will be explained, and when they are, humanity will take a more spiritual direction. 

"Music can help: it's the highest expression of the human soul. 

"When people come to the temple of music, all political, religious and ethnic disagreements fall away."

Lunch with the FT: Maxim Vengerov


"An argument which the Vedantists advance in support of the theory of Reincarnation is that 'Nothing is destroyed in the universe.'

"Destruction in the sense of the annihilation of a thing is unknown to the Vedantic philosophers, just as it is unknown to the modern scientists...

"At twelve years old Pascal succeeded in discovering for himself the greater part of plane geometry...

"Mozart, the great musician, wrote a sonata when he was four years old and an opera in his eighth year."

Reincarnated Souls - Mozart wrote a Sonata when he was 4 ...

aangirfan: Reincarnation


Anonymous said...

I knew a guy, a brain-dead bodybuilder, never read a book in his life, knew nothing as he never bothered to learn anything at school, why, when he was going to be the new Arnold.

He got blown-up in a workplace accident. Others died, after a long time in hospital he lived. To be greatly troubled. For he began to see things. Weird things.

They grunted, and gave him heavy drugs and a pension. He took to drink as well as the drugs and tried all the religions in the world, becoming a buddhist after many years.

He admitted he was totally spaced-out.

But the weird visions in his head stayed as clear as a bell.

One day he found himself outside a library. For some reason, he knew he had to go in ...and for the 1st time in his life, began reading.

He found the weird things in his head matched what he saw in the books. He HAD been an Aztec priest, and later, in yet another life, a supervisor on the pyramids. He found he understood hieroglyphics quite well, despite trouble reading English. He found he was also good at maths, something totally beyond him in school.

And then, in yet another life, he attended huge rallies as a soldier, who took part in a secret military operation. He was in some sort of noisy, hot, tube, sick occasionally, orders given in a weird language, but American was also used. A nightime scrabble up a big hill, a fire-fight, a flight to sea, an explosion, water ...death.

We chatted. It turned-out the strange language was German and he'd been in a submarine. He wasn't from any form of German-related family, never heard the language before, but now knowing it was German he borrowed books from the library and learned German very quickly.

He realised he had been a German-American, part of a werewolf team on a uboat, pretending to be an American prize-crew out testing a captured uboat, thus able to sail into a Brit naval-base and be welcomed ashore. They located and stole something, hidden in a cave inside a suger-top mountain there, to be exposed and hunted-down, they escaping in the damaged uboat, unable to submerge, to be run down by the Royal Navy and sunk.

Ok, you say, so what. Proves nothing other than he was barking mad.

But it matched what I knew. I'd heard about a very similar op when a lad. A tale recounted to an acquaintance when serving in the forces Lord Louis Mountbatten.

The island was Ascension Island.

I've researched rumours that the Gandhi family were the guardians of a secret treasure hidden on an island off the African continent (they lived in Africa for generations).

And there was the possibility Himmler, tasked by Hitler to find certain occult relics, suspected one was hidden on the West African coast, somewhere... a suger-top mountain.

Coincidence? Wishful thinking?

Or is reincarnation real.

Anonymous said...

As a burned out child therapist, I have been saying for decades that our contemporary culture would 'cull' an inappropriate child such as Mozart: teachers would expel such a child, while the next point of 'professional expertise' would label him with one of our DSM classifications.


Look around.

Peace xx

Dublinmick said...

Reincarnation and .. music is a central theme of the Native American. They believed in it and viewed music as essential.

Anonymous said...

the early Chtistians used to teach reincarnation but it was all changed, some bits remained such as jesus will be reborn and come again, jesus was a man so if he will be so will we.
Islam also has hidden teachings which promote reincarnation,hindusim is open about reincarnation
publisher robert maxwell said christianity was a tool of the jews, and now any finds of ancient papyri in the occupied territories goes up before the jews who decide if it should be released or destroyed, stone tablets have ben faked which bring christianity into a more favourabe light for israel.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I thought it was the Northern peoples or Celts who knew of reincarnation.
Yeah, I'm a Celt.

Anonymous said...


If reincarnation is a fact of human life, why then there are there SO MANY different concepts of reincarnation?!
Hindus have different concept than the Buddhist, yet these religions come from the same region, and i find this a bit odd.
Shamanic cultures had(many/few) different concepts of reincarnation
..and then there are the modern New Age-concepts.

You would imagine that there is ONLY ONE concept or reincarnation and not, say, five different concepts.
Could it be that past life memories are actually "tricks of the human mind", so false memories?!
No reincarnation in the original Rigveda-books?!
Some researchers state that there is actually no mention of reincarnation in the four original Rigveda-books(books 2-5), and that reincarnation was added into Indian-thought at later times. I haven't had the time to read these books, actually, only bits here and there, althou i read about this thing few years ago. (it's not so important to me).
The original Rigveda-books talk about "life energy" (my word, Rigveda uses the word 'agni', if i remember correctly) moving into plants, animals, humans etc, but these books do not talk about the SOUL moving into new body/life.
Agni is apparently word for "fire" and "lightning". And people can see this "agni in humans" because of STATIC ELECTRICITY . We can get a "zap" when we touch charged objects (other people, car doors etc.), so you'd imagine it was the same for people who lived thousands of years ago! ..they saw the "agni" of static electricity.

Rigvedas (the original books) talk about water and organic matter(including human animal bodies) having "life " or agni too, and when you think about plants..
..when you water a thirsty plant they seem to get "more life " or "more agni", out of wate. And when you give the plant "dead organic matter"(humus, guano/dung etc.) it also seems to give them "more agni-energy". Bury a dead human or animal under a tree, and the tree might get more vitality out of that body.
And it is the same for humans and animals as well. We need water and food for vitality!

So maybe early Hindus and Buddhist actually interpreted this original Rigvedic concept in the wrong way and started talking about reincarnation, when the rigvedic-people actually might have meant "life-giving-energy" (agni) moving into other things after we die, not the human SOUL.
And now that we are in the topic of "afterlife":
Bible/Koran claims that we only live once in "carnal bodies" and in "heaven" there is no death. But then some religions claim we reincarnate into "carnal existence" again after death or even multiple times. Both of these concepts CAN NOT be factual and part of REALITY at the same time, right?
..But both these concepts can actually be FALSE.
So maybe Abrahamic religions and "Reincarnation-religions"(Hinduism, Buddhism etc.) both present FALSE REALITY!

The THIRD concept is, and this is actually stated atleast in some ancient Egyptian texts, that there actually IS dying in the "here after". Meaning that there would be be" after life even in the after life", understand what i mean?

Food for thought ;)

Anonymous said...


'If you are not breathing, it is not yoga'

without breath, a new born dies.

When humans and animals die, their bodies return to the clay whence they come.

breath is life

is eternal, in our world without end.

So here we all are, living and dying, problem solving and struggling and scheming and loving and hating and fighting and crying and hiding and working and trying to be Somebodies rather than No bodies......the list goes on

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be Comforted...

Nothing Divine dies, but is eternally transformed.

Peace xx

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