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What might link the Sandy Hook shootings to Jo Lieberman?

Joseph Lieberman is the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and he is a senator from Stamford, in Connecticutt, in New England.

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There have been killings of civilians in Belgium, which have been linked to child sex orgies, called 'pink ballets'.

On one occasion, there were random shootings in a supermarket.

The killers, the Brabant Gang, reportedly worked for the US Defence Intelligence Agency.

"There were several reports that the Brabant Gang was run by elements of ... Belgian security, and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, acting on behalf of the CIA."

Among the victims of the Brabant Gang were people who had evidence of secret parties, called “pink ballets,” at which NATO officers, and politicians, participated in orgies with underage children.

clues from previous massacres.

PINK BALLETS; AMERICAN MILITARY'A Singular Yarn' - Strange but true happenings in Hicktown .

During Lieberman's 22 years in the Senate, Connecticut has become "a sleazy hub of underage prostitution, child porn, drug peddling and gambling."

"Joe Lieberman has been a contemporary of New England gangland boss Whitey Bulger and his CIA controllers." 


Lieberman’s wife Hadassah Freilick "is a crusading Zionist on contract with the CIA-controlled Hill & Knowlton PR firm as an unregistered lobbyist for Pfizer and Hoffman-LaRoche drug labs.

"Pzifer invented not only mind-altering drugs like Prozac, Zoloft.... Hoffman-LaRoche markets... the notorious date-rape drug Rohypnol."


New England, including Connecticut, is now more Jewish: "rampant consumerism, aggressive greed ... domineering sexual violation ... debt, loan-sharking and bankruptcy... ­ 

"Investment bankers, hedge fund managers, stock brokers and crony politicians partying with their investors' money in orgies with teenagers and sub-teens fueled on Ice and Viagra."

Brothels for the US elite are now being filled with children "from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and the backwoods of New England and the Midwest."


New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was jailed for having sex with a prostitute.

But reportedly this was related to Spitzer having "prosecuted the World Jewish Congress for misappropriation of donor funds."

The pimp was a Russian-Israeli named Mark Brener.

Brener is now "running a mind-control clinic called The One World Initiative."

Certain politicians, especially if linked to Homeland Security, can run protection rackets.

"Keeping a deviant Kennedy ... out of jail and miles away from the headlines is convertible into campaign contributions, endorsements and blocks of votes." 

Lieberman and an Israeli spook.

Lieberman did not support the 2003 Protect Act, aimed at child prostitution, pedophiles and child porn.

Some of the electorate began to turn against Lieberman.

Chris Murphy, a moderate Republican who was a state senator in 2005, pushed for an Office of Child Protection. 

Murphy has since won the race to take over the retiring Lieberman’s Senate seat in January 2013.

State attorney general Richard Blumenthal joined the anti-child-abuse campaign.

At the same time, the FBI decided to end its protection of mob boss Whitey Bulger.

This would not please the criminals who allegedly have links to the CIA, Mossad...

Sandy Hook has links to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The University of Connecticut established a master's degree program designed by the DHS and the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California, a training ground for CIA and Defense Intelligence agents. 

Sandy Hook was one of the schools participating in an online training program offered by the University of Connecticut.

"The moles inside the police force realized the potential threat coming from Blumenthal and the FBI..."

So, the purpose of an act of terror, such as in Sandy Hook, is to disrupt the 'forces of law and order' and promote the agenda of the elite.

The bad guys thrive when there is chaos and confusion.

Latin Kings capo Juan 'Black Rose' Rosario during his sentencing for murder. He is seated with his attorney Donald Liberman. PHOTOGRAPHER CHRIS PEDOTA

"George Uzar Sr. - extended family of Christopher Rodia" owned the car Adam Lanza allegedly used.

Uzar "was manufacturing fully automatic rifles and selling them to members of the Latin Kings."

Some more information to play with.. The Car?

Did Adam Lanza die in 2010?


'A Singular Yarn' - Strange but true happenings in Hicktown .


Anonymous said...

Whoa... Plus, we should wait for some insights from the guys who posted on the infamous RIP facebook page. Once they speak out, the clue's opened.

Anonymous said...

Off subject but legitimate info about Zoloft. I was put on this drug as a result of panic attacks caused by the chemicals used in cancer treatment. Although my body had to adjust to taking it initially, using Zoloft helped me to be calm and not have crying episodes. I did not become psychotic. After my cancer therapy ended, I no longer used Zoloft, or needed it. There are genuine therapeutic uses for drugs like Zoloft. It isn't just a drug given to a person that is the whole story, it is why it is given combined with what the controlling factors of his life are. Obviously, criminal sources are and have been using drugs combined with mental and physical manipulation to pursue their own vile agenda.

The Realist Report said...

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your loved ones aangirfan!

Lucela said...

You have been writing of 'pink ballets' for some time, and it seems there is much more to the whole scenario. Thank you for putting this together for those who find it incomprehensible - which sadly does not mean it doesn't happen. It is a life that many children, teenagers and older people have lived. We need to fathom ways to prevent it, starting right now.

Anonymous said...

See also

Anonymous said...

Could give me the source related to american marines and the raid on the mil. kaserne to steal fn prototype guns?
I studied 'the bende van Nijvel' a bit but never heard about this.
Further I think there is a lot of assumption in this blog, to read facts there is a forum called De bende van Nijvel.
Theres never been found an unopened sack full of money there has been found an empty moneydeposit box along with a bag full of guns however.
Also I think the truth behind this all is very dangerous to find and to know. Another thing..ever heard of the ex police/p.i./secret service/armstrader mr Beijer? who fled to the us bragging about writting scenarios for hollywood and a few years later tarrentino comes up with a new genre movies like henry portrait of a...and reservoir dogs?
the guy who wrote these movies knew mr beijer.

Anon said...

Could give me the source related to american marines and the raid on the mil. kaserne to steal fn prototype guns?

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