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Claire Marie Busuttil was crowned Miss World Malta 2011 on July 16, 2011 at the Grand Master’s Suite of the Hilton Malta in St. Julian’s.

Jimmy Savile became a Knight of Malta.

Other Knights of Malta include Edward Garnier, Franz von Papen, Francis Spellman, Prince Laurent of Belgium, William J. Casey...

"Beginning with the Aug. 23, 2010 unsolved murder of Russian strategic analyst, Alexander Pikayev, then spreading outward from there, there have been multiple unsolved deaths (mostly stabbings) on Malta's north shore..."

Latest Malta Murder Again At St Paul’s Bay–Hungarian Woman Stabbed 40 Time

Malta Murder Again « Therearenosunglasses's Weblog

Anders Breivik Website for this image

According to MaltaToday (Imperium Europa ... -, 'Breivik' had close connections with a number of Maltese political parties

CIA torture flights have reportedly landed in Malta.

Malta will have elections in March 2013.

In early December 2012, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi lost his one-vote majority.

An MP was angry about the government's decision to hand the management of Malta's bus service to a German operator.

The Nationalist Party has governed Malta since 1987, apart from 1996-1998 when Labour was in power.

Malta government falls after PM Gonzi loses majority

St Paul's cathedral. Berthold Werner

10 years ago, Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami announced that two judges, including the Chief Justice, were under police investigation for bribery.

Former Chief Justice Noel Arrigo and former judge Patrick Vella were charged in court for accepting bribes.

In March 2007, admitted to accepting a bribe of Lm10,000 (€23,300) for reducing the jail term of drug trafficker Mario Camilleri. 

In December 2012, Mr Justice Ray Pace was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to accepting a bribe, trading in influence and money laundering.

Case of déjà vu: judiciary in the dock / Judge charged with accepting a bribe

People of Valetta.

Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy has been granted licences to search for oil and gas off the north coast of Malta.

Website for this image...

When one wanted to arrive at the incomparable, the fabulous, the like nothing-else-in-the-world, where was it one went?

Back in time to that smouldering treasure island of dark intrigue, cheap wine, overcrowded churches and lyrical youth. 

Back to Malta!

Gozo, sister island.

Malta used to be (twenty years ago) a quaint little island, the unique selling point of which was friendliness.

Now Malta has become a trifle less friendly.

But, go into a Labour Party club; and start talking.

"What do you think of that escape from the jail?" I asked the burly worker at the bar, who was drinking a Cisk beer.

"It's the Nationalist Party I blame," he said.

"Why's that?"

"Crime's gone up since they came in."

"Are you suggesting corruption?"


"Read a book called IL-HBIEB TAL-HBIEB by Glen Bedingfield. It's about the connections between drug smugglers and the relatives of certain politicians.

"Look at some of these Nationalist Party people. Nice cars and big villas. How come a drug trafficker and attempted murderer gets a pardon and walks free?"

"Don't know. What about the Church?"

"The Nationalists mix religion and politics. Which is wrong."

Blue lagoon
By 衰尾道人
"You're anti-clerical? Not keen on the influence of the Church?"

"That's right."

"The Church is against divorce, abortion, and so on."

"But doesn't the Church defend against wicked Western ways? Drugs and so on?"

Friendly? We got on like a flat roofed house on fire.


Go into a Nationalist Party Club.

"What do you think of the General Workers Union?" I asked the middle class businessman at the bar.

"It's like Britain before Thatcher," he said. "The GWU are resisting necessary change."

"Change?" I asked.

"We need the European Community. To get the investment and the jobs. We need to upgrade everything. Eddie supported change. Sant only wanted to put up taxes."

Friendly? He invited me to his house.


"The most expansive intelligence services in the world are under the control of the Order of the Knights of Malta."

(Vatican Assassins and the Norway Massacre Connection. /aangirfan: The CIA, The Vatican, Knights of Malta, Fascism ...)

'Ander's Breivik''s mentor is said to be Paul Ray.

Paul Ray, an Englishman, now lives in Malta.

Paul Ray

British spies often retire to Malta.

According to MaltaToday (Imperium Europa ... -, 'Breivik' had close connections with a number of Maltese political parties, including Maltese Imperium Europa, and was in close contact with the party.

In his dossier 'Breivik' wrote that he had travelled to a number of countries including:

The United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Belarus, Poland, Sweden, France, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania ,Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Cyprus, the United States of America, Turkey, Mexico, China, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia and Malta. 

Nick Greger (left) with Johnny Adair. Anders Breivik has been linked to exiled loyalist chief Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair.

