Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Reportedly Gaddafi is alive.

La survie de Kadhafi, l`Algérie et la France, c`est pas la ... - Mathaba
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Referendum in EGYPT - low turnout

Over the two rounds of voting, less than 17 million cast their votes in total, out of nearly 52 million registered voters.

Of the 25 million people registered to vote in the second round, only eight million went to the polls, resulting in a 32 per cent turnout of voters.

Ronan Parke at Sandringham Church

Ronan Parke has been at a church on the Queen's Sandringham Estate.

At a Christmas carol concert, he helped raise money for the Ormiston Children and Families Trust, a charity for vulnerable children.

SANDRINGHAM: Britain's Got Talent star sings to help other children

In Norfolk, the charity helps families affected by imprisonment, and offers family intervention projects, parenting support programmes and initiatives to support gypsy or traveller families.

We have just received Christmas greetings from Moslem friends in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the world's largest Moslem country, the world's largest Moslem organisation, Nahdlatul Ulama, has said that Moslems should wish Christians a merry Christmas.

Indonesia's President Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono, are among the top officials who are scheduled to attend the national Christmas celebration.

The unfriendly Moslems who attack churches all work for Mossad and the CIA.


Sympathy: PC Norton (left) seen here with Ethan and Liam Todd said it was hard not to be affected by the family's plight

"Police officers who investigated the burglary were so touched ....they raised £200 to help buy them new Christmas gifts."

Operation Santa Claus: Police save Christmas. - Daily Mail

"Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has censored critics from his page on the website after they questioned his friendship with Tony Blair and work with the authoritarian Kazakh regime."


the-politics-of-a-chinese-orgy. / SANDY HOOK AND PINK BALLETS

The CIA's Muslim Brotherhood operates torture chambers in Egypt.

"The torture process starts once a demonstrator who opposes President Mohammed Morsi is arrested in the clashes, or is suspected after the clashes end," according to an English translation of an Al-Masry Al-Youm’s Arabic-language article.

Jarehi claimed to have observed numerous detainees in dire physical condition: Some were unable to speak, while others were covered in blood. 

The journalist’s account comes a week after reports first surfaced that the Brotherhood is paying thugs to sexually assault women and beat men who are protesting in Tahrir Square, a major downtown gathering place in Cairo. 


Stan Maillaud has been investigating a Pedophile ring in Besancon in France.

Reportedly he has disappeared and his friends have been jailed.

Summary Of The Affair

The first international meeting on the subject of paedophile criminal rings. This meeting was part of a long investigation report that followed the first film titled (“Les Réseaux de l’Horreur”) which was a report on the powerful protection that these paedophile rings obtain from inside the French State itself.


Anonymous said...

In the Beginning was Reason

And the Reason was with God

And the Reason was God

Man was created in the image of God

Man was given the gift of Reason

(It's not that God has the physical shape of Man, but that Man has the power of reason with which he can search to understand God's creation -- including himself.)

And, with God's gift of Reason, Man can engage in the search for Understanding, Reality, and Justice (which includes mercy & compassion).

By being given Reason, Man can strive to be closer to God.

Seemingly, given current events, we have a long way to go!

subrosa said...

Merry Christmas Aangirfan. Survived the presents opening and had brunch, so on the last leg now but having a break before cooking. (Lunch was a low-fat prawn cocktail, dressing courtesy of Jamie Oliver and it wasn't bad. The brandy made it luxurious).

Hope you're having a super day.

Ian Leslie said...

All the very best to you and yours for Chrimbo and the New Year Aang :)

Anonymous said...

Every day I browse your blog in order to read your analysis. Your writings had change my
personal perception and now I examine certain particular
events from a different perspective or angle.
I became aware of realities I was not aware of it.
May The Supreme Consciousness bless you.

nina said...

May you have a very peaceful Christmas and find a moment to meditate on how many hundreds of thousands of friends surround you. Your life is precious. Jah bless.

Love, nina

felix said...

Christmas Greetings, Aang. A shame that the Duchess of Cambridge had to miss Ronan Parke because Sandringham was an "awfully long way to travel" [Telegraph] so she spent the period with her parents. However, [Telegraph], "A royal source said that the couple “plan to attend Sandringham at some point in the Christmas period”. So not such an awfully long way after all.

wiggins said...

We may as well enjoy our glad tidings for tomorrow is another day.
Yuletide Felicitations to you all.

Anonymous said...

O/T sort of for this blog, but anyone following the Fireman shot by released murderer story ? (Took place near Buffalo NY)

Apparently, Bushmaster used (same as allegedly @ Sandy Hook), strange note left and of course the 'shooter' suicide.

Media inspired - or staged for the gun control agenda - or just 'BAU' ?

Note was typewritten, stating: 'do what I like doing best, killing people,'

Just seems off.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

In a confidential report very arrived today the final report to analyze the DNA of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Analysis Center in Sarajevo, and after more than an analysis Wakhd a DNA sample to Dr. Billah make sure that the DNA of the body, which was believed to be the leader Muammar Gaddafi does not correspond with the n DNA commander Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim has ratified the specialist center in Sarajevo,

The Libyan government is saying now is not the only bothered by this report, and click Sarko are even more and that is certainly why they thought the blow up of the Franco-Algerian parties in Bosnia to provide arms to destinations in Algeria (see http://stcom.net/news/?p=9982) This would actually try to pressure to conceal the scandal of the conclusion of this report by DNA analysis another scandal.

Some French sources, the French president, François Hollande, would be mandated during its last visit to Algeria to support the work of Bernard-Henri Levy by manipulating the Algerian authorities to put pressure on their people, claiming that Algeria was in danger of a “terrorist conspiracy”. Holland had to work to be able to convince the Algerian authorities to the people in this repression and to facilitate the efforts to convince the Algerian BHL trigger a so-called “Arab Spring”….

Anonymous said...

Ghadafi Spiritual Victory
Séchez vos larmes et continuez la lutte, celui qu’on vous a montré n’était pas Mouammar Al-Kadhafi», publié, à l’adresse http://stcom.net/news/?p=6257,
Libye : Kadhafi, ressuscité?!!

Alex Jones Exposes Google's Plan to Dominate the Internet

Dear Aang, your work is absolutely marvellous, you have changed my perception of the world, I'm so grateful

Be your life blessed and protected

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and the warmest regards to the coolest convent chicks ever. You've been particularly dazzling this year and one offers prayers that it continues onwards and upwards. Your task couldn't be worthier.

Regards also to all the punters in the comments who clearly know true hearts when they see them.

Love to all.

Otherwise Aang you remain unmissable and I remain yours aye, etc. etc.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love to you also Anon 10.21pm
Endorsing all your words above

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