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Missing Maria (Marita) Veron

What makes the USA and Europe just like Argentina?

In Argentina, three judges have been accused of corruption.

The allegedly corrupt judges have just cleared 13 people of sex slavery charges.

Reportedly, one of the sex slaves is Maria Veron.

Argentina's Admiral Emilio Massero trafficked in children. He was involved with P2, the international masonic lodge which, as part of the CIA's Operation Gladio, helped carry out terrorism in Italy.

Maria was reportedly kidnapped and forced into prostitution ten years ago.

Maria was kidnapped by people who got out of a red car. Three days later she was found by police after apparently escaping from a sex party. Police left her on a bus, but she never reached her destination.

Marita Veron

Maria was reportedly kept as a sex slave by an abuse ring with close ties to authorities in the provinces of Tucuman and La Rioja.
She is still missing.

Argentina is famous for child kidnappings. Under the leadership of Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone, even babies were kidnapped. The CIA supported Videla and Bignone.

One witness said she saw Maria being beaten; another said she saw Maria being forced to provide sex to VIP clients.

Andrea D. testified that she had seen Maria at a brothel in La Rioja.

Andrea D. testified that some of the accused said Maria had been sold off to brothels in Spain.

Maria's mother, Susana, criticised the former governor Julio Miranda and officials of his cabinet. "Like a stupid person I went to the Governor's Mansion. I say stupid because the mafia was there," she said.

Maria testified against Ruben (the pig) Ale.

"'Ale and the mafia handle all the drugs and prostitution in this province", she said.

Maria (right) and her mother Susana

Protests against the judges have taken place on the streets of Argentina.

Some political leaders have called for the judges to be impeached.

Argentina's Security Minister Nilda Garre called the verdict 'a tremendous slap in the face for the prospect of justice'; President Cristina Fernandez personally called Trimarco to express her surprise and outrage.


Maria is the daughter of Susana Trimarco.

Susana has been exposing the criminals who run brothels with the help of government officials all across Argentina.

Lawyer Carlos Garmendia told The Associated Press: 'The police are not investigating Marita's disappearance. It's Susana Trimarco who is investigating...'

Susana has a foundation which has helped 20 former sex-trafficking victims bring cases against their captors.

They have yet to win a single case.

'They don't investigate. There's a lack of commitment and capability,' said Agustin Araoz Teran, one of the foundation's lawyers.

Teran joined Trimarco's foundation after his father, a judge, was shot dead after investigating police officers who were reportedly freeing juvenile delinquents so that they could peddle drugs for the police.

Read more:

Clashes erupt in Argentina over verdict in sex slave trial (VIDEO ... - RT

The Argentinian government kidnapped kids.

Under the leadership of Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone, even babies were kidnapped.

Two former Argentinian dictators jailed for stealing babies.

The 'Dirty War' state terrorism in Argentina lasted from 1976 until 1983.

Videla (right) - Argentinian head of State 1976-81

The USA supported Videla and Bignone.

In Argentina, the "CIA funded Navy Mechanics School (ESMA) was where opponents (active or perceived) to the dictatorship were raped, tortured, murdered and scientifically experimented on...

Klaus Barbie, famous for his torture techniques during Hitler’s reign of terror, was undoubtedly called upon in an 'advisory capacity' at ESMA. Barbie was a CIA asset." (Cruyff - ZANI :: Articles)

State Department documents obtained by the National Security Archive under the Freedom of Information Act show that in October 1976, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and high-ranking U.S. officials gave their full support to the Argentine military junta.[155]

Emilio Massero (October 19, 1925 – November 8, 2010)

Emilio Massera, friend of the USA, was the classic admiral.

He believed in 'duty', 'rationality', 'obedience', 'patriotism' and 'sacrifice'.

He was "big, bluff, loud and handsome." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

He was trained by the Pentagon, at the School of the Americas.

