Friday, December 28, 2012


Cartoon image, which appeared before 9 11, and which was apparently preparing us to accept the 9 11 propaganda.

The CIA uses subliminals, and terror, to brainwash us.

This image appeared in the film The dark Knight Rises.

The words 'Sandy Hook' appear in the film The Dark Knight Rises, which is connected to a shooting rampage.

In the film, Commissioner James Gordon points to a map showing a targeted area identified as Sandy Hook,  also known as Strike Zone 1.

On July 20, 2012, a gunman killed 12 people at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

“Following the devastating shooting, conspiracy theorists spotted the name ‘Aurora’ on top of a large skyscraper during a scene in the film.”

Terror is used by the elite to control us.

Alun Morgan - subliminal learning of Welsh

"Alun Morgan, 81, was evacuated to Wales during the Second World War but left 70 years ago.

"During his time there he was surrounded by Welsh speakers but never learned the language himself.

"Mr Morgan recently suffered a stroke, but when he regained consciousness three weeks later, doctors discovered he was speaking Welsh and could not remember any English.

"It is thought that the Welsh Mr Morgan heard as a boy had sunk in without him knowing and was unlocked after he suffered the stroke."

Englishman wakes from stroke speaking fluent Welsh

Subliminals are about turning us into slaves.

"If you play the movie Gladiator at a reduced pace, you will notice the word Kennedy flash on the screen, just as the character of Maximus is being taken away to be executed...

"It is believed that there is a scene in the move, Aladdin, where the audio message, Good teenagers, take off your clothes is being whispered."

The message gets repeated over and over.

Website for this image

Usually we do not notice the subliminal messages.

Website for this image

The CIA and its friends now control the media in countries from India to Italy to Indonesia....


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Anonymous said...

Computer geniuses should create a program to start tracking data gleaned from vidoes/films for analysis and comparison. The PTB have been flaunting their powers and plans in movies/TV for many years--even Disney. They make it appear as though it is just fiction/sci-fi, while being highly amused at the ignorance of the public they are deceiving. You, aang, are one who is tracking, but after the fact. If the intel criminals can do data analysis on what persons are doing, surely it can be done on what they are doing. They think they are safely hidden, so flaunt their evil. I am sure there are a few smart cookies among us who can deduce--like Jim Stone. Too bad Michael Rivero doesn't use his computer skills to deduce from data, but he can't since he is obviously running interference for the PTB's actually doing it. Remember Audrey's question to Cary in "Charade," "Which are you, a truthful Whitefoot, or a lying Blackfoot?" Rivero's status.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood films in particular but also british TV is packed full of subliminals, most at the moment are promoting homosexuality a sa prelude to downgrading then legalising child sex, as proposed by the talmud
pete Wilson

Anonymous said...

more 911 subliminals and premonitions

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