MaltaToday (Breivik's 'mentor' hosted Johnny Adair and Nick Greger.) reveals that:

In February 2011, Paul Ray played host in Malta to former Ulster Freedom Fighter (UFF) Brigadier Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair and convicted terrorist and ex-neo Nazi Nick Greger.

Adair is supected of having links to agencies of the UK government.


Northern Irish protestant terror chief Johhny 'Mad Dog' Adair and his friend Glasgow gangster Tam McGraw were deeply involved in the drug trade between Scotland and Ulster (Northern Ireland)' (McGRAW: PETTY THIEF TO A £30M FORTUNE HOW DRUG-DEALING )

During World War II many Jews fleeing Nazism came to Malta as it was the only European country not to require visas of Jews fleeing German rule.[7]

Israel has an influence in Malta.

"There are currently 68 companies registered in Malta with Israeli shareholding." (Malta signs agreements with Israel, Palestinian Authority)

In 1995, in Sliema, Malta, Mossad carried out an assassination of a Palestinian.

This was in front of the Diplomat Hotel [26]

Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Leiberman with Malta's foreign Minister Tonio Borg in Jerusalem.

The BEST thing about any holiday to Malta is meeting the Maltese.

Invite yourself into one of their homes.

In Rose Marie's home, in a tenement in the dark back streets of Marsa, I supped Hopleaf, admired the plastic flowers and the photos of the Liverpool team, and chatted to the family.

The water had been cut off for several days and so washing the baby was a problem.

The baby had been to London for treatment for a heart condition.

Rose Marie was a sweet Maltese girl.

Rose Marie's family took me to their wooden hut in a dark fishing harbour beneath some cliffs. By the light of an oil lamp we dined off pesce spada and local wine.

"One of my brothers distrusts the Labour Party," said Rose Marie, "and the other distrusts all priests."

"All the money is in Swiss bank accounts," said one brother.....


In a gloomy flat in dockland I visited an elderly gent called Joseph, a heavy character who claims he once helped to break into the headquarters of a certain political party.

Joseph told tales of alleged murders committed by supporters of one party.

"I will always support Labour," said Joseph, who was sitting on an old iron bed beneath a picture of Christ.

Over thirty years ago, Joseph's Labour comrades suggested he was gay.

A nervous breakdown was followed by shock treatment and strong drugs.

Joseph was out of work and sick for twenty years.....


Did you read about the high-up clergy man and the catamite?


The landscape (apart from Valletta) is not necessarily world class. It is not in the same league as Capri or Amalfi in nearby Southern Italy.

But, Valletta and the Three Cities are rather special. I know of nowhere else in the world to compare with the Grand Harbour in terms of harbours. Rio de Janeiro? Monte Carlo?

Then there are the walks and cycle rides along bosky lanes in Spring : poppies, geraniums, anemones, meadow saffron, tamarisks, wild orchids, narcissus... and then a glass of Maltese wine in a little bar called 'England Forever.'

There are dreamlike waterfronts, medieval hill top towns, giant red and golden flags, tall cacti....

There are cafes and bars hidden down back streets in remote villages; and there you may find antique juke boxes and cute Catanian girls playing pool.


The hotels are often scruffy (although some have been updated and there are some big new ones). 

But, the scruffy ones are cheap! I don't recommend Bugibba as a place to stay, unless you like Margate.

You might like to try one of Valetta's hotels, such as THE OSBORNE.


1. Try freshly caught Lampuka and a bottle of Special Reserve.

2. At Dingli, up among the winswept stone walls and the windpumps, I met a jolly Maltese family, the grinning Galeas.

In their garden was a hutch containing cute furry pet rabbits.

The Galea children were most proud of these rabbits with their shining eyes.

I was invited to dinner.

While listening to bawdy folk music on a record player, we dined on farm wine and stew.

I noted that the youngest child was a vegetarian.

I supposed we had just eaten one of his pets.

3. The CASTILLE in Castille Square in Valletta has a wonderfully old-fashioned restaurant with interesting views.

4. Malata, opposite the Grand Master's Palace in Valletta, is favoured by politicians. Try the ravioli. Few tourists.

The beaches tend to be covered in litter. But, there are some super beaches on Gozo.

Malta has some of the fattest people in the world.

The bus drivers are the rudest in the world and can ruin anyone's day.

But, you can walk most places, or hire a bike.

If you must take a bus, the main bus station is at the gates of Valletta.

The Maltese were lucky enough to get rid of the British/Nato bases, which makes them less of a target.

To make up for the loss of the British naval base, Malta has developed industry and tourism.