Emilio Massera trafficked in babies and young children. (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

He was involved with P2, the international masonic lodge which, as part of Operation Gladio, helped carry out terrorism in Italy.

He set up a CIA-funded torture centre. (Cruyff - ZANI :: Articles)

This was designed to kill an estimated 30,000 "enemies of the state". (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

Argentina has a Nazi past.

Massera was the leading figure in the three man fascist military junta which came to power in Argentina in 1976.

He was part of the Pentagon's Plan Cóndor, which carried out acts of terrorism in South America.

He was a close friend of the papal nuncio Archbishop, now Cardinal, Pio Laghi. (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

Laghi and the Vatican supported the junta's atrocities, including the murder of at least one bishop.

Emilio Massera helped organise the torture and murder and child trafficking in Argentina.

In basements, "ordinary Argentines were kept for years blindfolded, chained and shackled." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

A suspect's head would be held "under water fouled with faeces and urine until they thought they were drowning."

Innocent citizens were loaded on to military aircraft "from which they would be tossed, living, into the sea.

"Perhaps 10,000 Argentines died this way in the seven years the junta was in power." (Emilio Massera The Economist)Admiral Massera's forces were involved in "random terror ... abductions, murder, rape and the routine use of ...the utmost violence". (Emilio Massera The Economist)

"Bodies were burned at 'barbecues' on the sports field. The admiral himself took part at first to encourage his men." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

Eichmann in Argentina.

Massera liked young actresses.

"He enjoyed his official yacht, even when Fernando Branca, a millionaire whose wife was one of his lovers, curiously vanished from it without trace while they were out sailing together." (Emilio Massera The Economist)What was the secret of Massera's success?

Like the fascist leader Juan Peron, he was involved with the P-2 Masonic lodge.

His Masonic friends "included global arms-dealers and drug-traffickers, as well as the Vatican bank." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

In 1985, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

But, of course, he did not go to jail.

President Carlos Menem pardoned him.

Argentina is the country to which Adolf Hitler retired.

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Anonymous said...

Argentina does indeed have a Nazi past.

At the recommendation of an Aangirfan commentator, I have returned to reading Frederick Forsyth and first off the rank is The Odessa File.

Gruelling, especially since I am the 'child' of survivors of the German occupation of Holland. My parents are now in their 80's and continue to tell the stories of Amsterdam and countryside experiences......

Now that I am setting them straight on the roles of media and royalty, politicians and military, they look at me as though I AM the MAD one.

Lord have Mercy

and if there are any Indian readers of Aangirfan, please could you comment on this tragic story of a conscientious nurse in London.

Would a mother of two beautiful children and a loving husband, Catholics, REALLY do this to herself????

Until I hear from the family that THEY believe she did this, I refuse to believe the media.

But I understand totally, their devastation and confusion, and join the rest of the world in offering my deepest condolences on their loss.

Peace xx

Anonymous said...

Argentina has a large Jewish population. Interesting that the Nazis decided to live among their "enemies". "Stoopid" Nazis!

Anonymous said...

'As early as November 1944 Heinrich Himmler tried to negotiate his own safe conduct through the offices of Count Bernadotte of the Swedish Red Cross"

While the Nazis and the SS screamed at the German people to fight on until the wonder weapons waiting round the corner were delivered, they themselves prepared for their departure to a comfortable exile elsewhere...wanted SS men...close ties with Peron's Argentina, which issued 7006 blank passports...Franciscan Monastery/Rome...Red Cross/Caritas...well over 80% meriting the death sentence....

Having established itself comfortably on the proceeds of mass murder, transferred from the Swiss banks-the Odessa sat back and watchedc the deterioration of relations between the Allies of 1945."

"What the Allies had failed to realise until much later, was that each had meticulously prepared his disappearance beforehand"

The quotes from above are from the Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth.

Nothing has changed.

The same players are playing the same old game, and we the people are the pawns in their wealth creation Plan, or dead.

In America today, the issue is not 'guns'.


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