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Max Clifford (centre) Website for this image

On 6 December 2012, UK police investigating the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal arrested PR guru Max Clifford on suspicion of sexual offences, it has been reported.

Cowell (left)

Max Clifford's clients have included Simon Cowell.

One of Cowell's friends was Jonathan King - jailed in 2001 for sexually assaulting five teenage boys.

Louis Theroux told Cowell: "Word on the street is that you're gay."

On American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest told the audience that Cowell's favourite song was Village People's YMCA and his favourite club was called Manhole.

Jessie J is 'is a lesbian' while Simon Cowell 'is straight'...

Robert Murat, formerly a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

Robert Murat was also a client of Max Clifford.


Max Clifford has said: "I have been advising a top premiership star who is bisexual. If it came out that he had gay tendencies, his career would be over in two minutes."

Peter Petrauske, accused of raping a girl.

Politician Peter Solheim was murdered in 2004.

During the current trial of Peter Petrauske and Jack Kemp, a woman has stated that when she was a child, she was raped by Solheim. 

Solheim was a councillor with links to the Lizard peninsula in England.

The female witness says she suffered at the hands of men involved in a West Cornwall coven of witches.

She said: "I was taken into a big house and upstairs.

"There was a weird, incensey smell and I passed rooms where there were chains coming off the backs of the beds, and whips.

"I was in a room where there was a big double bed with ropes coming off it, and a black whip with star things on the ends.

"He pushed me on the bed ... he tied ropes around my feet... he slapped me across the face....

She says she was forcefully raped several times.

She says the man was Peter Solheim.

Duke of Cornwall. "For thousands of trendy tourists and famous people - including the Prime Minister - Cornwall is the coastline to be seen on. But few realise it has long been known as a hub for Pagan eccentrics and followers of the occult." Paganism/Satanism: Human Sacrifice

She says about three when she was first abused, and five when she went to a ritual attended by a number of men and women, together with up to 12 children. 

Among those present were Kemp and Petrauske, the high priest.

"The chanting stuck in my head for weeks," she said.

She was taken to a big house, where there was an area with big stones and a fire in the middle. There were people dressed in 'gown things', with hoods.

She sat next to a little boy who was more scared than her, with tears running down his face.

Geogffrey Genge was due to appear in court in March 2012, charged with five offences of rape and sexual abuse of young girls.

The case was dropped by the notorious Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

On 4 December 2012, Conservative Member of Parliament Gary Streeter told the UK parliament that Geoffrey Genge is 'getting away scot-free'.

The South West Devon MP said the case was 'one of the worst' he had 'come across in 20 years of doing this job'.

He told parliament that prosecutors took the decision to drop the case against Genge 'out of the blue'.

Mr Streeter told Parliament: 'I have absolutely no doubt that Mr Genge abused my constituents when they were children, and he is getting away scot-free.'

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David Rose, who claimed in the Mail that the child abuse problem has been greatly exaggerated.


Are we abuse lawyers really ambulance chasing bandits?

If David Rose "had seen a hardened 50 year old criminal cry like a baby, as I have, when describing his abuse, he would not go for the easy target, a lawyer trying to win un-winable cases.

"His article describes a children's home called St. Williams which was a catholic home run by Catholic Priests where cruelty and severe abuse abounded for many years.

"Countless young boys lives were ruined. One of the victims has managed to find a very good support group on the Wirral.

"He tells his story graphically on this training video...

"...I have advised David Greenwood to take advice on a libel suit against the Mail..."

Are we abuse lawyers really ambulance chasing bandits?

Stuart hall (left) with prince Edward.

The famous BBC presenter Stuart Hall has been charged with child sexual abuse.

It's a Knockout presenter Stuart Hall charged with child abuse

Hall allegedly abused an eight-year-old girl and assaulted a 13-year-old girl.

Hall, who has two children, was given an OBE in the 2012 Queen's New Year Honours list.

Hall has a £1.5million home in Cheshire in the UK.

He lives near to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Hall presenting It's A Knockout.

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Anon said...

Cowell allegedly hid millions of Greene's money (the rich elite that owns the Top Shop brand)....

Both Cowell & this Lord BOTH had support and "ins" with the Conservative party in the UK, BOTH had charity work for children's hospices and visited kids, and just like the disgraced Jimmy Savile in the UK, he's now stopped letting children get "special treatment" to view the X-Factor behind the scenes.

Now I'm NOT saying Cowell is a Pedo, or that everything he does is 100% fake....

Oh, and if you must go down the conspiracy route, Cowell is also an Azkhanazi Jew as well on his fathers side.

Elite's are Elite's and if they can make money fast in any way they can....they WILL.

Anonymous said...

Clifford accused of 'child' sex in '77 (according to Aussie papers, UK papers seem to avoid that bit). Been trolling the www and someone has already been researching (phew, that was quick!) and it seems Clifford was earning cash by planning and hosting birthday parties during this period, for selected clients. Thing is... it was stated they were ADULT birthday parties.


Anonymous said...

insiders say operation yewtree is masonic based, this means non masons better watch out.
Simon cowell has a dodgy past, and the money he has made for what ? just a talent show, we have seen stacks of these before.
max Clifford like Cowell are yiddish, they would not have been supported up the scale otherwise.
Max has got people off charges in the past by doing deals with murdoch, his pal, the whole set of cards is stacked.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting what you say about Cotnwall.
my mothers family is from the area and there was strange rituals carried out at night on that coast in W W II.
Mum said before she died, that child murders were held on Beachey Head to win over the Germans.
She siad Churchill was one of those with 2 rabbis seen there.
I often wondered if this was true ?

Anonymous said...

"Been trolling the www and someone has already been researching (phew, that was quick!) and it seems Clifford was earning cash by planning and hosting birthday parties during this period, for selected clients. Thing is... it was stated they were ADULT birthday parties."

Citation needed. Can't find this anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Please dont make the mistake of refering to Ashkenazis as Jews or Yiddish. They are the descendants of Genghis Khan, Mongol Khazars, they are not semite people but asiatics. As a point of interest, apparently prince Andrew has been spending a lot of time in Khazakstan with the Ashkenazi family.

As for Cowell, well just look at them eyes! good would come from a man like that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Been trolling the www and someone has already been researching (phew, that was quick!) and it seems Clifford was earning cash by planning and hosting birthday parties during this period, for selected clients. Thing is... it was stated they were ADULT birthday parties.


# Citation needed. Can't find this anywhere.#
(One presumes this is Aangs reply?)


Sorry, wipe my history every session, cache, the lot, security y' know, often hit 50-100 sites under any heading I can think of and sometimes something hits m' eye, as this time. Didn't note where I saw my comment.

Half a malt didn't help. Well, it is the weekend...


Be aware I've had a lot of 'ticker-tape' problems since I've hit the www researching things, I think I was MS-Ultra'd (why I began researching) but by the 'good guys' (debatable, ARE there any?) not the evil ones.

Even I wonder about my sanity sometimes, but the bits I know are true then tell me I'm not nuts, just confused.

Thus I think I can often 'see' things you other guys might gloss over.

The more insane things seem to be the closer to reality you are getting.

I know, but I can't prove it. Why I'm out here looking for the proof I know must exist.

I know, therefore, that you, and others, Icke for ex., are on the right trail. You just don't have hard evidence yet.

I'm wondering about Clifford, if we met in '62. Need to see a pic from around then, but I can't recall him. He's 2-3 years older than me. Recall Steve Pound (now MP) he was my age, but not Clifford. Pound doesn't answer my emails.

I'll try an note things next time.

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