Thursday, December 20, 2012


Dan Lynch remembers Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.

Lynch says he remembers watching a sex-education movie, and Lanza saying he was about to throw up and needed to leave the room.

Was Lanza nervous because he was being sexually abused?

Classmate remembers Adam Lanza attending Sandy Hook

In Connecticut, Linda Wiegand reportedly came up against a "Satanic cult of pedophiles consisting of judges, attorneys, social workers and ... her ex-husband, Tom Wilkinson, who now has custody of the children."

An article by Kris Millegan, dated 1 November 2001 and entitled THE PEDOPHILE NETWORK IN CONNECTICUT, suggests "that there is a pedophile conspiracy reaching up to the top levels of government."


Millegan refers to "a labyrinthine world of judicial and political corruption with many tantalizing links to a national pedophile network closely identified with the Bush family."


"The children's allegations were 'specific and consistent,' their drawings were 'explicit,' and their allegations were .... spontaneous."

A LIFE SENTENCE - Conscious Being Alliance

"LOUIS KIEFER, Tom Wilkinson's lawyer, includes notorious DR RALPH UNDERWAGER in his his list of recommended expert witnesses to testify for clients accused of being child molesters.

"He helped found FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME FOUNDATION created by CIA/MKULTRA mind controllers DRS LOUIS WEST and MARTIN ORNE to suppress evidence gathered by regressed hypnosis."

George W Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut.


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another fine presentation of 'dots', Aangirfan.

I am now at the appalling conclusion that the most idyllic of places also harbour the most heinous of humanity's predilections.

As a youngster growing up in the wilderness that was Oz in the fifties and sixties, I avariciously read books and magazines, then television, until I ran away from home at 16. Actually, my mother physically kicked me. But then, I did not know that much much worse happens to kids, so I was 'privileged' by comparison.

As an impressionable youngster, I was enchanted with Pollyanna and Anne of Green Gables and the Camelot of the the Kennedies. I read Rose's autobiography and dreamed of this Camelot world....

While living in Toronto Canada my family packed up the car and embarked on a camping trip that lasted 6 weeks and went as far as Hyannisport and Rhode Island ...all my dreams had come true, in visiting the places I had read about, romantic girl that I am.

Twenty years later I had become tertiary educated, clinically trained and a professional. I found a village of singular charm and great natural beauty comparable to the villages we travelled through in Canada and the US, which included Vermont and Connecticut and Cape Cod, Maine and back up through Prince Edward Island etc.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven, having found a real world paradise in which to consolidate my professional practice in my fifth decade of Life on Planet Earth.

Instead, the next twenty years became a living hell, where all my pure intentions were slaughtered in numerous ways, and I learned as an advocate for kids, just how child-unfriendly our so-called 'civilised' society is.

I escaped with my life, impoverished, bloodied but unbowed.

In those twenty years I finished every project that I started. I rebuilt everything that was broken. I took to Court, every injustice perpetrated against me.

Until the bitter end, the forces were ranged against me, and at the same time, I got through on the wings of prayer, some rare, like-minded lawyers and magistrates, and faithful friends.

Now, like all good people/whistleblowers I encounter on the internet, I am scraping through financially, but enormously enriched with real wisdom...more precious than rubies.....

Thanks to Aangirfan and others on the internet, I now have insights into the Big Picture of Planet Earth, although the real mysteries of who is doing what to whom remain blurred with the mud of deceptions, treacheries, sadism, brutalities and psychopathies.

James Hillman and Scott Peck in their excellent analyses wrote on how evil attracts innocence.

I, Pollyanna, learned of the veracity of this, in my blind faith of a good life in a bijou village in Oz.

I now know that it is no different to Newtown Connecticut, where genuinely innocent, good, caring people are living along side evil psychopaths who are extremely charming.

Unbelievable but true.

Once we are adult, we are hiding our heads in the sand if we claim 'innocence': we simply must deal with evil when we encounter it.

Things are not what they seem.

Peace and Love xx

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The Sandy Hook Assault
By Yoichi Shimatsu
"The Sandy Hook assault happened probably because of a split between competing institutions and diverging policies. On one hand, the gangland figures who cooperated with CIA mind-control program that promoted child-sex as a means of ensuring obedience and secrecy were being challenged by politicians playing up parental demands to clean up the scandalous child-sex problem in Connecticut."

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