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Syrie Maugham was the daughter of Thomas Barnardo, founder of the Barnardo's children's homes, where much child abuse took place.

Syrie's lovers included Henry Solomon Wellcome, Harry Gordon Selfridge, Brig. Gen. Percy Fitzgerald and William Somerset Maugham.

Syrie was expelled from school at aged 16.

Aged 21, Syrie was in Egypt, where she met a family friend called Henry Solomon Wellcome, who was in his forties.

Syrie and Henry were quickly married.

Mounteney and Henry Wellcome

They produced a son called Mounteney.

As Syrie and Henry spent a lot of time travelling, Mounteney did not see much of his parents.

While Henry and Syrie were in Ecuador, Henry accused Syrie of having an affair with an American businessman, Archer Harman.

Henry never spoke to Syrie again.

"One of Syrie’s siblings was mentally disabled; her first child, by Henry Wellcome... reportedly had a learning disability. The couple were extravagantly mismatched, he a sadistic and humorless 47 when they married in 1901, she fizzy, enchantingly pretty and 21... A separation agreement nine years later gave Syrie temporary custody of their son. Ultimately he was placed with a family of dairy farmers and his mother vanished from his life, giving the lie to her reputation as a doting parent."

High Gloss - The New York Times / Behind closed doors -

Syrie became the mistress of the American store owner Gordon Selfridge, who was 20 years her senior.

Syrie then had an affair with William Somerset Maugham, the mainly gay writer.

Syrie became pregnant at the same time as Maugham fell in love with Gerald Haxton.

Maugham and Haxton

The daughter of Syrie and William Somerset Maugham was called Elizabeth (Liza) Maugham.

Henry Wellcome filed for divorce, naming Maugham as the co-respondent, and Syrie became Mrs Syrie Maugham.

Maugham began spending much of his time abroad, with Gerald Haxton.

Maugham and Gerald traveled to Honolulu, Australia, Singapore and Burma... Gerald was dangerously addicted to gambling and drink, as well as sex. His preference was adolescent boys.


Syrie eventually got a divorce.

Liza (centre)

In his memoir Looking Back (1962) Somerset Maugham appeared to deny that he was the father of Elizabeth (Liza) Maugham.

He tried to have her disinherited in order to adopt his male secretary, Alan Searle.

A court decided that Maugham was Liza's biological father.

Liza was awarded approximately $1,400,000 in damages.

Liza and her husband "enjoyed the friendship" of senior members of the Royal Family.


Anonymous said...

aferrismoon said...

Re: Savile

The opening lines from ' This Morning With Richard Not Judy '

In one of their shows they also have a sketch called 'lazy, lying journalist scum', which seems to describe the BBC's efforts investigating Savile et al.


Anonymous said...

The web of elite scum interbreeding, and mingling knows no bounds.

One of my favorite books/movies is The Razor's Maugham.
I watched the old black and white version on Christmas day. No surprise to see his connections to the usual suspects.
I love the message and themes in that book, but wonder what hidden poison lurks within its pages.
Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell are all authors I have read extensively. They are all servants of the elite and their wonderful books often contain subtle lies, hints of big truths and obvious propaganda.
I have come to believe that any author permitted to be successful is part of the game or a dupe.

Real writers never had a chance back with the internet we have an open window, for a while. Good on all of us who take advantage and contribute


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.12 pm I could not agree more.

While reading Aangirfan's excellent presentation this morning, I too, experienced that deja vu feeling that comes with reading about authors we loved to read as younger people, which for me includes Somerset M and Howard Spring, Carl Jung etc

Not just authors, but all people who do not play the game, are marginalised, destroyed, whatever it takes!

I have just finished reading Forsyth's The Odessa File, and now into Morris West's The Tower of Babel: reading with 'new eyes', having spent years picking the beam out of them.

Aang, perhaps we might read on your site, when you have time, of Jung and his friendship with Laurens van den Post, who wrote Jung and the Story of Our Time, which I also loved, as a young woman.

I have always known that v d Post is a godfather to William, and a friend to Charles.

We are all inter related: just some of us refuse to 'play'.

Love xx

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