Industry contributes 40% of the GDP and employs 27% of the workforce.

Industry includes Malta Drydocks, Malta Shipbuilding, the container terminal at Marsaxlokk/Birzebuggia, textiles, leatherworking...

Wages tend to be low, but so are prices, and the GWU and Labour have tried hard to ensure a comfortable standard of living for workers.

Tourism brings in about 40% of Malta's national income.

Agriculture is hindered by lack of soil and water. But there is production, part of the year, of tomatoes, cabbages, onions, strawberries, cut flowers, potatoes, vines....

The biggest landowner is the Church.

Drugs, murder and rape have come to Malta.

And nastiness on imported TV.

Malta is becoming grumpy like Italy and Britain. But, Malta's still one of the safest places in Europe!

% of the population who are victims of crime in one year (International Crime Victims Survey 1995)

Austria 18%

Belgium 19%

Finland 18%

USA 24%

Malta 23%

Friendly people of Gozo.

It is not unknown to come across islanders, old and young, who will be abusive to tourists.

On my last visit a number of tourists commented on their shock at the lack of manners of some of the islanders.

It can be a bad-tempered little place with frequent strikes.

BUT, there are still lots and lots of nice people who will go out of their way to give directions to lost visitors.


Religion is on the decline. Sadly.

But, the churches still get crowded with people of all ages.

The youthful choirs are lyrical!

And, there are still some interesting religious festivals.

Go to GHAXAQ on Festa night, when all the little hobbity creatures with their white faces and bent backs, and all the beautiful girls in their best dresses, pack the square in front of the baroque church.

It grows dark.

Suddenly she appears.

Mary! Cheers are followed by wild clapping and singing; and deafening fireworks as the statue progresses through the narrow streets.


Coal fired power stations and the exhausts from buses and cars have meant lots of lead in the air and the soil. The concentration of lead in the blood of the Maltese is three times higher than in the blood of the Swedes. But, if you come from London or Athens or Los Angeles, you won't notice the difference.



The excellent had an article by David Sandhu from which I quote: "Compared to, say, Sardinia or Corsica, there isn't much glamour in Malta: it's cheap, mass market....even in the relatively upmarket resorts such as St Julians, the beaches are unimpressive, the luxury hotels rather impersonal.

"You certainly wouldn't go for the nightlife - Valletta shuts down after dark and Paceville (patchy-ville)...lives up to its pronunciation. It's little wonder that the local press is feverishly speculating about whether David Beckham is about to follow his fellow Manchester United team mate, Pil Neville, in buying one of the new luxury penthouses at Portomaso, near St Julians...."

The night life has improved in recent times!


The Maltese love to shoot birds. Or, put them in cages.

My friend Angelo showed me his pigeons which fly regularly from Sicily and win lots of cups which are displayed in a room full of marble and copies of French Rococo paintings.

Angelo's son goes to a private school, but he votes Labour.

"Didn't Labour used to be best friends with North Korea and Libya?" I asked.

Maltese girls?

There are no nude beaches, according to Baedeker.

In fact toplessness is frowned upon.

But, actually there are places.... If you want to see nude cherubs, look up at the ceilings in the churches.


Anonymous said...

SO Israel has business in Malta...The Knights of Malta are probably all Kosher by now. I can't wait to start reading about the Jesuit conspiracies. It is all about money and power and the Jews know it.

Anonymous said...

The fireworks in Malta during the festivals in the towns are something else.....

peter chamberlin said...

while you are in Malta, you should pin-down the connections to some of these murders to the Attard family in the Attard/TaQila area.

the murder of Attn. Margaret Mifsud to the Patricia Attard murder in 2004 may connect some of the cases to powerful local families, in particular, Michael Attard Limited--Peugeot Malta. The Zammit court case was over a lemon bought from the "family dealership."

Josef Grech, was found in the same spot where Margaret Mifsud's body was found. Grech was awaiting trial for complicity in the murder in 2004 of mini-van driver Patricia Attard. She was found dead in Ta' Qali.

Joseph Cutajar, also known as Il-Lion, was found near there, in Mosta. He was undergoing court proceedings for the murder of Kevin Gatt, 32 of Ghaxaq and Stephen Zammit 32 of Fgura.

Stephen Zammit was killed, allegedly by Cutajar, on March 15, three days after appearing in court on a fraud complaint by by Charles and Dolores nee Mercieca, born Attard, the same name as the 2004 murder victim, Patricia Attard, whose alleged assassin was killed the same day as the man alleged to have killed Zammit.

