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More Sandy Hook Puzzle Pieces? – Secrets of the Fed

Lauren Rousseau was reportedly killed in the Sandy hook shootings.

According to Lauren's mother, Lauren's 2004 Honda Civic - parked outside the school - was riddled with bullets when the authorities removed the vehicle.

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Lauren Rousseau (right)

Lauren's car.

The official story is that Lauren's car was hit by bullets shot from inside the school.

There was no record of any bullet holes in the windows of the school.

Lauren Rousseau's Car Riddled With Bullet Holes In Sandy Hook ...

This photo below shows the angle at which the gun had to be fired:

Lauren Rousseau's Car Riddled With Bullet Holes In Sandy Hook ...

"How is it possible for a bullet hole to penetrate the side of her car at the trajectory shown above?"

Lauren Rousseau's Car Riddled With Bullet Holes In Sandy Hook ...

Was Lauren killed before she reached the school?

Did she fire a bullet from inside her car?

More Sandy Hook Puzzle Pieces? – Secrets of the Fed

George Hochsprung, the husband of  Sandy Hook principal Dawn, taught Lauren Rousseau

George Hochsprung taught Lauren Rousseau when she was in fourth grade and considered her a ‘family friend’, relatives have revealed.

Lauren’s stepfather Bill Leukhardt has a picture of Lauren taken in 1992 when she was in Mr Hochsprung’s Grade Four class at Roberts Avenue Elementary School, which has since been demolished.

He said: ‘She was taught by George Hochsprung and they stayed close’.

George and Dawn.

Edith Maxwell, as Tace Baker, has written a mystery about Quaker Linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau entitled Speaking of Murder.

Mystery in Maine | Maine Crime Writers

Lauren Rousseau decides to have sex with her best-looking student Jamal Carter. 

Shortly afterward, she finds Jamal's dead body on campus. 

Before he dies, Jamal gives Rousseau a document that accuses Rousseau's boss of child abuse.

Read more: NORTH SHORE BOOK NOTES: 'Speaking of Murder' 

Hochsprung: when did she have time to call the local newspaper?

Was Dawn Hochsprung killed before she had time to reach Sandy Hook school?

Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach "were killed execution-style."


Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee, that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting...

Shooting Reported Sandy Hook Elementary School | The Newtown

"This doesn't sound like a person who threw herself in the path of the gunman to stop him. The story as we have been hearing it is the shooter went in to the office, the principal turned on the PA system so everyone could hear what was coming down... and then she tried to stop him.

"When did she have the time to call the newspaper? 

"Did she do this before the shooter came in to her office? If she did, shouldn't she have turned on the PA before making that phone call and told the teachers to lock their rooms because a shooter was on scene."

The Newtown Bee has issued a retraction of their 12/14 story quoting Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

So, who was the impostor?

Dawn met George Hochsprung at Rogers Park Middle School in Danbury, Connecticut. 

"It's the same school where he was working Friday.

"He was a good deal older when they met, but she was his superior in the school hierarchy: She was an assistant principal, and he was a seventh-grade math teacher. 'I just fell in love with her,' he said. But it took a little while for him to persuade her to marry him: 'She turned me down five times.'

"Once he won her over, their wedding was influenced by their mutual love of sailing, taking place on a boat at sea near the Connecticut port of Mystic a decade ago.

"They had both been married previously, and their union brought together three daughters on his side and two on hers...

"Her decision to step out into danger when the shooting began has left her husband with some difficult emotions. 'Dawn put herself in jeopardy, and I have been angry about that,' he said.

"But that changed Sunday, he said, when he met two teachers who told him that his wife had instructed them to take shelter while she confronted Lanza."

Slain Connecticut principal's husband left with future

Allegedly, the masked shooter, unseen by anyone in the car park, walked up to the front entrance and fired at least a half dozen rounds into the glass doors

"The thunderous sound" alerted Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Scherlach.

The two of them mysteriously ran towards the gunman, and were killed. 

Sounds like nonsense.

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On 25 December 1996, JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in the basement of the Ramsey home in Boulder, Colorado.

On 21 July 2011, John Ramsey, 67, married fashion designer Jan Rousseaux, 53, in Charlevoix, Michigan.

John Ramsay

John Ramsey's wife died in 2006;  John Ramsey's 22-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, in a car accident in 1992.

John Ramsey had an affair with Beth Twitty - the mother of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teen who vanished in Aruba in 2005.

Fashion designer Jan Rousseaux.

Who killed JonBenet?

John Ramsay, "as a former naval officer, would have been able to tie the complicated knot around the girl’s neck..."

One theory was that "Mr Ramsey, a wealthy businessman, had murdered the girl to cover up sexual abuse...."

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JonBenet with her parents, stepsister Melinda, stepbrother John and brother Burke. The three surviving grown children attended the wedding


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Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones

"This is the familiar "Joker" mode of secret societies, in which little foreshadowing clues are placed in significant places. Michael Hoffman, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, comments on "The Method": "...a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim[s] as a show of power and macabre arrogance...performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolic words...They brag to us about what they've gotten away with..."

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