What connection did Mifsud have to the Attard case? She was allegedly killed by her Libyan husband who did time for making false claims about Libyan terrorists plan to attack US embassy in Malta
The Police [Inspector Yvonne Farrugia] vs Stephen Zammit Compilation Number: 461/2009 Today, 12 March, 2012
The Court, Saw the charges brought against Stephen Zammit, by Charles and Dolores nee Mercieca, born Attard, at 15 May, 1966 and residing deep Number 96, Of Serafina, Santa Lucia Street, Naxxar

Anonymous said...

Aang I have met a handful of Maltese people here in Oz and they are without fail, hardworking, attractive, charitable and friendly individuals.

Thanks as ever for this virtual tour. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful article Ang on a dark day here in the U.S. Thank you.

felix said...

Great country and people, but small, so easily leaned on I guess. The Maltese government was enormously helpful in the defecting pilots story at the start of the covert invasion of Libya which shouted out false flag to me. You haven't mentioned Lockerbie either...

peter chamberlin said...

During the build-up to war against Libya, a series of confrontations took place between the EU and Qaddafi, over refugee policy and security agreements, as a prelude to further binding economic agreements waiting to be signed with Qaddafi. Through these confrontations/tests, the stage was being set to make a case at the UN for “humanitarian intervention” in Libya. This gambit centered on the EU Frontex security agency and attempts to enforce previously signed treaties concerning the treatment of refugees and security arrangements for Europe’s southern border (SEE: Frontex and Other EU Agencies to Coordinate Maritime Surveillance

On March 29, 2010, it was reported that Malta would no longer plug this Mediterranean hole in Europe’s southern flank (SEE: Malta Will Not Host Future Frontex Operations), because of the wording of the new charter, which was a binding agreeing that ships rescuing boat people must deliver them to that navy’s country of origin, instead of repatriating them.
On 29 APR 2010, Malta announced that it would not host the upcoming Operation Chronos exercises in the Med, as planned, offering a more acceptable rationale for their decision:
“that the decision not to host Frontex is not because of the new guidelines, but is due to Malta’s view that there is no longer a need for Operation Chronos because of the success of the Italy-Libya migration agreement…following the introduction of joint patrols by Libya and Italy last year, the number of illegal immigrants reaching Malta has dropped significantly. We feel that, as long as this operation remains in place, there is no real need for another anti-migration mission on behalf of the EU.”

On June 6 and 7, European doubts about Qaddafi really came to a head, over the maritime surveillance/boat people issue, when a rubber dinghy showed-up inside Malta’s search-and-rescue zone, thereby testing the wills of both Italian and Maltese governments (as much as it did Qaddafi), over the fate of twenty African refugees, who were bouncing about on the high seas, for nearly two days, as Malta, Italy and Qaddafi squabbled over who would take responsibility and send a naval rescue vessel to Italy, in order to save the stranded Libyan boat people, in a manner which would allow Europe to “keep “the little buggers” out. It mattered not to any of the contesting governments that there were three women and one 8 year old boy on that raft all night, for two nights and a day; all that really mattered was the precedent which was being set over ultimate responsibility for the unwanted “useless eaters.”

Refugees were sent back to Libya by Italy after they were rescued at sea in Malta’s search-and-rescue waters in (June 6, 7, 2010). Here, the exhausted refugees wait to hear their fate, in Tripoli (photo, M Alwash/UNHCR)—

“(UNHCR) and other bodies received distress calls on Sunday evening and information was passed along to Maltese and Italian maritime authorities, and it is unclear which of the two European nations were responsible in launching rescue operations.After holdups on both Sunday and Monday, the vessel – whose passengers included 3 women and an 8-year-old child – was only rescued late yesterday by Libyan ships.“While the boat in distress was in or near Malta’s search-and-rescue area and around 40 nautical miles only from Italy, it took some 24 hours for the rescue to take place,” said UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming.. ..UNHCR is concerned about the access of Eritreans fleeing their country to international protection in Libya, which has no domestic asylum system and has not signed on to the 1951 Refugee Convention.”----

peter chamberlin said...

Sicilian judges freeze Mafia money in Valletta-based company

Investigators from Sicily's anti-mafia pool of magistrates have identified Eryngium as the Maltese company which was allegedly the recipient of such financial transactions, and ordered an immediate freeze of an estimated €1.3 million in assets.

9611 Telge Rd
Houston, TX 77095-5114

P2P said...

I have an opportunity to relocate to Malta. suspicious. thoughts/recommendations:

all best,

Anon said...

Dear P2P,

Malta is a splendid country, on the whole.

It's a little like Apulia and a little like Southend.

- Aangirfan

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